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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mixer bath board , new trends

Mixer bath board
  • About mortise mixers
  • Advantages and disadvantages mortise mixers
  • Installing plunge mixer on board acrylic baths
  • Installation Methods
  • Mounting mortise mixer wall
  • Floor rack-column with mixer
  • Threaded
  • mixer taps with light: installation options

Bathroom is designed to be a territory of comfort and cosiness.In the bathroom, as in any other room of the house, special attention should be paid to the details, because sometimes even invisible stuff able to make our lives more pleasant and convenient.

on the market plumbing for the bathroom almost every day there are some interesting trends.Lately, especially popular acquire Mortice faucets for the bathroom.From ordinary mixers, they differ in that they are built not on the wall, but directly on the bath side.Watching these mixers is very unusual and, in addition, have a lot of advantages, which we will discuss in this article.

About mortise mixers

Recently human activity to create a more comfortable living conditions for himself is called beautiful and fashionable word "ergonomics".

Mixer on board

invention mortise faucets for baths, as well as all technical progress, due to a desire to ergonomics, or in other words, the desire to save time, space and their own efforts.

Onboard bath mixer

Not so long ago in many bathrooms was installed only one mixer, common for bathtubs and sinks, which represent long curved cock.If it was necessary to fill a bathtub, then tap turned towards the bath, and if you wash your hands, then - to the side shell.Such mixers rather quickly broke down as the constant jerking from side to side contributed to rapid wear and leaks.

bathtub faucet and sink

details about existing types of mixers can be found in our article about the selection of mixing.You will learn many interesting things.

Gradually, these mixers are out of fashion and there were special faucets for baths, which are mounted directly on the wall.Take a bath has become much easier, however, and these mixers are far from ideal, as it takes place on the wall, which can be taken away beneath something useful, such as a shelf or a mirror.

Not long ago, manufacturers have tried to solve this problem and began to produce a bath with built-in mixer.However, mostly it concerns the models with hydro-massage.If you have a standard bath "bubble-free", and try out the novelty still want to, there is the opportunity to purchase mortise mixer, which is sold separately, and that can be independently installed on the side of almost any bath.

bath with integrated mixers

Advantages and disadvantages mortise mixers

Bath mixer with cutting looks very stylish and unusual , but aesthetics - not the main advantage of this type of mixer.

Fill the bath with mixer is not difficult and takes much less time is now, as the on-board mixer delivers powerful and smooth flow of water, which is not splashing on the floor and walls, goes directly into the bath.

mixer mounted on the bath board, occupies very little space , and there is no need to rotate it to the side to make room.Static design provides its strength and durability.

In addition, the onboard mixer is very easy to manage , because he is literally at your fingertips.Now you do not need to put out half of a warm bath, to change the pressure or temperature of the water.

Another advantage of this type of mixers is that they allow you to hide hose from the shower bath overboard and pulling it out only when necessary.

Hence the main and perhaps only minus on-board mixer.With this treatment, the shower hose will wear out pretty quickly, and it will have to change every one to two years.

Mortise mixer
Flush faucet in the bathroom
bath mixer with cutting

Installing plunge mixer on board acrylic baths

Mounting mortise mixer - it is not a difficult, therefore, to cope with it under force even to the layman.

To begin to stock up on necessary equipment, namely an adjustable wrench, a drill with a set of tools and a screwdriver.

Before you begin, make sure the tub ledge wide enough (you need to be greater than the width of 7 cm).Also, try to choose a place in the mixer.Make sure that it does not prevent the entrance and exit of the bath, and that it does not interfere with your comfortable stay in it.Also, try to pick up for the mixer is a situation in which you will be most convenient to reach him.

Installing plunge mixer

Once all the preparations are finished, you should put on the bath board layout and drill on it right diameter holes (for use of the castellated milling cutter).

Next, set the pre-mixer planted gasket and fasten it under the rim of the bath by means of nuts and an adjustable wrench.

