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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wardrobe for a washing machine in the bathroom : a built-in and standard , with their own hands

Wardrobe for a washing machine in the bathroom
  • Purpose
  • types
  • built under the washing machine
  • Materials
  • Accommodation
  • Installation
  • How to make your own hands?

Procedure in the bathroom to help support various organizers, baskets and shelves.And if you make a cupboard under the washing machine?


The modest footage of the room space has a special weight.Cabinets, shelves and built-in design used in the vertical position, which is rarely used in the bathroom.

Therefore closet can solve a lot of questions:

  • Saves space: whatever you put on the floor or washing machine can be arranged on the shelves, freeing up floor.
  • Order: on the floor will not be too much, it will be easier to wash.
  • Wardrobe - it is a safe, aesthetic and convenient way to store household chemicals out of reach of children and animals.The surface of the package will be less dusty.
  • Allows you to hide behind the door or curtain laundry basket from prying eyes and unexpected visitors.
  • With the right approach will be able to make the room functional and welcoming, to create the illusion of more space.
Purpose of the cabinet for a washing machine
Advantages of the cabinet for a washing machine


bathroom cabinets are selected based on the destination, the wishes of owners, such as washing machine, her drive and connect to the communications room options.

You can find these:

  • Vertical construction - is the usual case, in which the bottom is removed to make room for the unit.
  • Suspended - one of the common budget options.You can stay at a deeper than when combined with a sink.This can hide counters pipe column.
  • Freestanding version resembles the cabinet: a shelf located near the machine.Cover combines space in the bathroom, sink built into it sometimes.An interesting option when the appearance of the machine gets out of the bathroom style or contradicts it.
  • Corner cabinet - a competent design of the space, which requires ingenuity and imagination.Guests will appreciate the taste and unconventional approach.
  • Embeddable cabinet in the bathroom rarely satisfied, in apartment buildings do not have much space.If the appearance of the apartment is changing radically, is remodeling or enough space, then such a cabinet would be a model of functionality, sharing space on the economic zone and the zone of comfort and hygiene.
Vertical cabinet for a washing machine in the bathroom
Wall cabinet for a washing machine in the bathroom
Freestanding cupboard for the washing machine in the bathroom
Built-in closet for the washing machine in the bathroom

built under the washing machine

Built-in appliances has no external luster, providing freedom and shading selected furniture. cabinet built washing machine has its limitations, because its dimensions are predetermined:

  • standard model is essentially a vertical cabinet with shelves no more than 1.1 meters in height, which is installed on the device.
  • Horizontal design - a kind of foam that can be of any length, belting kitchen."Growth" cabinet of only 40 cm, this option is suitable for people of average height or less.
  • Corner solution looks extraordinary, lets you use the free space, although particular execution is not allowed to use it fully.
Cabinet for built-in washing machine
Cabinet for built-in washing machine

If the design involves mirrored doors, they are isolated in a separate group of cabinets, so transformed the look of the bathroom.Mirrors create the illusion of space, but demanding to care for.

Built-in washing machine

furniture built-in appliances are usually made to order, so you can choose different options for placement of the cabinet, making the entire space to work.


Survive in a wet room is not any furniture. Besides practicality, beauty, and want more, so in the manufacture of cabinets for bathroom selected:

  • tree. Some breeds are less spoiled by moisture, help and advanced tools for processing and impregnation, but it is an expensive investment.
  • MDF - fashionable and practical material. method for manufacturing plates and further processing, you can create water-resistant design, affordable and extremely varied.If you build your own wardrobe, preference is usually given to fiberboard and MDF.Other materials require special skills and knowledge, in addition equipment to work with them to find more difficult.
  • Glass and mirror - controversial materials. They are successfully used to visually increase the space.Treatment options expand the decorative possibilities.Fragility and high costs deter many, although it is a matter of taste and budget ...
  • plastic polymers - an economical option, unpretentious in use, convenient and varied. durable plastic is different, although for a while will help solve the interior issue.
Cabinet made ​​of wood for a washing machine
MDF cabinet for a washing machine
Cabinet with glass doors for washing machines
Wardrobe of plastic for a washing machine

is important to remember that the cabinet will be in your bathroom, and then decide how much to spend on it and how longhe will stay in the room will be only you.


Built considering organizing a washing machine in the hallway, in the kitchen, a spacious dressing room (this sometimes happens).The easiest way to do it in the bathroom, where the easier approach to communications to connect the machine.Place the cabinet is determined by the wall, in corners, or where there is a niche, non-working space.You can abandon the overall bath for vertical shower to accommodate the rack.Built decorate and hide problem areas.

