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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a Wireless Internet Country house with their hands

Sunbeds in the country with their own hands

Sunbeds in the country with their own hands

Best vacation - in nature, the Japanese do not like to come for nothing in nature reserves and nature parks, and for a long time to sit on the bench, watching the clouds as the run, swaying trees.It calms the nervous system.If you have your own villa, you can relax at the Japanese example, contemplating the nature surrounding you.Because the bench is not as convenient, such as beach chair, home craftsmen will be able to make his own hands.This is a fairly simple structure.Sunbeds carry to the seats, but more low and stable.They can be in a reclining position, allowing you to relax all groups of muscles and spine.Simple chaise lounge can be folded, transform, depending on the angle of inclination of the back.Since the tree is considered one of the most eco-friendly, cost-effective and easy-to-use materials, so our chaise longue is made of wood.During the summer, a beach chair can be left outdoors in the winter - to keep in the holiday home.Modern chairs are made of:

  1. tree
  2. plastic rattan

a folding beach loungers or comfortable seats.deck chairs, loungers manufacturing technology requires the use of different tools, so we consider a simpler option.

Pretreatment bars for sunbeds


scheme deckchairs

presented in Scheme A chaise lounge can make everyone, because the main job is to create a durable frame and stretch it tight waterproof fabric.Scheme B is a folded beach chair, consisting of three frames: the long (1), short (2), closed (3).Fabric dressed with two square bars which have rounded edges.The home handyman can assemble the frame using the circular spike and glue.Spikes in the bars you can cut it out and process the rasp, and the nest do the drill.Harvested equity bars the size shown in Figure B. Make sure that the cross-bars must be made, taking into account the width of the second frame, ie 500 mm and taking into account section - (? 25 to 60 mm) bars.Bars for tensioning the fabric with square section -16? 16 mm.All transverse bars must have spikes 12 mm diameter and 22 mm in length.For rectangular bars two stud connection, and for the square - one.Be careful with the drilling of nests for thorns.

Design 2 deckchairs

design chaise longue 2

Process the wooden blocks

Once the bars are ready-to-assemble, it's time to treat them for strength and give an aesthetic appearance.For a long time the tree is treated stain, also known stain.Stain helps to keep the external properties of wood that is exposed to ultraviolet light.Buying stain for the treatment of sun beds that will stand you in the street, choose the outside.Cover stain sticks in two ways-either spray or brush.For a professional result is better to use a spray bottle.The safest dyes are considered water-soluble stains are those that are based on waxes and oils.Speaking of oil.There are excellent parquet oil, which in principle can be used for any wooden products.They are necessary in order to give the wood water repellency.This is useful for those times when your beach chair happens to be in the rain.

Mordant for processing sunbeds

Mordant for processing deckchairs

bars assembly technology for the future of sunbeds

Getting directly to the bars of the assembly technology.It is quite simple.Both the first and the second frame is assembled with the aid of two equity and two transverse bars, is used as a bar with a square cross section.The gap between the square and the rectangular piece must not be more than 10 mm.The third frame is assembled from cross equity and two bars.Having box, you can move on.Located on the shelf, attach a second frame in the first.Bars with square section must be on opposite sides from each other.Make sure it is in the diagram B. Align the holes for the axle, insert the bolts (preferably 8-10 mm), then the washer, and tighten the connection with the nuts.The third frame should cover first - see diagram B. Once on fixture operation was carried out, chaise laid out in such a way that it will be used, that is in a working condition.Deck is best to choose a water-repellent fabric, or a solid mattress with trehnitochnym braided polyester synthetic additives, with a bright pattern.Cut out the fabric is necessary, taking into account the convenience of sitting at the ends of the material make closed loop diameter of 25 mm.It is necessary in order to thread it into the square bar, fixing it in each of the frames.The fabric should be threaded into the mortar between the seat and backrest.Now our chaise, made with his own hands, is ready and can be used in the country.

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