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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mixer waterfall cascading types: on the bath board , model types

waterfall faucet
  • Features
  • Basic models and types
  • Advantages Disadvantages
  • Installation on board bath
  • How to embed into the wall faucet?
  • Modern ideas from designers

Cascading mixers or mixer waterfall - it is a modern and stylish solution for decoration of bathrooms.The device of the mixer involves the flow of water through a large plate of various shapes and configurations, allowing simulated waterfall flow of water.Contemplation of the man-made waterfall brings great aesthetic pleasure.Bathing under the powerful jet of cold water, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience in a comfortable home environment.Waterfall faucets are so original design decisions, it is very difficult to immediately understand their true purpose.

Cascade bath mixer
The cascade basin mixer
Waterfall Faucet

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difference waterfall faucets and is normal in appearance - it's hard not to notice.The large size of the cascade spout, flat shape of goose, which produces a powerful jet of waterfall type used in the design of these mixers.Inside the mixer in all types of works on the same principle of hot and cold water and mix it to the required temperature.

The only caveat - the supply of water to cascade mixers must have a large capacity, high-quality after waterfall faucet must pass large volumes of water.

Cascading mixers by increasing the width of the spout can pass through a 25-35 liters, and some more than 50 liters of water per minute, respectively, picking up a bath for 3-5 minutes.They are indispensable for high-volume baths.In some models, designers emphasize not on the jet power, and in an interesting shape the outside of the mixer.

Wide waterfall faucet

Basic models and types

installation and assembling of waterfall faucets are not difficult to install the standard mixer, and depends on the type of fastening of the model itself.Most models waterfall faucet universal, they are suitable for installation in any sink or tub.In the same luxury bath sets, mixing is prepared specifically for this model, and is an integral part of this kit.Shall be established on individual faucets technologies.

Elite waterfall faucets

There are three main ways to install a waterfall mixer:

  • Embedded in the surface of the bath or sink .When installing a flexible hose is used for water supply, which provides a wide variety of options for mounting on mixer plumbing.The mixer can be installed on the tub rim in a convenient place for you, mounted on a separate shelf not only the mixer and shower head, selecting various options on your own.
  • mixers mounted on the wall. Installation of the mixer involves pre-installation in the wall of a supply of hot and cold water, and their careful disguise.At the inlets of the mixer outputs mounted bracket, which is attached directly to the mixer itself.This type of attachment of the mixer most convenient and popular.
  • Floor Cascading mixers are vertical rack which is attached to the floor, where the hidden supply of hot and cold water.For this rack and water is supplied directly to the mixer.The design of these mixers is very original, but it presupposes the existence of large areas of the bathroom.
Mixer Cascade bath on board
Waterfall faucet built into the wall
Outdoor waterfall faucet


Design modern bathrooms in the first place implies the existence of comfort and aesthetic design of sewerage systems.This principle is observed when installing and mixers.The easiest way to hide the water system and connect all areas of sanitary equipment - to mount on the wall all that spoil the appearance of the premises.Built-in mixers is so simple and easy to use, that can satisfy any picky buyer.

A small waterfall basin mixer

The positive qualities of the built-in mixer can be safely attributed:

  • organically opportunity to hide the flexible supply of water that connects the faucet and showerhead, without disturbing the overall bathroom design;
  • mixer positioned at the locations most convenient for the user;
  • opportunity to get shower hose to the desired length and, if necessary, to shorten it, which prevents unwanted splashing of water;
  • these mixers typically have a dedicated button that allows you to limit the temperature and power of the water jet, which will undoubtedly lead to a good economy.
Crane cascade on the sink
Golden waterfall faucet
Universal waterfall mixer wall-mounted


There are also disadvantages of this design, which is primarily dependent on the flexible hose water connection:

  • commonoperation of the flexible hose, which is in constant straightening and bending, which leads him to a rapid failure;
  • built part must necessarily have a high strength and tightness.
Quality Italian cascade mixer

installation aboard baths

requirements of modern customers to design stylish and comfortable bathrooms are constantly growing.Novomodny competitor in the common mixer has appeared recently, but its popularity is rapidly gaining momentum.This new product is attached to the bathtub or wash basin, which gives the design of the bathroom is not only the style and the unusual look but also maximum comfort.Particularly impressive look cascading mixers, imitating a miniature waterfall and instantly filling the bath water.

