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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom design small size of the room

Currently, the construction market is literally overflowing with modern building materials, plumbing fixtures and other accessories for arranging bathrooms.A person looking at this variety, inevitably there is quite understandable desire to transform the bathroom in his home.However, in a small room bathroom standard urban apartments, or even a combination bathroom is quite difficult to change the arrangement of accessories, and you have to think well, to bring the room in accordance with your ideas.

Bathroom design small size of the room

Design bathroom is small in size

Bathroom design small size of the room requires a very serious approach, especially in the event that is planned to replace the bath, moving the toilet or sink, as well as the installation of the washing machine.

Also optimal alignment of the most convenient of all necessary, important task is the implementation of that bathroom looked more spacious and modern.Therefore, many designers work on projects targeted precisely such small spaces, such as the direction is currently the most popular.

project bathroom

Article Contents

  • 1 bathroom project
  • 2 materials for surface finishing
    • 2.1 Tiles
    • 2.2 plastic panels
  • 3 Plumbing bathroom accessories
    • 3.1 Spa for a small bathroom
    • 3.2 Showers
    • 3.3 WC
    • 3.4 Sink bathroom
  • 4 Lighting small bathroom
  • 5 Interiors small bathroom
    • 5.1 first option
    • 5.2 second option
    • 5.3 third option
    • 5.4 fourth option
  • 6 recommendations interior small bathrooms
    • 6.1 Video: design options for a small bathroom

not to be mistaken with the size when you buy plumbing fixtures and accessories, you must carefully calculate everything.That for this purpose and is made up of project areas, which will determine how it should be renovated.The project can be formed by using one of the applications on the Internet, or the old fashioned way, using paper, ruler and pencil.For this purpose, a sheet of paper is transferred to the exact layout of the bathroom only on a smaller 1: 10 (1 meter of the real size of the room on the paper corresponds to 10 centimeters).That same scale should be selected exactly adhere to and transfer to plan the bathroom of any items interior.

Project future bathroom should be prepared very carefully , with the exact scale

project future bathroom should be prepared very carefully, with the exact observance

scale The project is necessary to produce a "balance" of all the accessories in the location, which would like to see at the end of work.

It is advisable to take into account when passing the central sewage risers and water mains, if they pass through the bathroom, as it will have to stretch the respective tubes.

The fact that there are certain rules that allow permutation water pipes only after the overlying water supply valves to the apartment entrance.A sewer pipe to be connected to a central riser (which carry no and will never allow) at a certain angle, otherwise there is a risk of clogging the drain, and even flooding of the lower apartments.

If the work will be carried out independently, the wiring for all pipes also need to create a separate project, taking into account the planned installation of plumbing, and only work on it.

If the wiring will conduct invited masters, then you need to carefully monitor the accuracy of their work (alas, in this field, "grazing" many obvious hacks) that did not have anything to reinstall, and if the pipes are hidden in the wall - and then deal withrestoration of decoration.

In any case, after the preparation of the project is to ask for advice in the housing and operational organization, and even, if necessary - to invite an expert who could evaluate the possibility of the desired permutation.

even finish the project drawing, it is understood that during the operation it is possible that will have to make some adjustments.The need for them can arise after dismantling will be made of the old topcoat space and will "in all its glory" visible utilities.

materials for surface finishing

Having made the project of arrangement of necessary bathroom accessories, you can proceed to the choice of materials for finishing the interior surfaces.


traditional material for the walls and floor in the bathroom was always considered a ceramic tile.If it is selected, it is necessary to consider its color and shape.

For a small bath is recommended to use light-colored tiles, as it will help visually expand the space and bring into the room, which often has no windows, the required amount of light, especially in combination with well-organized lighting.

Optimum finishing close the bathroom - it

Optimum finishing close the bathroom - it's bright colors tiles

light tiles will create the effect of a single plane, visually smoothing the joints of the walls that will not emphasize their borders, thanks to the whole room bathroom will appear larger.

You can use several colors of tiles, but it should be selected and arranged in such a way that shades emphasized certain areas of the room.

Another option - the separation of the boundary of dark bottom and a lighter upper walls

Another option - the boundary separation dark bottom and a lighter upper walls

Choosing interior made in several colors and shades should be adjusted to each other so that they are perfectly combined with each other, as in small rooms lack of harmonyIt will be immediately evident, and even the "rich" design simply lose its aesthetics.

Staying at one of the color of the interior, it is necessary to understand and in what form must be ceramic tiles.As is known, it can be rectangular, square and mosaic.

Receptions use tiles to visually change the bathroom space

Receptions use tiles to visually change the space bathroom

  • In order to achieve the effect of expansion of the bathroom, it is recommended to purchase a rectangular tile, and lay it across the wall, that is, the long side horizontally.This option is shown in the first figure.
  • If necessary, the visually raise the ceiling, the tiles should be laid on the walls in height.In addition, it is recommended to add an additional remote wall vertical pattern, which will also support the desired effect.This second embodiment is shown in Fig.

plastic panels

Another material, which often become very used for cladding in the bathroom, steel or plastic panels, how differently they are called - PVC lining.This finish has a very affordable price and looks great on the wall and ceiling surfaces.The advantage of the panels as compared with the tiles, it is possible to name their ease of installation and removal, allowing if desired a decorative material to change at any time.

panels are made in different colors and with different patterns as shading, and textured.They can mimic ceramic tile or natural materials, such as different types of stone or wood.

You can also buy bunk, which has a light top and bottom - darker.These panels are very authentically create the appearance of masonry tiles of different colors.

Горизонтальное расположение полос "расширит" стены

Horizontal stripes location "expand" the wall

If you wish to visually expand the space the bathroom plastic panels stacked in the same manner as ceramic tile, ie across the wall, but it is desirable to use a different color battens.The same technique is used in the case, if you want to visually extend the room.

