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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling the shower with their own hands

More , seemingly quite recently showers most of us have seen only in the movies or in advertising magazines.This plumbing "unit" was perceived, rather than as a convenient komple ks to I regular hygienic procedures, and as a luxury, not all available.But it was not long, and the cabin has become a loyal assistant, sometimes even more useful than the usual childhood bathroom.

Assembling the shower with their own hands

Assembling the shower with his hands

Yes and judge logically - it is often in our time, we use the bathroom?In the "era" of counters on the hot and cold water to waste 100 liters for the adoption of a single procedure would allow itself already not everyone - except, child bathe.Wash in bathrooms and almost stopped - for this thing become responsible, automatic washing machines, also moved from the "elite" category in quite ordinary set of ordinary families.But without a soul can not do.In addition, we must not forget about the age-old question lack of space in the bathrooms rooms and toilets - and the acquisition and assembly of the shower enclosure with their hands most of the time takes the edge off this problem.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to have something, and more - it is excellent.Even in matters of operating convenience shower leaves far behind usual bath with mixer.Current models do proce ss etc. inyatiya soul in a very pleasant and sometimes - even wellness treatments.And some of them, in addition, allow the owners even "not be turned off from the media space» - will take care of IP communication or GSM channels or integrated FM-radio.

The article will be given brief advice on the selection of the correct model, and, most importantly, the reader should get the answer to the question - to be feasible for him mounting the shower stall with his own hands, or it is better not to risk it, and seek professional help.

«ABC» devices shower stall

Article Contents

  • 1 «ABC» devices shower stall
    • 1.1 tray shower stall
    • 1.2 Vertical fencing shower stall
    • 1.3 roof shower cubicle
    • 1.4 Additional facilities shower stall
  • 2 assembling the shower with his hands
    • 2.1 Video: variant of the podium for the shower stall
    • 2.2 Video: DIY installation corner shower screens

to choose the right and then correctly install the shower, you need at least approximately understand it base unit.Of course, models booths - a great multitude, but the overall layout pattern for all observed.

First, showers differ in the types of construction.

  • Open cabin - rather, a fenced space for taking shower - they consist of walls and tray.Although, in some cases even a special tray can not be used - if laid out a way to collect and divert water into the sewer, for example, securely hydroisolated floor with a ladder.
The simplest type of corner open cabin

simplest corner booth open-

Showers open type can be wall-mounted, but most often available in corner version - in this case the role of the two cabin walls assume, in fact, a tiled room wall.If the room has some kind of complex configuration, then, if desired, you can pick up walk-in shower, designed for installation in a niche.In this embodiment, it becomes even easier - three walls are ready, and remains only to establish the front, a door to the front.

times in reviews of similar products open cubicles called shower screens and shower fences.

  • Closed booths can also be wall-mounted or corner, but they are already fully insulated box, with tray and mandatory roof, with a very tight-fitting doors doors.
Multifunctional shower gated is often whole recreational and sanitary complex

Multifunction shower gated is often whole recreational and sanitary complex

This design offers great opportunities in expanding functional booths.The wall panels and ceiling are built hydraulic nozzles to create jets of massage, a variety of shower heads, special instruments and apparatus for aromatherapy, for steam bath or with the effect of infrared sauna heating.In fact, the usual shower can become a kind of universal home bathing and wellness complex.

  • By the way, the owners of apartments that want to have a modern walk-in shower, but do not give up on the availability of the bathroom (even in cramped on floor space conditions), it may be advisable "hybrid" model.These products, of course, are quite expensive, but they allow as needed to use the bathroom, or to turn it (in whole or in certain its site) in shower.
Interesting design - combines both a bath and shower

interesting design - combines both the bathroom and walk-in shower

Now - about the main constituent parts of showers, beginning from the bottom.

tray shower stall

tray - the "base" on which is based the whole structure shower stall.Plus, it should still withstand considerable weight and washable adult solid build.In short, the requirements for its strength - special.

manufactured pallets are made of different materials.From time to time even across metal (enameled cast iron or forged steel).More often booths equipped pallets polymer or made of special composite materials.The most common are acrylic or Quaryl ( Kwara - more perfect composition is a mixture of acrylic and quartz filler growing popularity of products from artificial stone -. Special polymer composite fine simulating natural marble or granite.

shape and size of the pallet, in principle, largely determines volume and spacious very shower stall.

Various forms of straight pallets

Various forms of linear pallet

in form they can be rectangular, pentagonal, segment into ½ or ¼ circle,take other, relatively complex configurations (for example, there are cubicles without doors as "snail"). When choosing the right size, please note that space booths should not greatly hamper the movements of the human washable in it. this is especially important if a family has a very largeor obese people.

minimum angular size pallets - 800 × 800 mm, but it seems too small a space.Of course, we must always proceed from the "territorial opportunities", but if the area allows, then the best option is still 900 × 900 mm or 1000 × 1000. By the way, it is important and if for any reason someonefamily members will need to take water treatments in a sitting position.

It would seem that only 10 - 20 centimeters, and a radically different booths for spaciousness

would seem that only 10 - 20 centimeters, and a radically different booths for spaciousness

Now - pallet depth.For this parameter it may be flat, depth to more than 30 ÷ 40 mm, an average depth or (with a bowl of 180 mm).When choosing again, you need to take into account that sometimes not all family members will be comfortable to climb into the cabin through the high board (considerable depth of the bowl, plus a tray located on the certain elevation above floor level).But on the other hand, the function and reliable water collection and timely its discharge to the sewer must be fully observed.

