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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to fix a remote control ?

If at one point on the TV remote control no longer presses the button or buttons are pressed, but the TV does not respond to touch, it's time to fix the remote control.Possible reasons for failure: you accidentally filled body of water or the appliance has been dropped on the floor.If we told readers about how to repair a microwave oven at home, this repair technique is clearly not difficult novice electrician.Next, we describe why the TV remote did not work and how to repair it yourself!

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If the remote does not work on the TV button to start, as though it may sound corny, check the batteries and replace them with new ones.The situation has not changed?Try to turn the camera on your mobile phone, bring it to the front diode and see if it is blinking when you press the buttons.The fact that a person can not see infrared light, but the camera captures it, as seen in the photo.

diode does not blink?So, in order to repair the TV remote control with your hands, you need to parse it and check the condition inside.To start pull the battery and check if there are any underneath screws that hold the body, then do a visual inspection of the back cover for the presence of the cogs.Unscrew all fastening parts, insert the screwdriver straight into the joint between the two parts of the housing and separate them as shown in the photo below.

Dismantling remote photo

Some models of the TV remote control held together by conventional latches, ie,without screws.To dismantle this body, simply disconnect the connecting portion of the direct screwdriver.This should be done carefully so as not to damage or scratch the plastic!

So housing demolished, now you need to carefully examine all the details: the dress, buttons pads, spring contacts for battery-emitting diode, the conductive paths and ceramic quartz.

begin with spring contacts for the batteries.Look, if not sealed-off from the contact chip, if that's all right, go ahead.No - take a soldering iron and solder it carefully.By the way, you can make a soldering iron with their hands, if the hand you do not have a normal tool.

also view the status of most of the spring, which is in contact with the battery, it might be much dirty and rusted.If it is to repair the TV remote control with your hands, it should be cleaned with sandpaper.

Next possible reason - pollution of contacts oily mud buttons.Occurrence of the mud - a long use of the device, resulting in a fat condensation settles on the skin of hands pads.If the rubber pad must be very well they wipe swab dipped in alcohol, or wet wipes.Also, wipe the board sincepossible dirt closes the contacts, resulting in the remote control buttons on the TV do not work.

The components

If contact with a graphite coating, the fault may lie in the fact that this spraying faded with time.Repair of TV remote in this case is quite simple - you need to take the foil from chocolate, cut into small squares and glue the paper side of the contacts.

By the way, if your TV remote buttons pressed is bad - it is necessary to press strongly on them, cause of the problem is the same, and the device can be repaired, cleaned or restored their contacts.

If it does not work only part of the buttons, and then, the most necessary - On TV, the volume or switching channels, it is likely just to them and wear graphite spray!

also a possible cause of failure can be the fault of the ceramic quartz.If the remote does not work after the fall, the 95%, you can be sure that the circuit element is broken.Independently determine is quite simple - shake the board, and if with quartz can be heard rustling, then it does not work.Repair in this case boils down to, to replace quartz.

If you can turn off / turn on the TV, to switch programs or sound only at close range, or blame Grounded batteries, or a diode.In the latter case, check the serviceability of the emitting diode in the home can be a visual solder inspection and verification through the phone's camera.If the diode is really hooked, it will also have to be replaced.

Well, the last failure - damage to the contact tracks.If you see cracks on the chip, then there is the repair will be out of place, and it is best to just buy a new remote control unit.

Visually see how to fix some of the faults you can video examples below:

Change button on the remote control Samsung
YouTube Preview
How to fix the tracks on the board?
YouTube Preview
Proper cleaning pads
YouTube Preview
How to stick pieces of foil on rubber contacts?
YouTube Preview

What else is important to know?

If you do not operate the buttons on the TV remote, you can also repair their own hands by buying a repair kit in a ready Piglet and glue.It is worth it, of course, is not enough, but one such kit is enough for repair 3-4 devices.

remote Kit

can also, instead of being engaged in applying snout, just drop on the low-fat rubber contacts buttons special glue called "kontaktol".The only problem is that it is quite expensive, but still a novice electrician glue in handy at home, in order to repair other electrical appliances.

Finally I would like to note - if your TV remote control jammed or not working due to contamination buttons, after a thorough cleaning is recommended to wrap the instrument pod (sold even special) or a thin film.In this case, the fat is not exposed to the chip and the contact pads.

Effective protection against breakage

That's all that I wanted to talk about why the TV remote did not work and how to repair it with their own hands at home!We hope that the guide with photos and video examples was useful for you!

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