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August 12, 2017 18:06

The front door to the apartment How to choose

front door to the apartment any select - this is not an idle question certainly arises to the owners of the apartments of apartment buildings, which started overhaul.The problem, of course, extremely important, so , choosing the property attribute, you must provide all of the requirements that it must meet.Today in DIY stores presented a very vast range of dd nt ts domestic and foreign manufacturers.They are made of different materials, have a diverse design and exterior trim, and therefore is very difficult to make the only right choice.

The front door to the apartment How to choose

front door to the apartment any select

To not make mistakes and do not allow an attacker to penetrate freely into the apartment, it is necessary to consider all aspects of ensure safety.In addition, the front door should be reliable barrier to the mass of cold air that is easy to fall into the room if the door is not sufficiently insulated.

Selection Criteria door

Article Contents

  • 1 Selection Criteria door
  • 2 Classification entrance doors
  • 3 basic design of entrance doors
  • 4 Key elements of the doordesign
    • 4.1 Metal profiles
    • 4.2 protivosemnye crossbars
    • 4.3 hinges
    • 4.4 Seals and insulation
    • 4.5 Locks for door
  • 5 Imported or domestic, which doorsbetter?
    • 5.1 Video: how to approach the selection of the front door

very important to know what to look for when choosing one or another variation nt dv Yeri to it and create comfort, and provide security for residentsapartments and their property during the operation:

  • If you choose a metal variation nt dv Yeri, the metal must be intact, with no welds and have a thickness of not less than 1,5 ÷ 2 mm.This coating must withstand the shocks quietly fist and feet.
  • door should be reliable heat - and soundproofing.Usually it is used for internal basalt wool filling and elastic seals on the perimeter.
  • Buying door, never skimp on the locks.It is necessary to choose a locking mechanism with a complex system of closing and spacing of vertical and horizontal elements.It is better if the lock is, least , two - cylinder and lever .They should be spaced apart at least 300 ÷ 350 mm.
Locks - those items that are not worth saving

Locks - the elements on which it is not necessary to save

  • door frame and its box must have sufficient strength and high resistance to physical stress.The metal box should be provided for wall mounting U-shaped clamps or anchor bolts.
  • recommended to choose fabric, which makes it possible to survey the area in front of the apartment, so it should be mounted panoramic peephole.In addition, it is recommended the installation of a web camera (it is not so expensive), and electronic security systems.
  • quality steel must be hard .Her weight indicates the presence of transverse and diagonal ribs stiffness within the structure and the optimal thickness, used for metal fabrication.
  • As for design water should be treated separately.It is best to choose low-key color, not particularly stand-out exterior door panel, since the cracks are usually first of all pay attention on her , determining the well-being of the owners of the apartment.
  • interior finishing can be selected to suit all tastes, as long as it was made from environmentally friendly material.
  • to the door should be attached warranty from the manufacturer -, having many years of experience in the manufacture of such structures.

Classification entrance doors

Entrance doors for flats mainly made of metal or metal-plastic.Less commonly produced combined variants of metal and wood.

1. By design the structure of the doors are classified as follows:

  • The design of the door frame is divided into U-shaped with dobornye threshold, and closed, consisting of a solid frame.
  • By opening type, the number of panels and the number of insulating circuits.So, the door can be opened outward or inward, to be one - and dvupolnoy , have a dull blade or insert.

By finishing leaf doors are divided into colored paint with spray-coated laminate, natural wood, leather and so on .

By mechanical characteristics door divided into 3 strength classes - M1 to M3.

on protective properties of doors are conventional and enhanced performance, that is, with weak, moderate and higher quality security.

2. By burglary doors are divided into seven classes of stability:

  • first class - are products that have a low resistance to cracking.They can easily be open simple tools , without using physical force.Such models are rarely used as a front door to the apartment, they are usually used for driveways, porches or outbuildings.
  • second class.The doors are difficult to hack, but with the help of special tools and physical strength to open them is possible.
  • third class.These models are equipped with sophisticated locks, and their door frame is secured in a special way, so open them using the master keys and physical strength is unlikely to succeed.They lend themselves to only electric tool having a capacity of 450 ÷ 500 watts.
  • fourth spacecraft ss dd ts designed to protect the entrance to the high-quality apartments and private houses.He is the most optimal from all classes of structures for residential use, as characterized by high reliability , however, has a relatively high cost.The door leaf in this design Reserved , and the box is reinforced.
  • fifth, sixth and seventh grades have enhanced security doors, as intended for installation in buildings, banks or specialized facilities.Most often they are equipped with electronically controlled, by which the work mounted thereon combination locks.

3. Besides doors have a different decoration, which is usually chosen by the degree reliability and cost structure, as is done with the expectation to the buyer with different financial capabilities:

  • Cheap .In the manufacture of this type of doors used inexpensive door blocks, often - a U-shaped design.This variation nt etc. ednaznachen for consumers with average income.Manufactured door on such technologies, which do not contain any specific protective properties and are used for finishing cheap decorative materials such, ka to a Rusk or imitation leather.
A simple door economy class

A simple door economy class

If this ve d d verey made of metal, that is used to protect the thin steel sheet, of a thickness not exceeding 1.5 mm and the insulation and sound insulation is often carried out with the help ofcorrugated cardboard.These doors are very often belong to the first class on Burglar .

