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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom : Single lever shower faucet, Ball

Dismantled mixer for bathroom
  • Design features Bathroom Faucets
  • dvuhventilnye
  • Single-lever
  • Necessary measures before work
  • Replacement cartridge lever mixer
  • Replacing parts in the valve tap
  • How to disassemble the crane shower
  • Useful tips

when all existing quality and durability guarantees from producers period mixer service, sooner or later ends, even with the careful use.If minor repairs or replacement of parts not rescue in such a situation, there is nothing - would have to replace the whole faucet.In the case of the remediable damage to you, we have prepared a number of practical tips on how to dismantle the mixer.

Design features Bathroom Faucets

running and most familiar to everyone - it dvuhventilny and single lever taps. Both products are unique to these advantages that buyers prefer them specifically.But, at the same time, each type has its own weaknesses.They often break down.

Single-lever mixer for bath

details you can read in our article about the existing types of mixers.


Despite his advanced age, this design tools are still very much in demand.Mainly due to the smooth flow control and water temperature, as well as the variety of forms and design of gates and enclosures.

twin valve

housing twin valve cast from brass or stainless steel.Inside drilled channels for warm and cold water. The chassis mounted main operating elements:

  • head parts .They are driven valves and overlap the holes in the mixing chamber placed at the ends of rubber gaskets or ceramic discs;
  • spool valve for switching supply with a nozzle on the shower.
Crane bush and spool valve tap

already outside the cap nuts on the corresponding holes are attached gander and a shower hose.On the stem head parts Dress valves and rigidly fixed with bolts.

twin valve

In connection method secrete type 2 dvuhventilnyh cranes:

  • is connected via tee (in the "Christmas trees" form);
  • is connected via pipes.

In the first type mixer head parts pressed onto the seat, closing the opening 2 parallel channels.Those, in turn, are connected via a tee to the inferred to the bathroom water pipes.

configuration with separate nozzles is simpler and allows you to connect to the water supply through a tube or let down firmly by means of flexible hoses.

However, the main cause of the fault in the twin valve is periodically wear rings and seals, which is why the closed valves begin to leak, there are leaks through the union nuts, etc.


These products have gained wide popularity due to modern design, compactness and ease of water flow control.

Single-lever mixer

Let's learn more about the structure of single-lever mixer.

It can distinguish the following components:

  • mixer body;
  • Control knob;
  • Her retainer;
  • top cover;
  • clamps the nut;
  • replaceable cassette (cartridge);
  • seals.
The unit single lever mixer
Ceramic cartridge for repairs mixer
Single-lever mixer

Within this mixer can be installed cartridge in the form of metal spheres or ceramic plate.

In the first case the mixer body is mounted in a hollow ball with holes, through which the rod is connected to the handle.Hollow sphere is precisely the mixing chamber performs the function: when lifting the lever up duct opens into it, and when moving in the direction of the fence there is cold or hot water.A third opening in the cartridge comes to actually tap spout and supplies water into it.

often around inlets crane mounted Teflon seals.

Designs with ceramic cartridge met with both rotary and fixed nozzle. In all of them the same control circuit.There are 2 ceramic washers held tightly to each other.Rotation changes the tap handle lumen, which form holes in the plates and allows you to adjust the supply of hot and cold water.Lifting the handle opens the valve, closing the mixing chamber.

Modern versions of the cartridge have a restrictive washer to prevent the inclusion of only hot water.Even in the extreme position for supplying hot water to a mixer, there is a certain clearance for the flow of cold flow.

inside surface of the cartridge openings closed with silicone or rubber gaskets.At the bottom of the upper washer has small grooves or notches to dampen sound vibrations and hammering.

characteristic breakdown in mixers with ceramic cartridge - a blockage between the ceramic plates, which is why the water is not completely cut off possible. Due to the fact that the cartridge is molded, it will have to change completely.

is strongly recommended to remove the broken cartridge and take it with you to the store to choose a new of the same size.

Single-lever faucets with ball cartridge can be disassembled in order to clean the surface of a sphere, and its seat of obstruction.