If you bought a single-lever mixer, then fasten it to be a little different - tie pin under it and put on her steel polushaybu.Then you need to pull over to the side mixer polushaybu and tighten the nut.

At the end of the installation, using special hoses, make a new connection to the water faucet.

Flush taps in the bath

Installation Methods

By way of installation onboard Faucet divided into two types:

mixers designed for external mounting, made as a monoblock consisting of a working portion of the mixer, spout, valves and shower heads with a hose.This candy bar is mounted on the bath side, and the water mixing unit is located under it.

mixers concealed mounting allow fixed on the surface of the bath spout only, faucets and watering.Everything else, including the shower hose, installed under the bath board.

Set mixer on the bath board

With this method of installation it is possible to place all the elements of the outer part of the mixer in any order.However, this would require drilling a rim of the bath more than one hole, as in the external installation, but several.

Flush-mounted mixer

Mounting mortise mixer wall

Flush mixers provide the ability to install not only the tub rim, but in the false wall of plasterboard. Why false wall?Because we need to secure easy access to the mixer for repair or replacement.Furthermore, additional forms of drywall wall of the cavity, which will be hidden hidden parts of the mixer and eyeliner.

So installing plasterboard partition, do liner pipe to the installation and anchoring fittings (connecting part of the pipes).We do this by means of special brackets (if harsh eyeliner) or plugs (if flexible).

tubes screwed into the fittings, do not forget to wrap them with a layer PTFE sealing.By mixing nozzles fasten nuts.For better seal must use a special pipe reeling.

Before you start working, you need to check the reliability of the mixer.To do this, connect the water and look, there are no leakages.If they do show up, then further tightens the joints.

Mounting mortise mixer wall

Floor-column stand with mixer

lovers of non-standard technical solutions will certainly appreciate with such a field of design innovation bath room as a floor stand mixer.It is a structure in the form of a metal column of about one and a half meters high, which is attached to the shower, spout and the control levers.The layout of water is carried out under the floor, so this version of the mixer is suitable only for those who do repairs bathroom from the stage of "concrete box".

rack is especially useful for non-standard forms of baths and bath, set away from the wall.

This stand will be a real decoration of your bathroom, the one "highlight", which will add an interior bathroom elegance and style.

Made of shiny, silvery metal stand mixer will look great in the bathroom high-tech style, and the same rack with a brass or gold coating was made for bathrooms in retro or modern style.

bath with floor stand - column with mixer

floor pillar tap - quite expensive, as is usually done from the highest quality materials and, moreover, requires professional installation.

But deciding on a purchase, you are unlikely to regret it, because this thing is able to serve you for many years, preserving its beauty and originality.

Outdoor Column tap

Threaded mixer

cascade bath mixer will allow you to get your own little waterfall.It has a wide, flat spout, which is a kind of "flatten" the water jet, with the result that it flows from the bath rim like a mountain stream.Especially effective would look a mixer, set the backlight if you combine running water.

Threaded mixer has a higher capacity than normal, so it is able to in a few minutes to fill the bath with water, without creating excessive noise.

Cascade mixer

principle cascade mixer assembly is the same as that of ordinary plunge mixer.He also installed on the bath board, except that fasteners can ponabitsya other (but they usually come bundled with mixer).

Mixers Backlit installation options

Faucets with backlight

mixers with built-in lighting the water - it is unusually beautiful and modern solution for your bathroom.

Mixers with backlight can be embedded bath rim, to mount on the wall or installed on the sink.Options for lighting, too, are different.In some models, the water color will change with a change in temperature, in the other - light will always be the same color.You can choose the color that is most suitable to the interior of your bathroom, and you can change the backlight of water according to your mood - and some models include this.

In any case, the effect is simply stunning.Can you imagine how beautiful it will look glowing streams of water in the twilight of the bathroom?Romantic mood for you and your mate will be guaranteed!

Faucet on the bath board with lighting