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August 12, 2017 18:05

cinder block

cinder block is pretty, popular building material.It is used in the construction of residential buildings, walls, fences, outbuildings, etc.Especially in demand this building material in the construction of country cottages.Features and specifications of cinder block defines its composition.It can be different.


  1. What is a cinder block?
  2. Specifications cinder block
  3. Advantages Disadvantages
  4. Video

What is a cinder block?

Building stone rectangular shape produced by vibro concrete mixture (binder, filler, water) and was named the cinder blocks.It got its name thanks to the first filler, which was used in the production - blast furnace slag.To date, the filler can be:

  • slag;
  • perlite;
  • sand;
  • expanded clay;
  • rubble;
  • brick, concrete chippings and others.

filler affects the strength, frost resistance, environmental friendliness cinder block.

Specifications cinder block

cinder block is available under different brands from 35 to 125 kg / cm2 (symbol of strength).

  • Mark 35 is used for thermal insulation of the bearing wall or as a fence.
  • Stamps 50 - 75 are used for walls or partitions.
  • Stamps 100 -125 used in the construction of the foundation or basement walls.

According frost cinder block is divided into 15;25;35;50 freeze-thaw cycles.If we talk about resistance to moisture, it is high.The material does not lose its quality even in extreme climatic conditions and under the constant influence of water.

Environmental cinder block security mainly concerns the material, wherein the filler used slag.It consists of harmful substances are present.Therefore, fresh slag is encouraged to stand up during the year in the open space.

cinder block is full-bodied (very strong) and hollow.The most common size of the building stone 390h190h188 mm.

The article can be viewed in detail with photos and video reviews of cinder block.


The cinder block building has established itself as one of the most practical building materials.Due to the large size (compared to brick) building speed increases significantly.Also, the size of the material reduces the consumption of the solution, and hence the total cost of construction being erected.In the opinion of the builders - practicality, durability and affordability allows cinder blocks to go in the first place among the rest of the building materials of this type.


Certain disadvantages present cinder block.But they are not so essential to refuse such a building material.Many believe his lack of weight.This causes certain difficulties in the construction of multi-storey buildings.However, this disadvantage offset by using modern technology.

second disadvantage of a high thermal conductivity is called cinder block.This is not quite true.Thermal conductivity depends on the material composition.If you use sawdust or cinder block rakushnika thermal conductivity is much lower than that of a brick.

Each brand cinder block to be used for its intended purpose.In this case, to find fault with cinder block very hard.

analogue of cinder block can act, perhaps, only the lightweight aggregate blocks.He even has an advantage in heat-insulating properties.But if you take the price of the material, it will be above the cinder block.Therefore, the benefits of insulation in relevance is questionable.