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August 12, 2017 18:07

8 tips to repair the speakers on your computer

All electrical and radio technology is prone to failure.This happens for various reasons - expired service life, improper use, poor build quality, parts, etc.Next we will look at what to do if you do not work on your computer speakers - namely, the sound disappeared, plays just the right (or left) speaker, there was background noise from the inside.

  • Types fault
  • Causes of failure
  • main breakage
  • Tips for repairing

Types fault

Easy speaker system

If lost sound speakers on your computer, the fault can be along the following lines:

  • software;
  • hardware.

In the first case, the sound is not working because of the sound of your device drivers.You may have after installing the operating system windows (XP, it does not matter, 7, 8 or 10) is loaded, additional drivers, responsible for sound reproduction.All you need to do - go to the official website of the company to which the your sound card and download the latest updates.Audio Driver

Hardware failure is much more complex and require certain skills of working with radio and electrical engineering.In this case, you will need to use a multimeter to check the operation of all internal elements of audio devices to pinpoint why not work on your computer speakers.

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Causes of failure

culprits that the sound does not work in the column, if included, may be the following factors:

  1. low-cost devices, which indicates poor build quality.
  2. Wear speakers and other circuit elements with time.
  3. Failure to comply with the requirements of operation: air humidity and temperature in the room does not meet standards.
  4. conductor insulation damage due to mechanical impact (accidentally broke the wire).
  5. surges in the network.
  6. Problems in the computer's sound card
  7. problems in software

To determine the exact cause of the failure of columns on the computer, you need to implement a few simple measures and by process of elimination to find what is not working.

Video: manufacturing defects and a method of removing
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main breakage

Among the most popular computer speakers isolated failures:

  • damaged wires near the connector or on the part of the body.It arises due to frequent inflection conductor, resulting in a column on the computer does not work.It happens more often, so you first need to visually inspect and slightly move his hand is data location.If you want to lead with plug is changed to a new one.plug
  • Failure of speakers.This fault occurs rarely.To determine performance, use a multimeter.The main body parts specified nominal resistance.In that case, if the value on the display exceeds the specified value, simply replace with a new speaker.Instructions on using the meter we have provided.speaker
  • gap primary or secondary winding of the transformer.Using a multimeter, you need to check the resistance of the transformer and, if necessary, buy a new in-store radio.Transformer
  • not work mute switch (button on one of the columns).It is necessary to check whether it is suitable power and, accordingly, whether it goes further along the chain.On / Mute

recommended from the outset, using a multimeter to ring the entire circuit.So you can quickly find the reason why the speakers do not work on your computer.

video repair guide
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Tips for repairing

So we covered the basic fault of audio devices.Now, I would like to provide you with tips on repairing the speakers on the computer with their own hands:

  1. If suddenly the sound is missing, check that all is connected: Do not drop the plug from the socket or the electrical plug from the socket.Frequent are the cases where the reason for it in such a simple break the chain.Connection cord
  2. If music is playing, the lamp is lit, and there is no sound, check the volume control, it may be at the minimum (marked MIN).Volume control
  3. To check whether the problem is in the columns accurately, connect headphones to the system unit.If there is a way that speakers do not play on the computer and headphones work, then surely the reason the speaker.
  4. If only one column (right or left), check the audio settings in the balance, it may have shifted in favor of one of the elements.If you make sure that the two devices, you can also move the plug (pull it out and insert into the socket again), becauseSometimes the cause is a poor connection.Adjust the balance can be here in this box, if you installed Windows XP: sound balance in Windows settings
  5. If you decide to replace the plug, thus leaving the old wire connecting wires soldered exclusively.No twists and terminals should not be.
  6. If there is noise in the speakers, check the integrity of the speakers (they can break, as in the photo below), as well as the quality of the plug to the socket connection.Another probable reason - a failure in the audio system settings.damaged speaker
  7. In the absence of dynamic performance multimeter can check the usual battery 1.5V - when it is connected must be characteristic rustle and shift the diaphragm.Check the speaker battery
  8. Another option checks - not to connect the audio to the computer and, for example, a DVD-player or phone.If the sound is, therefore, the case in the PC sound card.

That's all that I wanted to tell you, why not work on your computer speakers and how to repair their own hands.We hope that now you will be able to find the cause of failure and eliminate it without too much trouble!

If you do not find an answer is to your version of malfunction, ask a question to our experts in the "Q & A" category!
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