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August 12, 2017 18:06

Slopes on the window with his hands

Masters say the execution of slopes on the windows is one of the most difficult processes in the final stage of finishing work organization.Even with the most painstaking measures for changing the window opening itself receives significant damage and many are interested in the question of how to make slopes with their own hands on the windows.


  1. Embodiments slopes
  2. Plastic slopes at
  3. window Plaster slopes
  4. Installation slopes of plasterboard

Embodiments slopes

There are several technologies perform slopes -this plaster, plasterboard alignment, creation of plastic slopes, puttying.Each option is characterized by its technology, work processes, advantages and disadvantages.In search of the question, how to make slopes with their own hands, the majority opt for two versions: the plaster and the creation of plastic slopes.You can find below a video installation on the slopes of the window with his hands, which allows owners to save money and perform appropriate work through their own efforts.However, we need to understand to master the upcoming volume will only human, a little landmark in the construction industry.Only then can we talk about quality and accurate slope.

Plastic slopes on the windows

installation process on the slopes of plastic windows with their hands begins with the preparation of the surface around the perimeter of the window.The U-shaped wooden slats installed.It should be noted that all works are carried out according to the construction level, in order to avoid errors.Once, near the window knocked out a niche where you will attach the screws-bugs, which is attached and F-shaped groove.The second step - mount the next slot, which is part of the structure, which allows to hold tight band, covering the near part of the wall overlap.It turns out a kind of niche, where and mounted plastic slopes.Some prefer to fill the resulting gap with mineral wool or other insulating materials.From the first time plastic slopes on the windows not all turn out perfect, but you can hide some flaws in using transparent silicone.For plastic windows, choose materials that are resistant to UV rays and to mechanical damage.

Video installation of plastic slopes:

Plaster slopes

This method of alignment slopes impresses with its simplicity.To perform the work required mortar and plaster.The dry mixture, it should have a cement foundation, diluted to a creamy consistency, then you can begin to level slope.Before starting work, should be prepared working surface.Slopes are removed from the projections, pre-processed by deep cracks and holes.Once installed beacons.There should be considered a small gravity layer from the window of the box directly to the corner of the window slopes.Once you can start laying the solution.For more traction reinforcement is recommended - on a slope attached fiberglass mesh.Often, the plaster on the windows slopes with their own hands is required to apply several layers of solution.The next layer is applied already after the first layer dries out a bit.Once the final coat has dried the solution, you can start finishing slopes.

Video plaster slopes:

Importantly, during installation work on the installation of slopes is almost impossible not to come into contact with the window frame, which can cause structural damage.This can be avoided by means of a protective tape which is to be glued around the window frame.After the work is completed the tape is removed.

Installation slopes of plasterboard

For clarity, we offer you to watch video on the installation slope of the drywall on the plastic windows with their hands :