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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to apply liquid wallpaper

In this article we consider the self-application of liquid wallpaper, consisting of a mixture of cellulose fibers and adhesive binder component.They have advantages over the rolled materials: ease of application, durability, large decorative effect.Also, they are pleasing to the touch as the cloth wallpaper, and superior quality - they can be washed away from the surface and apply elsewhere without losing the decorative and technical qualities.


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Before gluing liquid wallpaper, you need to prepare properly the surface: it is necessary to align zashpatlevat andprimed.In cases where the material surface and have different, incompatible color to produce colored background color.


Regarding the composition, they are divided into:

  • cellulose;
  • silk;
  • pulp and silk.

No fundamental difference in the application is not present, but the decorative effect of their different composition, in addition to silk-based formulations are more durable.There are several techniques, how to apply liquid wallpaper, this includes both manual and mechanized methods of application.The manual method is performed using a PVC trowel or roller, mechanized happens with the use of the compressor, spraying material onto the surface.

On sale there are ready-to-use materials, other have the same breed in the water in a predetermined proportion, adding dyes and other components.Depending on the manufacturer, the preparation process may look different.In any case, the material is ground thoroughly by hand without the use of mixer may interfere with the low speed using a screwdriver.Iced composition settles to 12 hours and then stirred again and shuts further small amount of water, if necessary.Step by step instructions

manual or mechanized method, application of liquid wallpaper is happening in an orderly downward zahvatki width of 1-1.5 m layer is applied to the tool movement from the bottom up, smoothed -. From top to bottom.2.3 mm thickness (if necessary, can be applied to 5 mm), a fresh layer deposited for 10 minutes, subject to correction, and then begins setting and it can not be touched.The work is continuous from corner to corner, until you close the entire plane of the wall.

In the video you can watch the process of applying liquid wallpaper, which is virtually identical to the application of decorative plaster (liquid wall also called silk plaster).You can also create a relief, having walked textured roller on the surface after 5-6 hours after application.It is important to control the temperature in the room, so she did not fall below 10 degrees for at least the first 12 hours.If applied by roller liquid wallpaper, you need to take a roller with a long nap.

particularly worth carefully handle the space around the light source (wall lights, floor lamps), in the evening to do the work under the lamp.Adjacencies different colors, moldings and moldings is pre okleit masking tape, but preferably shortly before the operation, because it tends to come unstuck.

Liquid wallpaper is still good that they can be applied either alone or with an assistant - the complexity of it no longer becomes as opposed to the roll of wallpaper.Of the negative qualities can only note that they gain the dust, which is why they are called "dust collector".

Video applying liquid wallpaper