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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculating the number of wallpaper


  • 1 room settings
  • 2 windows Doors
  • 3 wallpaper settings
  • 4 margin for alignment
  • 5 Example of calculating the required number of rolls.

income until the purchase wallpapers for pasting room, apartment or room, always raises the question of the required amount of wallpaper rolls.If you buy a lot of wallpaper just will not be in demand and money will be wasted.If the wallpaper is not enough, the problem becomes more problematic as the wallpaper, it is desirable to buy a single party, not to different colors and shades.

If you are doing repairs, then you need to calculate the number of rolls of wallpaper you, too.With the number of wallpaper calculator can calculate not only the quantity of wallpaper in linear meters, but also the number of rolls.

room settings

premises Width m
premises Length m
Perimeter premises m
Ceiling height m

windows Doors

kolichstvo doors piece
door height see
door width see
kolichstvo windows piece
Heightwindows see
window width see

wallpaper settings

roll length m
Width of the wallpaper cm
Rapport drawing cm
-shifted pattern

margin for alignment

margin for alignment 0 CM5 sm10 sm15 see
Number wallpaper m. n.
Number of rolls pieces.

Universal wallpaper calculator takes into account the amount of data such as:

  • Area pasting of counts with door and window openings;
  • margin to shift pattern;
  • Rapport drawing
  • margin for alignment wallpaper
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Example of calculating the required number of rolls.

Suppose you want to paste over the room 3 for 4 sq.m.and standard ceiling height of 2.5 m. The room will be a door opening height of 190 cm. and a width of 70 cm .. And also there is a window height of 120 cm. and a width of 100 cm .. Take a standard width of the wallpaper 53 cm. in length and roll10m.Important to calculate the amount of wallpaper is rounded up to the nearest integer.

So, calculate the number of linear meters of wallpaper excluding openings:

  • perimeter of the room = 300 * 2 + 400 * 2 = 1400 sm.
  • number of wallpapers in running meters = 1400/53 * 27 * 2.5 = 2,5 = 68 mp
  • Number of rolls = 68/10 = 7 rolls.

calculate the number Wallpaper excluding door and window openings:

  1. expect the number Wallpaper on the doors and windows = 1.9 * 70/53 + 1.2 * 100/53 = 2.5 + 2.3 = 5 mit dry
  2. number of wallpapers in running meters = 68 - 5 = 63
  3. Number of rolls = 63/10 = 7 rolls (rounded up).

    The number of rolls of wallpaper in the room

    number of rolls of wallpaper in the room