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August 12, 2017 18:07

Remove the mounting foam easily and accurately

How to remove the mounting foam with tools

Remove tool from any tool in two ways: mechanical and chemical.

  1. Mechanical.To do this, you simply need to use your hands and any piercing-cutting tool.Of course, at the time of removal of the foam, it must be dried, or smudge, and other tools.You just need to scrape, using a knife, screwdriver, drill, or any other device, depending on the type and diameter of the tool contamination.Likely to remain traces of substances and mechanical damage.
  2. Chemical.Suitable for even the most complex tasks - cleaning "gun."It consists in the fact that for the removal of the filler assembly using a chemical cleaner.For not yet solidified: Penosil, Foam Cleaner or OPPA.If the foam has dried up: PENOSIL Premium Cured PU-Foam Remover.To take advantage of this tool should be screwed on the tank gun adapter and click on the gun before the cleaner will start to stand out.Then wait for the substance begins to dissolve again press the trigger.Make sure that the gun is clean as possible, if not cleaner will stand foam residues.

Средство для высохшей пены "PENOSIL Premium Cured PU-Foam Remover"

How to remove the mounting foam with windows and doors

Depending on the material from which made the door, chosen cleaner.As for tools often are used here with the same resources.

  1. for doors and windows made of PVC.Suitable for final cleaning of surfaces made of plastic, or minor impurities.Dissolve the assembly aggregate funds: Kosmofen 5 and Vindovs systems Cleaner about 5. These two funds are part of a potent household chemicals, so their use should be very careful not to damage the plastic.This chemistry is able to dissolve it, if time does not remove the liquid from the surface!

Tools for cleaning plastics

  1. For hardened material on the surfaces.Also use different cleaning liquids, which previously called: Penosil Foam Cleaner, Ultima Profeshenal and OPPA.To treat their surface must first cut off the protruding "lambs" and then sponge with detergent rubbing the remnants of the substance.It suffices to apply a little force and mechanical friction, a cured foam, the solution pulls away.

Removal of foam from the floor

    1. Medicine "Dimexidum".It sold in any drugstore and can scrub a certain amount of substance after you scraped it with a knife.Work with the means necessary to wear gloves.

Medication that can scrub foam

    1. cleaner.Initially, the cured foam is removed with a spatula and the remainder using solvents Penosil Foam Cleaner and Ultima Profeshenal.
    2. strong cleaner.About him already earlier, and it is used for cleaning tools.It Kosmofen 5 and Vindovs System Cleaner pro 5.
    3. Any liquid.Tested in practice that, for example, with linoleum foam can be removed using only water.The principle is simple: cut away all that you can, and put the remains wet cloth.After a time, all easily removed.Note that after you spend this manipulation, on the cover may be spots that are removed only when mashing.Cover under a varnish and gloss is not to clean, but only replaced.

Dried foam on

clothes Cleaning foam with clothes - an extremely difficult task, since it is necessary to use complex solvents that can harm the tissue.

  1. Stain.Treat the stain with a cotton pad in the liquid and wait for the dissolution of the substance.You can also use gasoline.Be sure to wash things.But tissues still remain certain spots.

Strong stain remover for gasoline

  1. low temperature.The thing you can put in the freezer, and after freezing to cut with a knife, the remnants dissolve acetone.One must be careful not to damage the clothing.
  2. solvent foam.If the filler is not frozen, you can use those solvents which have been mentioned above.Remove a piece of a knife, and remove residual solvent.For the hardened foam, respectively, using the means provided for above.Also, cut the foam, apply means, wait 30 minutes and walk around with a brush.Thing necessarily wash.

The process of removing foam

How to remove the mounting foam body

If were stained hands, the situation is not as deplorable and use sophisticated cleaners is not necessary.There are two very effective means:

  1. mechanical friction.That is, you need to remove the foam, rubbing her hands.If you did not delete all, after a while still come.
  2. sponge, scrub and water.A great option that can clean the foam body.Besides it is possible to use acetone, solvent salt solution.How to use: wipe with a sponge and detergent or putting it into his hands for a while.

The video can note how easily delete any amount of foam with the help of your hands and effort.