Чтобы "приподнять" потолок лучше использовать вертикальную обшивку с выделяющимися узкими яркими фрагментами

To "raise" the ceiling is better to use vertical paneling with prominent narrow bright fragments

If you set a goal, visually lift the ceiling and the lining panels are mounted vertically.In addition, between monotonous finishing material, it is possible to install the panel with a vertical pattern.

Decorating the walls of PVC 1 How difficult oblitsevat bathroom plastic lining?

This is probably the easiest way to quickly and easily decorate the room. How to trim the bathroom PVC paneled room - read in a special publication of our portal.

Often plastic panels used for finishing the ceiling plane.They are easy to install, and if necessary - can be easily removed, which is very important for the bathroom, as it was in this part of the apartment are the most likely emergencies.If there is a leak and the water gets to the polymer lining, then it is nothing terrible will happen.However, the need to remove the casing from the frame on which it is mounted, in order to dry the floor slab.But this - very simple operation

Plastic ceiling 1 ceiling of plastic panels - the solution of many problems

Besides the fact that the plastic sheathing perfectly hides all the flaws of the ceiling, it is also very advantageous to look, is not afraid of moisture and is easy to put in order.If the bathtub decided to make plastic ceiling - will help in the instructions given in a special article of the portal.

to the ceiling is better to choose a panel is white, with shiny metallic strip, which will reflect light walls and fixtures, adding lighting the room.

The ceiling in the bathroom trim and other technologies.One option is a suspended ceiling, which in recent years has become perhaps the most popular for the indoor installation.

Stretch ceiling in 1111 What to choose for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom?

options many - from the simple and inexpensive methods to finish the installation of complex false or tension structures.For more information about different types of ceiling for bathroom can be found on the pages of our site by clicking on the links.

Plumbing bathroom accessories

Properly fitted plumbing bathroom accessories with a variety of compact shapes and sizes, as well as their competent placement, help save this small area of ​​the room.If earlier it was a problem to buy a sink, bathtub or toilet right size and model, now on sale, you can find any versions of these plumbing fixtures.

Spa for a small bathroom

The most significant area of ​​land in the room bathroom takes a bath, so the first thing is to determine the place just for her.In recent years become popular acrylic corner baths model.They are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs, so you can choose a suitable for your particular room without difficulty.

Modern baths range allows you to choose the best option for the specific conditions

modern range of bath allows you to choose the best option for the specific conditions

Sales also presented a bath, made of cast iron and steel, as well as more exotic materials.The choice largely depends on the financial capacity and interior style, but what this accessory, you can choose to suit every taste, no doubt.

Kopyright RAVAK AS What you need to know about baths?

Before you stop your choice on one of the options, it is recommended to study the characteristics of the baths of different materials to choose for themselves the best.Help in choosing a bath article of our portal, which is easy to fall for a suggested link.

Even for the smallest rooms to choose this accessory today do not make the big work.Defining the project and measuring the seat reserved for the bath, evaluating their financial capabilities, you can go to the store for purchase.


Shower can be a great alternative to the bath, especially since they are produced well in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.Some of them have a low pallet, and other high-sided, and the latest version can even completely replace a sitz bath.

Increasingly commonplace attribute the bathroom are showers

Increasingly commonplace attribute the bathroom showers are

Shower cubicle can be "fit" in the smallest space, freeing up a large enough area for the installation of other accessories.Models showers can be simple, equipped with only a watering can shower and mixer, or have a complex structure with numerous features.Here the choice depends on the space allotted for the enhancement, financial capabilities and preferences of the owners of the apartment.

shower 21 Maybe confine shower?

Often this solution becomes the most reasonable way when planning a bathroom close the room.How to properly equip interior bathroom with shower - learn from a special publication of our portal.


If you plan to WC, it is necessary to select and toilet, are best suited for the size and type of the model.There are several varieties, differing in design - it is hinged, candy bars and detached.In addition, it is possible to acquire angular bowl if necessary.

Suspended toilet

The model hinged toilet cistern is hidden in the wall or for a special partition, which is often also serves as a shelf.Thus, a more aesthetic look of the room.

Very convenient for the planning of close toilet bowl attachment type

very useful for the planning of close toilet bowl Hinged

toilet is securely attached to the wall and is able to withstand the weight load that extends up to 400 kg - this under any circumstances be sufficient.The compactness of this design can save up to half a meter square.


toilet, in the form of a monoblock is different from other types in that the tank itself ceramic bowl combined into a monolithic structure, thus at the intersection of these two elements is a risk of leakage.Kit looks quite aesthetically pleasing and can have different configurations: Depending on the model, the toilet, as well as the tank is straight angular shapes with rounded or oval.

WC monobloc

WC monobloc

For small bathrooms this option is good in that you can select the bar with a narrow compact tank and the minimum protruding ceramic bowl.

Detached toilet

This is - the most commonly used kind of toilets

This - the most commonly used kind of toilets

This option can be considered as the most common.Usually it is a set consisting of, in fact, the toilet and the tank, which are connected to each other.This type of toilet is represented in most large range of different models.

Often, the best solution may be to the toilet , the design of which provides for the installation in a corner of the bathroom

Often, the best solution may be a toilet bowl, the design of which provides for the installation in a corner of the bathroom

Including you can stop and angular form, which is sometimes the only way to place in the room all the necessary accessories, soit takes up a minimum of space.

Sink Bathroom

developers have provided for bathrooms small size several types of compact shell that can be placed as a wall or in a corner of the room.

Very popular are four types of small shells:

  • «Tulip»
  • Integrated sink
  • Wall sink
  • Console-sink

All shells may have different shapes - oval, round, square, rectangular, and often -