Wardrobe for the washing machine and its location in the bathroom
Location of the cabinet for a washing machine in the bathroom

Application corner cabinets successfully plays with space, the room is rounded at the top, creating an impression of spaciousness and comfort.

Placing the corner cabinet for a washing machine in the bathroom

Sliding cabinets hide pipes and plumbing.Even a narrow washing machine you can hide under the sink-lily.Wardrobe will help them to combine, put hygiene products in convenient proximity to the water.In this cabinet is appropriate to use glass and mirrors on the doors.

Placement - Cabinets under the washing machine in the bathroom
Placing cabinet pedestals for a washing machine in the bathroom


When cabinet idea acquired certain features, better check with the installation rules, they would avoid the standard errors for the built-in and free-standing models of equipment:

  • between appliances and furniture septa-capped required gap of 2-3 cm, otherwise the vibration machine will break the case.If the device is placed inside the cabinet, it is better that he stood on a level floor.Furniture base is slippery, so the machine can learn to "walk."With a strong desire to maintain the bottom, use protective stops to fix the instrument feet.
  • Interior should take into account the need for easy and quick access to the communications and valve.Affordable cost and to make the socket.
  • air and heat: the furniture must not interfere with the movement of air, so do not cover the ventilation holes in wardrobe and heating.The heat may adversely affect the materials, causing their deformation.
  • Water - the main threat to the surface of the cabinet.Despite the impregnation and treatment, it can cause swelling in wood and stoves, leave traces.Care of the cabinet is a regular process and the elimination of trapped moisture on furniture.Try to place furniture more sensitive from hazards, remove drops from the surface almost immediately.
  • High humidity is dangerous for furniture and equipment.Airing - the best way to keep a comfortable air condition and prevent mold.
Installing the cabinet for a washing machine

How to make your own hands?

cabinets in the bathroom have a right to life: they have simple geometry and are made from readily available materials, low cost, but always exclusive. If the home has the tools you know how to handle them, then this is a feasible task.

  • Design a closet, the easiest option - to make a vertical pencil case or to collect a combination of two parts: the rack at the top and bottom of the box under the car.Some with shelves can be angled.
  • Make measurements.Some companies produce for sale "semifinished": cuts to walls, shelves, hinged door, it simplifies the task, the total cost should not exceed the price of finished cabinets.If the house is not new, it is necessary to make the measurements several times: the walls are very uneven, as the level of the sexes.
  • compound walls.Do you need to drill holes 5 mm.If the whole canvas, then duplicate the holes from the edge of the details, so as not to have formed longitudinal cracks.To use the strength of the corners, promazhte wood joints with white glue, screw the screws.
  • If the cabinet are provided legs, furniture screws that successfully cope with this task, they are convenient to adjust their height.To cap not scratch the floor, hide them in a plastic cover.Use a level to check if exactly happened.
  • If the cabinet of two parts, it is possible to connect them firmly clamped vise and drill holes.Screw length is important: short form flimsy connection long will stick out and spoil the view.
  • Shelves can also be set as the connection: Make a hole in the wall of the cabinet screws.Use plugs to hide the visible joints.
  • If the items sawed yourself, treat the outer edges of a router or sandpaper.
  • installing the cabinet, make sure that it is level.
  • Drawers are beginning to do with screwing knobs on the center front part (center, measure height and length).Connect with front sides, they have completely "hide" the face of the box.Rear and bottom of the nail can be hammered.Attach accessories (guides) to the walls of the cabinet at the same level: the guides must be horizontal to the box is not easy to ride and closed.
  • back wall of the cabinet, if it is provided is attached as a hammer and nails.To look is aesthetically pleasing, the gap between them should be 7-15 cm.
  • hung doors in the last turn.Twist screws at right angles to the door is not lopsided.Use the tabs so that they are not plowed, buy these devices can be in the economic department.
Homemade closet for the washing machine
Cabinet washing machines with their own hands
How to make a case for the washing machine in the bathroom with their hands ?

think before working when and where you can perform certain work: cutting, wood impregnation, painting, connection details.Separate manufacturing takes longer than buying or craftsmen.Possible inconvenience to households and neighbors because of the noise, the smell of paint and chemicals.

What wardrobe would stand in the bathroom, you choose.The main thing that he adorned it.

Cabinet in the bathroom for a washing machine