Necessary measures before work

For independent troubleshooting consistently prepare for the :

  1. Set the exact location of leakage, jamming or break on your mixer.
  2. Consult with experienced people or consult a plumber.
  3. Before you begin, close the ball valve on the inlet pipe and prepare the absorbent sponges and rags to clean the drips.
Tools for repair of crane

To remove the damaged parts and replace them with new ones, we need the following tools and materials:

  1. Screwdrivers (flat and Phillips
  2. spanners and wrenches
  3. pliers
  4. Allen key
  5. new parts to replace

always at hand when the plumbing work must be sealing preroll (flax, hemp, FUM), replacement pads in standard sizes and O-rings. as for the gentle operation always place a soft cloth keys todo not leave scratches on the metal surfaces of the joints.

Replacement cartridge lever mixer

First he removed the control lever. Remove the plastic cover at the base of the lever (which are indicated, blue and red areas for hot and cold water).To do this, gently pry it with a flat screwdriver.Then unscrew the connecting rod to the lever screw and remove the lever.

Under lever decorative cap that hides the nut that secures the cartridge in the housing will be located.It is easy to unscrew hands, but if there are difficulties, then use a wrench.Note that the cap is quite fragile and efforts should be minimal.

removing the cap, loosen and unscrew the nut.Remove the cartridge, and if still not bought a new to replace, bring to the market or to the store.

When a new cartridge is the correct diameter you already have, you can begin to assemble the mixer.

Replacing single-lever faucet cartridge

It is important to thoroughly clean the seat before you install, remove limescale and other dirt.

Assembly Procedure after replacing the cartridge is similar but in reverse order.When finished, open the taps on the supply of tap water and ensure proper operation of the mixer.

Replacing parts in the valve tap

In the case of water flow on the gander, even in the closed position of the valve, remove the head parts and to check their status.

Removal Procedure head parts almost one to one repeats the removal of the cartridge lever mixer.First, remove the valve, which holds him unscrew the screw.Screw also hidden escutcheon.Then remove the cover head parts cover and locking her keys untwist the nut.

flaws head parts, inspect the rubber pads on her end.If they are worn, then here's the reason why non-overlapping water.Replace worn gasket with a new one and set all the details on former places.

Crane bush for valve mixer

Please note that it is necessary to twist the head parts place with the position of the rod "completely open".

If the mixer is regulated by opening and closing poluoborotnymi head parts, the problem of leaking water would mean the replacement of all parts.

sale ceramic or plastic discs poluoborotnyh cranes do not occur separately.It remains only to buy a new head parts replace the failed one.In order not to lose the desired size, the old part bring along.

Dvuhventilnye tap for bath

How to disassemble the crane shower

three-way valve can be mounted in three ways mixer shower:

  • integrated into the body by detachable;
  • integrated into the body by one-piece;
  • attached between the body and spout using union nuts.
Driving mixer bathroom with shower

Custom built cranes compression method can not be removed and replaced.This attribute is cheap and plumbing work of this mixer is designed for 4-5 years at best.

more solid products are often collapsible shower faucets, replace them is not difficult.

If we take the example of a switch mounted on the moving gander, it can be changed by dismantling the two union nuts that secure it at the top and bottom.

Samu crane head repair or change is not meaningful.Yes, it will cost inexpensive, but you put her torment.

switch, mounted in the housing, replace will not be as fast, but the process is quite familiar.As well as the replacement of head parts, the first thing removed shifter, followed by a protective cap.This will give us access to the head parts of the switch.Depending on the type of fault can be replaced by a part of the gaskets on it or remove it completely.

Faulty shower mixer

Useful tips

As parting words we can give you some more tips:

  • is not excluded that in the old mixers locking nuts budge not allow rust or old patina.Do not take to demonstrate its strength - rather tear or carving faces on the nut slizhet key.Apply a stubborn connection Spray WD-40 to remove rust and weaken the thread turn without problems.
  • Rarely, but it happens that the previous council did not help.There is only one way out - to cut in half the impeller nut.Then it will be possible to remove carefully with the help of an adjustable wrench and pliers.
  • Make sure there is no damage the cartridge and normal mobility of its stem, was dismantled after the mixer.The vast majority of leaks caused by the cartridge is defective.
  • Keep aesthetic appearance of your plumbing and always puts the fabric under the keys, examining the chrome parts.
  • If you are the owner of the budget items, be prepared for the fact that the metal in them fragile and can not withstand heavy loads during disassembly.Proceed with caution!

Advised to read another article about our repair faucet for the bathroom.