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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tips for installing sockets in Drywall

Today cladding sheets of plasterboard is used very often.It is convenient becauseall the irregularities of bearing walls and partitions carefully hidden behind the frame of the profiles and gypsum.Himself set the outlet in the sheetrock is not difficult, even if you have a kettle in the electrics.Next, we describe all the nuances of the installation with their own hands, and will also provide a visual video instructions and photo examples of each stage of the installation.

  • Step 1 - Preparations
  • Step 2 - Shtroblenie gypsum
  • Step 3 - Mounting Escutcheon
  • Step 4 - Wiring

Step 1 - Preparations

First you need to prepare all the tools and materials for fastening the outlet in the drywall.To manually install the product, you must have:

  • drill with a special cutter (crown) to make a hole in the plaster wall.The diameter of the crown should be 68 mm - standard size Escutcheon for installation in plaster.The crown on plaster photo
  • Building level and a marker for marking the holes.
  • Indicator screwdriver to check the voltage.
  • Phillips head screwdriver to attach a plastic cup, connect the wires and install the proper electrical outlet in the plasterboard wall.

Please note that the installation instructions in the product we drywall since, as will be divorced wiring in all rooms and at the same time, all the walls are sewn sheets of plasterboard.To learn more about the basic electrical work you can in the article - how to carry out the wiring in the house!

Step 2 - Shtroblenie gypsum

So move closer to the main process.First, according to the wiring diagram you need to determine where you want to punch a hole for the installation of sockets in the drywall.The chosen location marker put a cross on the drywall, which will be the center of future openings.If you decide to install a block of sockets in plaster wall, you need to make a series of several round cutting grooves.By the way the installation height of sockets is not standardized or GOST SAE rules, so you can place the "electric point" where you like.To do this, use the building level and one simple rule - the distance between the centers should be 72 cm, as shown in the photo below.Having done the layout, you can continue to shtroblenie sheet GKL.The optimal distance between the cutting grooves in plaster installation steps Shtroblenie puncher with crown

There is nothing complicated - set crown drill in the center of the cross and carefully drill gypsum.All tapping technology discussed in detail in the form of examples, which we encourage you to read.

overview of possible errors and tips on installation
YouTube Preview

Step 3 - Mounting Escutcheon

Correctly fasten podrozetnik is not difficult in the drywall.As you can see, on the body there are 4 screws 2 under the mounting box on the wall itself, and 2 to set the socket.For a start, output wires to connect from the outside Stroebe.After that, cut out in the bottom of a plastic cup hole for input power supply wires.Then gently insert Escutcheon in drywall and using two screws secure the glass in Stroebe.The presser feet from opposite sides securely lock the article in the plasterboard wall.Photo of plastic cups Removing the wires out of the wall

box Set

should draw your attention to the fact that the void between the carrier wall (brick) and a sheet of plasterboard must be at least 45 mm (height Escutcheon).If in your case the gap is less need to work a little punch - to crush the recess in the concrete or brick, to a plastic box can be easily set.You should be aware that normally secure the socket to the drywall without Escutcheon you could not, therefore, immediately contemplate all possible obstacles and remove them before installing the plastic cup.

Step 4 - Wiring

When you are able to reliably establish podrozetnik in the wall, you can begin to connect the outlet in the drywall.Connect the wires will not be difficult even novice electrician.The main thing - to turn off the electricity at the introductory panel that you do not electric shock during installation and connection.Before proceeding to electrical installation work - check the voltage on the wires in podrozetnik using the indicator.If you do not know how to use the indicator with a screwdriver, be sure to read the corresponding article.

Using a screwdriver indicator

All you need to do - to connect zero (N, blue), grounding (PE, yellow-green) and the phase (L, usually brown) in the corresponding terminals on the socket housing.Cores tighten well to contact it is not weakened and melted plastic is not started after the installation and connection, asin this case the short circuit may occur in the wiring and as a result - a house fire.Preparation of electrical conductors Connecting lived

Properly mounted enclosure

Installing the cover

When you connect all the wires can be inserted into the socket podrozetnik and secure it with screws.Mounting under the drywall can be accomplished either by the two remaining Escutcheon screws or install body thrust itself feet outlet.After installation and connection you just fix the plastic frame and the decorative cover, which is clearly not difficult.

Video instructions how to install their own hands
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That's the whole installation technology.As you can see, set the socket is not difficult in plasterboard with their hands, the main thing to take into account all the recommendations and be careful with the electrical work.By the way, similar instructions are installing and wiring a light switch in the plasterboard wall and double wall outlet.If there is something you could not understand, we advise view the video examples, which discussed in detail how to mount enclosure, Stroebe gypsum and connect the wires!

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