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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make canopies made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands ?

Types of canopies to give

All canopies can be divided into types depending on manufacturing material (metal, stone, wood, composite), destination (pool, barbecue area, car, landscape design), placelocation (near the porch, in the yard) and size.

also sheds conventionally classified as freestanding or Attached, miniature, angled or straight.

first built over the porch, balcony.Most often, they are attached to the outer wall.Second mostly used for landscaping and perform a decorative function.They also are designed to protect crops and fences.

third - straight or angled (or lean-gable) can be complex shapes in a variety of pyramids, arcs, polygons, domes.Whatever type you choose, it is necessary to take into account previously, for what purpose you need it, well and then make a purchase.

How are made of polycarbonate canopies?

In order to carry out installation of the canopy, Materials needed: polycarbonate sheet, drill, shovel, roulette, thermowashers level, bolts, shaped tubes and tools for foundation.First install the support columns for the canopy.They dug a pit approximate depth of 100-150 cm. There are inserted into the support and concreted.While away from each other stands must be not more than 2 meters.

If the canopy will be built over the pool, their additional waterproofing.Requires a foundation for the entire structure stood firmly on the ground.In the second stage begin to install the cross supports.In fact, they have the form of bent pipes, which are interconnected by means of spacers.Thus, they are bent to shed itself had arched shape.

The next step is to begin application of polycarbonate, that is, the frame plating.It is best to use a sheet of average thickness of 6-8 mm.If the material is too large, it is cut, using an ordinary handsaw.Then the sheets are placed on the canopy supports and attached thermowasher.The edges of the skates need to glue to seal the perforated tape.

As visors made of polycarbonate?

difference visors from shelters is that they are one your side to attach to the wall of the building.They provide good protection against snow, hail, rain.Make a canopy over the balcony, porch, front door.To work needed a standard set of tools: screwdrivers, Bulgarian, drill, welding machine, self-tapping screws.

Before proceeding with installation, you need to prepare the material.Polycarbonate arc shape.For this profile is fixed on a straight surface, every 3-4 cm make it shallow incisions, then folded it.The work will be seen, where there is a little more to make cuts.After the arc is ready, it must be installed on the frame by means of screws and thermowasher.Holes are drilled important about 2.3 mm deep, at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.

Note!In if porch is large, the need to use multiple profiles.Each of them must comply with the radius and the size of the previous one.Securing them to each other by longitudinal webs by welding.