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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to organize the lighting of the attic ?

Proper lighting of the attic - a pledge of comfort and beauty of this room.That is why the installation of artificial light is a difficult and responsible task.Errors are not allowed, because then they will be very difficult to correct.Before you buy a lamp, you need to think about all the details to the smallest detail!How to choose the best option, you can check out this article.

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need to install

lights are mostly in the attic there are large characteristic windows through which day the room gets natural light.What to do in the evening, when the day comes to an end?We recommend to carry out the artificial light!Please note that the room will not only lighter, but also thanks to the great choice of luminaires, you can emphasize the special unique style attic.Light bulbs in the beams

Currently, there are a variety of models of floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and, of course, chandeliers.Extraordinary items are more like design elements of the interior than on the lighting appliances.With the right choice of lighting the attic, you can make the room more comfortable, as well as apply some tricks to correct its imperfections.For example, if you have low ceilings, you can not buy a gorgeous chandelier, and opt for a fashionable wall lights.Having placed in the corners of the beautiful lamps, you'll do more than visually attic, it is important to make sure that no seams and irregularities in the room.These tips will help make the attic room visually is much wider, and all thanks to the artificial lighting.


First we need to remember that there is a general and local artificial lighting.In general embodiment, the light is distributed evenly from one source throughout the room, often used in this case, a chandelier or other ceiling fixtures.As for the local type, there is an emphasis on a particular area of ​​the attic.A variety of lamps, spotlights, floor lamps, table lamps or floor lamps - all this relates to the type of lighting.You can, according to your taste, to focus on all the details and interior items (eg, paintings, cabinets or bookshelves).It is already possible to show imagination in full, the main thing - do not overdo it!Unusual lamps

often in private homes, the ceiling in the attic slanted because of the roof and is equipped with wooden ceiling beams.If this is your version of the attic - give up the general lighting at all, it visually reduces the space.The same applies to the low ceilings (except that only you can set the LED ribbon, a sense of celebration and comfort are guaranteed).If you are lucky enough to own a spacious attic floor, with high ceilings, you can give preference to a single light source, and make the combined option.

For inspiration we recommend to see our photo gallery with beautiful lighting attic:

What else you need to know?

We have prepared for you some additional tips to help make the attic a favorite spot in the house:

  • attic floor should be light, keep this in mind not only the installation of lighting, but also in the selection of finishes and furniture;
  • to visually increase the space to make the illumination of large outdoor mirror and put it in front of the window;
  • if you want to make the electric light in the attic, similar to the natural use halogen lamps.Colder light will give fluorescent lamp;
  • to blur the limits of the room, set the bar with built-in lights, which should be directed to the wall;
  • do not forget about the quality of the purchased equipment, is an important indicator of durability and your peace of mind.


also recommend that you view the video a modern way, which allows you to make the lighting attic cozy:

Project Overview
YouTube Preview

So, we told you how to make beautiful lighting in the attic, providing photo ideas for inspiration.Attic has long ceased to be a place to store unnecessary things and can become a full-fledged holiday destination.Many modern families even make the attic playroom or bedroom.No matter you are setting up a room in a country house or a huge country house, the main thing - the right accents and care about comfort.

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