Unusual waterfall faucet
Mixer with wide spout
Mixer with a narrow spout

choosing recessed type mixer, it must be remembered that as a result of frequent stress on the hose several times increases the possibility of malfunctions.For this reason, a professional plumber to advise necessarily to leave free access to the hidden structures of water.Best option - is to hide pipes under removable decorative panel.

Hidden in the wall of the pipe

Set mixer on board sinks did not take long for a professional plumber.Experienced Master cope with the work of a few hours.

But if you decide to self-install the faucet, it is a good preparation for work is a must:

  • must be remembered that the development of unplanned hole patterns alone can be cut only acrylic or plastic parts.Cast iron and steel baths, in order to avoid damage and chipping, at home it is better not to touch.
  • Prepare tool that will come in handy when working: electric drill, screwdriver, wrench, milling bits for cutting holes.
  • Carefully study the internal structure of your mixer and methods of its fastening.
Waterfall faucet in the package

Installation steps

  • Choose a location where it will be mounted mixer, and mark it in pencil;
  • necessary to cut a hole the size of the diamond crown;
  • mixer with the supplied silicone seal, set in the hole and fasten the mounting nut under the board bath;
  • Attach flexible carts for hot and cold water to a mixer;
  • Install the mounting plate that comes bundled with the mixer;
  • Turn on the water and check the quality of the mixer unit.

If you have any doubts about the installation process in-line mixer, in order to avoid emergency be sure to consult a specialist.

How to embed into the wall faucet?

Installation Mixer in the wall must be performed strictly according to instructions. Modern mixer set quite easily, if you hold a thorough preparation for installation:

  • Ensure supply of hot and cold water to the site of the installation of the mixer;
  • in the wall niche carefully prepare for the internal components of the mixer or fulfill falseness - panel of drywall, which will provide easier access to hidden items in need of repair;
  • Connect mixer elements to Water supply, given the characteristics of flexible or rigid liner;
  • When the installation is complete, be sure to check the quality of the work performed.If there is a water leak, it is necessary to tighten the mixer and place the nuts eccentric connections.
Installing waterfall mixer wall
Mounting the cascade mixer wall
Mixer Wall Unit

Modern ideas from designers

Using Cascading mixers are now the height of fashion.Wide and flat spout was the favorite of all the plumbing leading designers.As a result, quite often design patterns and nowhere near similar to the classic mixers.The most common design waterfall faucet suggests the effect of "stealth".

Decorative waterfall faucet

For example, such a model, as a mixer - the regiment.In off the blender copes with the role of an ordinary shelves, but it is necessary to turn the lever and the edge of the shelf appears a waterfall flow of water.

Waterfall faucet - shelf
Waterfall faucet - shelf
Mixer - shelf

very popular model of the mixer built into the vertical panel. In this case, the flow of a waterfall flowing right out of thin vertical hole located at the center of the panel.

Waterfall faucet , built in panel

very interesting mixer - plate made of tempered glass, which is located above the sink on chrome stalk, and in the center of the lever is mounted original form.The stream of water dripping into a sink special spout.Quite often in these models, the multicolored lights.

Mixer - plate
Mixer waterfall
Mixer extendable

To increase the choice of models for customers, designers use a variety of material.This high-strength glass, chrome-plated steel and brass, bronze and ceramics.

Quite often their rightful place in design and takes light, because the contemplation of color waterfall relaxes and soothes.Besides the beauty of water and lights brings security feature: color intensity indicates the water temperature, the brighter the color, the hotter it is.This feature is very convenient if small children in the house.

Waterfall Faucets with LED backlight

If you choose to bring into your home individuality and originality, it is sufficient to use such modern technological innovation as a waterfall faucet, because modern cranes have long become a decorative element in interior decoration.On sale there are many options for the modern mixer to suit every taste and wealth, starting with the classic low-cost models to trendy design development.

Водопадный смеситель "Каскад"
Design waterfall faucet
Trendy outdoor waterfall faucet