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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to repair a boiler ?

Today the water heater can be found in most homes and apartments.As with any other kind of technology, electrical heating tanks occasionally fail due to wear of parts or improper service.Repair of the boiler with his hands is not a big deal, if the time to determine fault and properly remove it.Next, we'll show you how to repair the water heater, and any failure occur more often!Immediately draw your attention to the fact that this guide is suitable for most models of such well-known firms such as Ariston, Burning, Thermex, Electrolux, etc.

  • Causes of failure
  • descale
  • Check circuit tester
  • Getting rid of leaks

Causes of failure

main cause of damage to the boiler is considered to be of poor qualitywater.Because of this, the surface heating element is formed on the scale, the inner walls of the tank corrode, which further leads to more serious and costly repairs in the service center.In addition, the boiler may stop working due to improper electrical connections and loops of hot / cold water.

Regarding the latter, when connecting the boiler it is necessary to establish between the pipe coming out of the tank and the cold water supply pipe safety valve, which protects the tank from the rupture with the water hammer.You should also connect the manual and just as importantly - not to mix, somewhere that is connected.Sometimes such situations arise that if not properly installing the water heater is not taking on water.Note that the panic in this case it is not necessary.It is better to once again look at how to connect the equipment to pipes, and most likely, you will understand why you have not reached the water.

that you understand how to repair water heater in different conditions, we continue to look at ways to repair separate all possible failures with their own hands.


If the boiler does not heat the water to the desired temperature, but still makes a noise when turned on, so to form a scum PETN, which is necessary to clean yourself.Make it is not difficult, just need to turn off the equipment from the mains, drain the water from the tank and disassemble the cabinet to remove the heating element.On disconnecting the plug from the socket difficulties you will not arise, but the water can drain a little complicate repairs.Immediately recommend to watch the video tutorial, which shows a simple method of solving this problem:

class water drain Master

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After you empty the tank, it will be necessary to perform disassembly of the boiler with his hands.To do this, carefully remove all faston connected to the thermostat and remove the bolts, which, as a rule, 6 pieces.

circuit elements

An arrangement of bolts

During PETN extraction will pour a little water that remained in the tank.the heating element itself is recommended to immediately clean until it is wet and not hardened limescale.For cleaning we recommend the use of special tools that you can sprinkle on the heater.After some time, fat effortlessly cleans wooden spatula or even a dull knife.It is also possible to repair the heater to boil in the bucket with the addition of a special acid to the water, thus effectively solve the problem.To have certainly get rid of the scale, we advise fine sandpaper ( "sandpaper") to clean up the metal tube color.

Simultaneously with the repair of the boiler, which is long, or slightly warm water, it is recommended to replace the magnesium anode that protects the tank from corrosion.To do this, remove worn rod and buy exactly the same, to perform replacement with their own hands!

descaling at home

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Then you need to assemble boiler in reverse order and check whether or not to repair the weak water heating.Do not forget that the first thing you need to fill the tank completely with water, after which it is connected to the mains plug and execute the launch.

Please note that there is a situation when the boiler does not heat the water because the heater broken.In this case, independent repair lies in the fact that his need to ring a multimeter, the resistance measurement mode setting.On it, we'll just below!

Check circuit tester

If the boiler lamp is lit, and the water is not heated, it is likely that the heater does not work, which we mentioned above.Check it out at home is quite simple, you need to install the tester probes on the contact resistance of the heating element and look at the scoreboard.In operating the heater resistance may vary within 0.4-0.7, as shown in Figure below.If, however, you will see on the display "1", it means that there was a failure and should be replaced with a new part, becauserepair it is almost impossible.

Using a multimeter

By the way, if the boiler is beating current or turned off when you turn the RCD itself, the failure reason, again, in the heater, from which there is a leak.Check the fault can connect one probe to contact heating element, and the second to the handset itself.You will see on the display "1", the item is OK and there is no need to be repaired, a minus value, or too much - needed replacement.

Another reason why the boiler does not heat the water or vice versa is extremely hot, is a failure of the thermostat.Check it out in two ways - a tester or a lighter.With the tester all clear, we must act in the same manner, but with regard to lighters, everything is interesting.To start the thermostat and remove it, click on the button (which is outlined in the photo below).After that the copper contacts of the thermostat must be heated.If after some time the button returns to its original position (it knocks), defective thermostat.If the thermostat does not work, repair the boiler, which is not disabled or does not turn on, you can, replacing the item in the new one.Immediately it should be noted that in order to replace the thermostat on the water heater is not necessary to drain the water.One need only turn off the equipment from mains and disconnect all let down the wire.


As a self-check operation multimeter water heater?

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also sometimes found breaking - the display shows the temperature of the water heater does not display or do not work at all.In this case, check all circuit elements and if the break will not find, probably, broken control unit.Repair electronics with your own hands you will not succeed in the absence of experience and knowledge, so you have to drive an electric water heater repair service center.

Getting rid of leaks

If you notice that the boiler water dripping, to repair it is not always possible.Well, if the cause of leakage is to wear on the flange seal.In this case, the gasket should be replaced with the same size, and that would allow breakage repair.Much worse things are, if the water heater flows due to wear of the tank.Some advise to glue or solder holes, but, as practice shows, after a short time you still have to say goodbye to the boiler, assuch methods of repair leaks extremely durable.

Workshop to address leakage
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That's all that I wanted to tell you about the repair of the boiler with his hands.We hope that now you know what to do if an electric water heater leaks, bad heats the water or does not work.In these devices, there are not so many problems and get rid of them can be timely service system.At least once a year, do an audit of the check valve and clean the heating malfunction bypassed your side!

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