Homemade pan , lined with mosaic tiles

Homemade pan, lined with mosaic tiles

Often domestic masters refuse to "full-time" pallet stall and spread his - from cement , with careful waterproofing, organization reliable drainage and lining slip ceramic tiles.Then already ready for this makeshift pallet mounted cabin wall.

Vertical fencing shower stall

These elements include the frame, fixed walls, conventional or functionality, and entrance door of a design.

frame, which is attached to the pallet, and will serve as the basis for the cabin walls, usually made of lightweight and corrosion resistant metal (aluminum) or plastic.Plastic frames of course, less strong, and they are often "masked" by the metal surface by means of color - if you choose to be attentive.

themselves enclosing walls are made from either fiberglass, either natural tempered glass.Glass is easier, cheaper, but its inexpensive varieties available property is gradually, under the influence of time, temperature and humidity to lose transparency and color saturation, thicken, covered mesh microcracks.If you select a plastic version, it is better to purchase a semi-transparent - on it these shortcomings will be less significant and long remain unnoticed.

glass walls are made of very durable material, and be afraid to break out should not be - it's almost impossible, unless, of course, does not ask for such a purpose and does not apply heavy tool .And in this case the glass is blown to smithereens the correct form, which should not be a traumatic .

On the fixed side walls and the rear of the casing is the main shower stall

On the side walls of the fixed and the rear of the casing is the main shower stall

rear and sides of some models are not just fence and perform a variety of functions.It is on them attached plumbing devices, including various faucets, shower heads, hydraulic massage jets, steam generators, lighting systems and other « freaks » with all the necessary elements for their mechanical or electronic control.On the back side of the wall are all necessary hydraulic and electrical wiring to connect the nodes to the water supply, power supply and, if necessary, to the other communications.

doors in the shower stall can be hinged, sliding (folding or sliding) or tilt-sliding, turns around relative to the vertical axis .

Shower cabin with swing door type

Shower cabin with swing door type

In terms of ease of installation and practicality in the operation, of course, lead the usual swing doors, single- or double-leaf .But they have a drawback - they require a certain space for opening with respect to the axis of suspension.In large booths sometimes make the door opening inwards .But in models small have during installation to provide space for the flaps to avoid accidentally injured on her or not to break the door.

The upper and lower rollers for sliding doors

upper and lower rollers for sliding doors Sliding

this disadvantage are not - they are moved along the guide rails "tracks" by a system of suspension and thrust rollers.This gives some difficulty mounting and adjustment works, but it is quite convenient in use.

Usually all vertical fence shower stall, regardless of the production of the material, coated with a special hydrophobic material.This measure does not give drops of water remain on the walls - they just flow down, leaving no after drying characteristic whitish spots.

roof shower cubicle

This structural element, as already mentioned, is not at all the models, but where cover is available, it performs several important functions:

Cover the shower is usually a very multi-functional area

cover shower stall, as a rule, isvery multifunctional area

  • Firstly, this sealing space cubicles, especially if it implemented the ability to "steam bath" or "aroma".
  • Second, usually in the cover are attached several plumbing devices - hand shower, massage jets and etc .
  • In the third, it is collected on the roof of a ventilation system with a tap steam vents in the house.
  • And, fourth , the cover can be attached a variety of electrical devices, such as speakers or lighting points.

Additional facilities shower stall

Sometimes it seems that in matters of extra equipment showers, some products are simply trying to "outdo" each other.So, in addition to conventional mixers and showers, as already mentioned, different massage jets, the effects of "tropical rain".Demand model steam generators, especially with the ability to control the temperature of steam and saturated aromatic or cosmetic compositions.There is a possibility of ionization (ozonation) air.Built into the booth mobile communications, radio and other media opportunities , set the original types of highlights, all the voice control functions laid down.Is it worth paying a lot of money for such « freaks » - question of purely individual.

But in terms of operational capabilities of one of the features should be necessarily pay attention.The fact is that the showers, equipped with massage nozzles require a certain pressure on the water inlet.Very often there are situations when the owner of the stall after installation suddenly confronted with the fact that the shower - and the flows barely, but about the hydro question is not .And the reason is that it was necessary to compare the models and parameters of pressure in the water network.For example, in high-rise buildings usually head rarely exceeds 1,5 ÷ 2 atmosphere (and on high floors can and does fall to critically low marks), and the parameters of equipment may require all 3 ÷ 4 bar .So, will have to fork out more an electric pump and a water receiver (accumulator), where the water will be supplied to all cabins, hydraulic device to the desired pressure.

Assembling the shower with his hands

Showers produce many manufacturers as European and Asian, mostly - from China.To the credit of our Eastern friends, we can say that the quality of their products every year becomes higher, and taking into account the relatively small price of their products constitute a serious enough competition recognized brands.Moreover, many Chinese companies have to let the European model in its , license version.

But there are almost all products from China's one big "sin".If Europeans accompany the goods elaborate instructions ( if not even Russian, they are easy to translate), our eastern neighbors approach this issue somewhat differently.Perhaps the problem lies in "Lost in Translation", but, as a rule , " manuals" are vague, difficult to read text from a mass of errors, followed by besides quite casually filled with illegible images.In short, to understand how you want.

To help self-assembly of a standard isolated corner shower stall, we offer a look at this process in more detail with step by step presentation.Certainly, each model has its own features, but the general principle is still the same.

Inexpensive Chinese shower assembly " RANCH S406»

inexpensive Chinese assembly shower «RANCHO S-406»

For example, type taken «RANCHOS-406" Chinese build a shower.It refers to the execution of corner booths category, with a tray in the fourth round, with a minimum number of options - in addition to the hand shower has six nozzles hydro-massage on the back, and "tropical rain" from the top.