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Sewerage Cleaning

August 12, 2017 18:06

How to unclog sewer pipes

clogged pipes usually at the most inopportune moment, it usually happens in the morning when you're late for work, or even worse, when you want to take a bath or go to the toilet and in the bathroom or in the kitchen clogged.In this article, we analyze the main effective ways to quickly unclog sewer pipes without much effort.

Strong blockage in the sewer pipe

Strong blockage in the sewer pipe

How do you know that it is clogged sewer pipe

timely identify problems and take quick action is our main objective which is why we take action quickly so transgress, first determine whether the water is drainedin other nodes sewer whether toilet, sink, bathtub or shower.If the water is not discharged in any of them, then we have a big problem the fact that, in multi-storey buildings especially on the first floor sometimes clog itself riser and the water begins to not only merge and even in rare cases, rise to the top of the toilet orfrom the bath, then dial a number rather plumbing or housing department and call them.

Check room wih easy exit to the porch and read at the electrical panel phone.

types of blockages and their differences

Operating blockage .

This blockage, which originated as the fat.Yes, fat sticks to the inside of the pipes, and to him are beginning to stick hair, and other debris which accidentally fall into the sink through the drain hole.

Mechanical obstruction .

Mechanical obstruction occurs mainly due to the fault of the tenant's apartment - a frequent example of a mechanical obstruction - a toilet paper, which is thrown into the toilet every day.Sometimes the paper is not corroded by water and formed the obstruction, which can only be to bring special equipment, which corrodes the paper and accumulated debris.

Obstruction in siphon .

siphon is a device that you can see in the picture below it was he who acts as a barrier that protects us from unpleasant odors - a kind of filter, the direct smell of sewage.But over time, the siphon gets fat, which in turn accumulates the other deposits within themselves.

Clean the siphon can be very simple - unscrew it and rinse with hot water and FARRY or other liquids for washing dishes - it will remove the dirt from the inside.

Picture - sewer siphon

Picture - sewer siphon

Man-made obstruction.

You have a new apartment, and blockages occur periodically, you do not know how to deal with it?The answer is it is the worst option of all the above.It is impossible to eliminate man-made obstruction means at hand, because it occurs by mistake designing sewer systems unfortunately it is not uncommon.

The resulting clean clogged?

Clean drains can be a variety of methods.The effectiveness of these methods depends on the degree of severity of the obstruction.Consider these methods.

Means for cleaning clogged pipe

Picture - means for cleaning the blockage in the pipe

Picture - means for cleaning the blockage in the pipe

means at hand - cleaning of pipes using soda.

If you do not have special equipment that with the help of his caustic composition to help you cope with the cleaning of sewer pipe, then use the measures at hand.So: Boil a few pots of hot water and add to hot water pack of soda dining room - this will expand the oil in the pipe and get rid of the blockage.

Chemical funds.

Chemicals - are drugs that help with his caustic structure eliminate obstruction to such assets include drugs:

  • Mole.
  • Tiret.
  • Støre and others.

How to unclog a pipe using plunger .

Plunger - this is a device that you can see in the picture below this device still used by our grandfathers.In order to clean the pipe with a plunger just attach it to the hole in the sink and actively push it - it will allow a little budge resulting blockage and to organize the movement of water in the pipe.

Cleaning of sewer pipes using a plunger

Cleaning of sewer pipes using a plunger

steel plumber's snake - assistant against clogging.

means described above did not help ?.Do not despair is the last reliable advice - use steel plumber's snake he was using a master plumbers usually clears the blockage in the toilet or bathroom just promote it to the point of obstruction and a little scroll - it will remove the obstruction in 90% of cases.

Cable for cleaning clogging

Cable for cleaning clogging

Video - how to quickly clean the sewer