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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom furniture under the washing machine : pros, cons , the choice

Built-in furniture in the bathroom for a washing machine
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When deciding where to put the washing machine, often stop at the option of accommodation in the bathrooms.In this case, you can not just put the equipment in a corner of the room, but also to build the machine into the furniture.


  • For furniture in which you plan to build a washing machine, durability and functionality are important.
  • choosing a cabinet, which will be placed the washing machine type of structure, it is necessary to provide a clearance between the surface equipment and furniture.If among them will not be at least a few centimeters, vibration machines will threaten the integrity of the furniture.So countertop in any case should not touch the machine.
  • When the machine is set in a closed cabinet, it is important to ease access to technology.In the cabinet can be only one door, and you can install two doors.
  • If the cabinet is provided with a cap, you should consider all so that the base was not an obstacle for technology.
  • We must think about how to properly take the washing machine water and electricity, as well as take care of the sink drain.
  • embedded machine is convenient to put in a niche located above the shelf equipment and closing all vertical blinds.
Features built-in furniture in the bathroom with laundry


  • At the top of the cabinet is convenient to store towels, cosmetics and other things.
  • With the cabinet in the bathroom will be order, and you will get a special place for all the supplies used in the wash.
  • Clean up in the bathroom with a similar cabinet easier.
  • Doors cabinet not only hide from the eyes of the machine, but also can be decorated in the style of your bathroom.They can choose given tile or other furniture.
  • on the door and you can place a mirror.
Pros built-in furniture for the bathroom with washing machine
Advantages of bathroom furniture with built-in washing machine
Advantages of bathroom furniture with built-in washing machine


  • Embedded machines have high enough price.
  • Assortment list of such equipment is relatively small.
  • Such machines less functionality (for stand-alone machines number of functions more).
  • machines have built-in depth of just one, which is the standard - 60 cm.Sometimes size does not fit while alone machines which are located more variability of size.
  • for embedding in furniture only fit cars that have front loading
Disadvantages built furniture for a bathroom with washing machine


think about the furniture, which you can hide the machine, you should immediately decide how such furnitureIt will be made.It can be how to make your own hands, and buy in a store or order the furniture company.

Built-in washing machine and furniture for her
Furniture for embedded washing machine in the bathroom

It is also important to determine the shape of the cabinet. classical model of cabinet furniture is up to 110 cm. These cabinets are available in different colors.If your washing machine is in a free corner, the best choice is a corner cabinet model.The disadvantage of such a model is called a small capacity.

You may prefer horizontal cabinet, the height of which does not exceed 40 cm, and width to choose according to his ability (to a width on the wall).This model is the preferred cabinet for people with a slight increase.They will not have to reach to the top shelves of soap or detergent.

Furniture for embedded washing machine in the bathroom

With regard to the manufacture of the material, the conditions of relatively high humidity and the risk of water ingress do most preferred materials such as MDF, glass, metal, plastic and treated wood. Plates MDF although reserved a special film, as well as affordable, however, due to the penetration of moisture into the ends and place fasteners they do not last long.

cabinet, which combines metal and glass to be the most durable and water resistant version.Glass for such a cabinet can be chosen as a matte and mirror, clear or drawings.The disadvantage of this type of cabinet for the bathroom is the high cost.

Plastic models are low cost, brightness and significant resistance to water.Impregnated Weatherproof means wood is attractive and unique, however, is expensive and also eventually deteriorates as MDF.


If the dimensions of the bathroom and the selected machine allow standard buy furniture, you can safely go to the store.To assemble the cabinet of store options do not need special skills.Buying cabinet and also help out those who want to model individual design or with special dimensions.In this case, we recommend individual production, allowing to get in the end furniture that is ideal for your room.

Buying built furniture for a bathroom with washing machine
Built-in furniture for a bathroom with washing machine on request
The acquisition of built-in furniture for a bathroom with washing machine

Doing their own hands

If you have experience in the joinery and the right tools, you can make furniture for bathrooms own.Especially now that the opportunity is available to buy already sawn material, which houses only need to collect.

Before you start making a case for a bath with your hands, be sure to have some time, and be sure to calculate an estimate (as you will learn, Will not self-made furniture is more expensive finished).You need to remove exactly the size and make a layout in the bathroom, buy the necessary materials, and then create a frame around the washing machine and sheathe its panels of selected material.

Wardrobe for a washing machine in the bathroom with their hands