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Cesspit And Drain Hole

August 12, 2017 18:06

The drain hole for a bath with his hands

bath, no matter what size it was not whether it is a bath for black or bath made of logs, always requires the organization of device for water drainage.Take care of the sink must be before the start of its construction.The drain hole is the foundation of the entire drainage system.Option drainage with drain hole is very popular among gardeners.If far from the suburban area there is a communication or sewage ditch, the pit would be impractical to do.In such cases, it makes sense to hold the pipe to drain to the sewer system or ditches.Do the drain hole on the plots of land with a high water table is strongly recommended, as it will not lead to any sense, and efforts will be spent in vain.Therefore, before proceeding to the construction of the bath itself, it is not necessary to hurry up with the preparation of a drain hole.If the drain tank still needed, then we start building.

The drain hole for a bath

drain hole for a bath

So, where do you start?Like any other building - a design.Experts in the field of engineering, there is not required, but you need to spend a few calculations.Answer the questions:

  • How many people will attend the bath?
  • What characteristics have land on the site?
  • How high groundwater level?

About the fact that the high level of ground water drain hole should not do, we have already said.And how is it that measure the level itself?The most accurate method is to drill a well.But not all lying around in the garage rig.Take a closer look at the areas where the vegetation is not watered.If there are growing moisture-loving plants, the water in the ground exactly it is.The vegetation is dense - so you need to dig a deeper hole.The volume of the sump will depend on how much will be intensively use the sauna owners.The more people are estimated to visit the steam room and shower, the greater the volume of the pit required.With a lack of eventually wastewater can politsya over the edge.The earth is loose?Then you will need to strengthen its edge.If the soil is hard - the plus in the treasury of the time.

defined all characteristics of the ground and the "performance" of the future bath, you can choose a place in the pit.Specialists for the construction of baths are advised to dig a hole two meters from the walls of the bath itself.Too far - then you need not provide the bias and the water will stagnate.

materials that will be needed for the construction of

When dense and absorbent soils a lot of raw materials is not required.Strengthen the walls of the pit in this case is not required.The bottom can be laid with gravel and sand rack.However, cases of such an ideal land in our country is not widespread.In most cases, the pit wall has to be strengthened, otherwise it may peel off.Brickwork, slate or a similar material is well suited for this purpose.Another option: plastic or metal barrel with the bottom cut out in the bottom of the wall where you want to make a few holes to drain the water filtered through the soil.

profitable option is to form a cylinder pit.Yama, made in a form distributes the load evenly on the soil, allowing to reduce the risk of structural failure to a minimum.The camera in the form of a cube in the inferior.

Prepare trenches and earthworks

Where to put the excavated earth?If the soil quality - to pour on the land with vegetation.Stones, sand and clay for export.We decided to equip the pit masonry, ceramic bricks - the most it.The durable material that does not have "hydrophobia".Save on the bricks as possible, laying bricks edge upwards.Between the ends of the holes you need to leave - it's an outlet for the water.Simple and useful advice - to use natural stone, so as not to spend money on bricks, profitable.

masonry is completed?Then we proceed to the formation of the bottom, waterproof bottom!Bedding will provide all of the same gravel and waste is also suitable.A layer of bedding is better not to underestimate, at least 20 cm. The upper part of the masonry must exceed the level of the ground by 30-40 cm. Concrete slab covering the pit or metal sheet.

If the site over the pit will pass trucks, the plate thickness shall not be less than 30 cm. If the ground absorbs bad drain the water, the plate can leave holes that overflow the pit could produce effluent pumping.Only a hole need something close, otherwise it is possible to accidentally please.Strengthening completed, it is to fill it with the outer part already excavated soil (fill unusable part of the pit with sand).At the site of the former pit can grow plants or to arrange passage.

pit of old tires

A drain hole of the tire top view

drain hole of the tire top view

As a rule, in the effluent does not contain solid waste, which means that the options arrangement can be very simple.Special materials may not be required.Amiss and handy tools.Second-hand tires perfectly suited for this.The larger diameter of the tire, the better.The sides of old tires should be cut using a grinder or jigsaw.Thus prepared tires are placed on top of each other in the pit.The lower part of the hole and is filled with gravel.The overlying the bus need to make a hole for the pipe to drain and adjust it.After that, the cylinders need to put a metal plate and cover it with earth on a level.

Driving create a drain hole of the tire

scheme create a drain hole of the tire

drain hole made by a slate

Wave slate is perfect for filling the drain hole.The first sheet is placed on the bottom.The second applied to the first so that its waves are touching each other high points.Subsequent sheets are placed well up until to the top of the pit will remain 30-40 cm. The drain pipe is inserted into the gap upper quarters slate masonry.Strengthen the construction can be filled battered pieces of slate, and then fill the remaining empty space ground.Such a method is for the most part suitable for sandy soil.

last two options should not be used if it is assumed that the on-site well will pass traffic.