  • prestige class.Such doors are in the second class reliability and manufactured using standard techniques.For their manufacturing metal profiles with ribs stiffness .
Door category prestige class

Door category prestige class

finishing materials for doors prestige class used PVC panels, laminated or powder-coated in different shades.For metal doors of this class of metal applied in a thickness of 1.5 mm.

  • Elite class .In this type of door profiles are closed structure with additional ribs stiffness .Products equipped with expensive locks increased reliability.
Door elite class

door elite class

For door trim elite class use natural wood or veneer MDF panel .Also, it can be forged door, paintings which are equipped with stained-glass windows decorated with wrought-iron or script.Models with such designs and finishes may well be attributed to the third class reliability.

  • VIP-class - this is the most expensive doors, with increased protection.Making the frame is made of hard profiles are provided in the construction fastening, which are deeply set in the wall.
VIP- category Doors combine the highest reliability and noble finish

VIP-category Doors combine the highest reliability and noble finish

finish for such doors is usually oak or other valuable species, which is able to ensure maximum thermal and sound protection of flats.VIP - models have a respectable appearance, and often installed in a fairly affluent private homes.They are usually referred to as the fourth , the highest class of protection against break-ins for residential buildings.

basic design of entrance doors

There are many different designs doors.To roughly determine the class to which they appear to be, you need to consider several options.

1. simple circuit design metal front door may look . this way, or even be more simplified .

One of the simplest schemes of economy class doors

One of the easiest schemes doors of economy class

  • Economy - class in this design gives primarily its exterior finish, made with the help of spraying.The door leaf has no inside ribs stiffness , and this suggests that the defense had not too reliable .
  • save the situation in this case may only large thickness of the outer metal sheet, which must be at least 3 mm - only ones able to compensate for the lack of internal metal frame.
  • This model can please closing mechanisms, as they are set at the optimal distance from each other and have different design - this cylinder and lever Castle.Each of them has three bolts.This combination gives the closure elements shutoff assembly door sufficiently high reliability .
  • Door hinges are equipped with ball bearings, which ensures easy ho qq Veri when its normal opening by residents.
  • door leaf has protivosemnye beams that do not allow attackers to take it off softly squeezing upwards.
  • the inside door leaf finish is made of laminated MDF in a thickness of 32 mm - it is a kind of extra protection.
  • heater in this case, the foam is and if it is installed correctly, according to the technology, it will provide a good heat and noise insulation .
  • main disadvantage of simple design is the lack of spacers, which are capable of several times strengthen protective functions.

2. More one door model, which has already more complicated design, but it can also be attributed to the economy class .

This door complex consists of the following elements:

A more reliable option - the door leaf has reinforcing ribs

more reliable option - the door leaf has stiffeners

1 - Steel foxes m m Thickness 2 mm, is set for the outer laminated MDF panel.

2 - U-shaped steel ribs stiffness , installed inside the structure, making it more reliable and allow a seal between the outer and inner lining.

3 - Casing MDF with a protective film PVC coating .

4 - Metal casing, closing the gap between the door and door frame.

5 - In this case for insulation using mineral wool manufacturer.

6 - The design features two circuits seal, which will reliable protection against drafts and noise penetration.

7 - protivosemnye beams entering into the holes designed for them when you close the door, do not allow an attacker to open the apartment by removing the door leaf.

8 - Metal frames are coated by a powder coating.

9 - Interior decorative panel of the door leaf is made from MDF also.

In this construction also no spacers, making the door more vulnerable to dissection.Much reliability complex fabric-box will depend on the choice of castles, their number and installed correctly.

3. doors This model can be attributed to both prestige class , and to elite class , as it has additional locking elements of construction.Much will depend on the exact classification of the finishing material and the thickness of the metal used.

Powerful door design of high reliability

Powerful door design of high reliability

1 - doorframe.In this model, we selected a closed version of an important protective Propert tv dv Yeri element.

2 - Adjusting pin.These fixing parts provided 6 units, three on each side, indicating that the reliability securing box in the door opening .

3 - frame design reinforced ribs stiffness .

4 - Interior decorative finish can be made of any material - this is PVC, natural wood or MDF board.

5 - Protivosёmnyh pin design has three pieces.

6 - Seal, which creates tightness between the door and the porch, closing gaps and preventing drafts created.

7 - peephole - this element must be equipped with any door that is installed on the entrance to the apartment.

8 - Finishing Area, which closes the gap between the door and frame, gives neat vie qq Veri from the hallway.

9 - mounted hinges.

10 - The frame of the door leaf, leather on the outside of the steel sheet.

11 - vertical crossbars constipation.These two structures in the art, these elements are installed closer to the edge of the door leaf.When closed, they put forward and fix the door to the top and bottom of the opening .

12 - Valve.

13 - Lock with door handle.

14 - Insulation - it can be foam or mineral wool.

15 - Inner metal sheet under a decorative door trim.

Since the door is equipped with a vertical locking elements, a lock for this design is seemingly enough yet for reliability is better to choose a similar model with two locks.

main door components

As the door structure consists of various elements, each of which depends on its quality when choosing a model should ask, what material they are made.

Metal profiles

metal profiles are used for the production and the door frame, and the frame webs, but they can vary their design.The following profiles are used most frequently:

  • Corner ;
  • Bent profile ;
  • Profile square tube.