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Interior Lighting

August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make the lighting in the apartment ?

Hidden ceiling lights in the living room

Installation of lighting in the apartment include a few basic steps, namely:

  • choice of light bulbs;
  • selection of suitable lamps;
  • calculation wiring (wire cross-section definition, the calculation of the power lamps, etc.);
  • creation installation of lighting circuits and switches;
  • wiring in the apartment.

Now we will look at more particular implementation of each of the stages.

  • Choice bulbs
  • lamps Choice
  • Estimated part
  • Creating a schema
  • Useful tips

Choice bulbs

, the following light sources of today,which are usually used for lighting in the apartment:

  • incandescent lamps.The oldest version, which is almost never used in our time.The advantage of incandescent light bulbs in low cost.Deficiencies in these products are many: increased power consumption, low productivity (or rather efficiency), low service life, etc.incandescent lamp
  • fluorescent lamps.A more appropriate option to connect the lighting in the apartment with his hands, becauseproducts are low cost, higher efficiency and longer service life.Among the disadvantages of fluorescent light bulbs emit a low power products, ecological damage to the environment (because most people throw them in the trash instead of the special disposal) as well as the complexity of the connection to the dimmer ..
    Fluorescent Lamp
  • Halogen lamps.Like the previous version, are energy efficient and have a long service life.Among the disadvantages of isolated higher price as compared to incandescent lamps, as well as their ability to quickly heat up.Halogen lamp
  • LED lamps.Products have the highest energy-saving properties, and thus high durability.In addition, LED lights are very easy to install in the ceiling.The only significant negative - the high cost of light sources.LED lamp

draw your attention to the fact that the fault is a moot point, because the LEDs efficiently save energy, resulting in quickly pay for themselves!

Once you decide the appropriate bulbs for lighting installation in an apartment, you must carefully consider the type of fixtures and fitting locations, which we'll talk further.


fixtures at this stage it is necessary to choose the most appropriate lighting for efficiency of use and appeal.

We will not list in this article, all of the existing kinds of lighting products, but only to give you advice related to the choice of suitable products for the lighting of premises.

For example, in the apartment we have the following rooms: hallway, living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

For corridor is best to use the installation wall and ceiling lampshades.They have a small radius of light propagation, so will be most effectively used.In addition, today there are a lot of designer lamps, which are able to make the interior of the room is very original.

Ceiling light in the corridor


for living best use of chandeliers and floor lamps.The first option would make the room light and decorate it.With the help of floor lamps can emphasize some important details of the interior apartments, and to do it gently.

Interesting lighting in the living room


The bathroom is also recommended to use a ceiling light.Please note that the fixtures for the bathroom must be water proof!

Spotlights in the bathroom


for lighting kitchen in the apartment most suitable option is to install spotlights or ceiling light.The last option is a budget and do not always fit well into the interior of the room.Spot lights are often installed in kitchen furniture, cabinets and in most holes have already been cut by the manufacturer.

Kitchen with LED backlight


Well, the last room - bedroom .There is already a matter of taste, install a chandelier or spotlights or even the hidden LED lighting strips.Yet it should be noted that most often perform in the bedroom installation of a small night-light chandelier and the bed, as shown in the photo.

Bra in the bedroom


How does the lighting system in a modern apartment, you can see in the video below:

review of a facility
YouTube Preview
Example of correct installation
YouTube Preview

Estimated part

Whenyou are already fully identified with what fixtures installed in each room, you will need to calculate the correct lighting in the apartment, as well as to determine the optimal section of the cable for wiring.So, all in order.

First, consider the calculation of the number of lamps required for a single room.

draw your attention to the fact that later in the calculation will use the specific power lamps - Rude.This table and the value for the premises it is no more than 16 watts.

Baseline - room area (Skomn.) And demand ratio (its value is "1").First the design power, according to the formula:

The formula for determining the power of the lamps

Then calculated the required number of lamps for lighting.To do this, use the formula:

The formula to calculate the number of bulbs in the room

Where: Pn power one lamp.

Based on the final result, and the scheme is made with the calculated amount of light.We draw your attention to a very important caveat - wrong calculation of light in the apartment can affect a person's vision (especially if the lighting is dim).

cable cross-section calculation more complex, we have considered in the corresponding article.I would like only to draw your attention to the fact that the lighting group is sufficient to use a cable having a conductor cross-section 1.5 mm.kv. that can withstand loads of up to 4 kW.If the question of money is very pronounced, you can save by buying a cable cross-section 0.75 mm.kv., it is also enough head to hold the light in the apartment.


scheme After all the calculations necessary to make the circuit of lighting in the apartment.Detailed project we looked at in the article: the wiring diagram in a studio apartment, where available, and lighting scheme as well.

addition, we would like to provide you with some more useful schemes:

Wiring sockets and switches

connection sockets, switches and light bulbs in the junction box

The circuit wiring harness

When the project is completely ready, you can proceed to the installation of electrical wiring.In it, we will not stop, becauseIt is a separate issue.It is better to look at the basic tips on connecting the apartment lighting.

Useful tips

So, to bring to your attention the recommendations, which will allow to make the lighting in the apartment is the most effective:

  1. sure to give preference to modern sources of light - LED lights or even halogen lamps.They will save energy and at the same time do not load eyesight.
  2. Perform connection switch of light immediately upon entering the room, by the door handle.This will reduce the search time in the dark keys.
  3. preferably installed key switch so that when the light is off the top of the key was.
  4. sure to produce estimates provided above, or the result you can spend a lot of money in both cases due to the weak light in the apartment will have to add new lights, which may entail costs for the purchase of new products, as well as the repair of the walls after searchjunction box and laying another cable.Second case: too powerful light will not be used in full, but only will be an indication that a certain amount of money has been spent in vain.
  5. Use for mounting lighting in a trick apartment, a play of light: a hidden highlight the ceiling and floor, increasing the visual space by using cold colors of the spectrum, the use of shadow play, etc.All of these tricks we have certainly discussed in the following articles.
  6. simple rule, but nevertheless, many electricians novices forget it: when installing the switch is necessary to carry out the phase gap, not neutral.Otherwise electric shock when replacing the bulb you can not avoid.To learn more about the phase and zero, you can in the article: color coding of wires!
  7. important requirement - do not forget to turn off the electricity at the electrical work.
  8. Prefer products from reputable manufacturers.Substandard products may cause a short circuit and auto-ignition wiring, in addition to repair and maintain them will have a lot more often.

Finally recommend that you review the video, in which the expert talks about some of the intricacies of the organization of apartment lighting:

What light should prevail in the interior
YouTube Preview

That's all that I wanted to tell you about how to make the lighting in the apartmentwith his own hands.We hope that this material was understandable for you, and most importantly - useful!

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