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August 12, 2017 18:06

Suspended bidet : Roca, Ideal standard, Cersanit, installation installation and assembly

Suspended bidet
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  • Popular brands
    • Roca
    • Ideal standard
    • Cersanit
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Which mixer approach?
  • Tips on placement
  • Installation

are going to install a bidet in the bathroom have to choose between a floor and a built-in option.What are the advantages of different suspension bidets, and how to choose what to consider when you install?


If we compare this version with bidet floor, has the following advantages:

  • Built bidet is undemanding to use, silent and reliable device.
  • Thanks to the flush-mounted communication in your room will not be visible taps and pipes, so the interior of the room will not be affected.Bidet is located close to the wall, so you will not notice it suitable to the pipe.
  • As a bidet will be less to come forward due to its construction, this plumbing will save space of your bathroom.This is particularly appreciated by the owners of the premises are small.
  • Cleaning in the bathroom with a suspended bidet perform much easier.You without any obstacles be able to clean the room, as the bidet is not related to gender.
  • Under the vacated space at the bottom of a bidet can be made safe for different things.
  • installation of this type of bidet is quite simple.Since it is quite possible to cope on their own.
Advantages suspended bidet
Advantages suspended bidet


disadvantage of the built-in bidet option can only be called the cost of such plumbing.It far exceeds the price of the floor bidet.In addition, some people are not psychologically ready for hanging plumbing, considering it less strong, although in reality the wall-mounted bidet able to withstand the weight of up to 400 kilograms.

Bidet in bathroom


The suspended bidet design distinguish two parts:

  • Installation, is connected to the wall;
  • Bowl, which is mounted on it with pins.

installation is called a support frame, which acts as a support for the cup and holds all the equipment for the operation of a bidet.By varying the height of the installation location, a bidet can be fitted under the user growth.The design of the bowl may include a special mixer (it makes her look like a hygienic shower), and electronic components.

Design suspended bidet

Popular brands


This Spanish manufacturer of sanitary ware is a fairly well-known products of the market now for bathrooms. Due to beautiful shape and high quality brand products in great demand.Roca Bidet production presented in the mid-market, and in the "luxury" class. They are equipped with a special mechanism for economical water consumption.

Suspended bidet brand Roca

Ideal standard

The main features of the German manufacturer of sanitary ware are elegant forms, natural and high quality materials, minimalism, easy to use.Bidets Ideal standard from attracted by its design and functionality.

Suspended bidet brand Ideal standard


Products of this European brand in demand due to the classical forms, sleek design and high-quality execution. The company produces a series of bidets and toilets for small bathrooms.Such devices are different interesting shapes and high comfort of use.

Suspended bidet brand Cersanit

Tips for Choosing

  • first determine what material is your bidet.The main materials used for the manufacture of sanitary devices are faience and porcelain.They are very similar in appearance, especially if the icing on the quality of their surface.This porcelain bidets are more expensive, because such a material more expensive production technology and higher quality (porosity and hygroscopic below, so odors and dirt absorbed into the material is less).
  • Next choose the design bidet, based on the features of your sewer riser.Issue device (horizontal, vertical or oblique) should coincide with the liner sewage.
  • most often choose bidet complete with a toilet that both plumbing fixtures looked harmoniously in the interior premises.
Tips for Choosing a suspended bidet
Bidet in bathroom design
Recommendations before you buy suspended bidet

Which mixer approach?

mixer suspended bidet version will be slightly different than the floor model. It also differs from the conventional basin mixer.This mixer is a mobile device that allows you to direct the water jet in the right direction of the user. Moreover, in bidet mixer has perlator that increases the accuracy of spray (it is both her and softens).

Current models of mixers allow you to add water into the air stream to be able to do more water jet hard or soft.Some mixers is possible to obtain a pulsating water jet.Also commercially available mixers with sensors that respond to the approach of a person.

Suspended bidet mixer
Suspended bidet and mixer for him
Mixers for bidet suspended

Tips on placement

determine exactly where will be located a bidet in the bathroom, should be before buying the device.Often such plumbing is placed next to the toilet.

Bidet in bathroom design

find a suitable model bidet, calculate whether it will suit the size of your bathroom, and whether there will be enough free space to move around the room.Before bidet should be about 60-70 cm of free space, and between the bidet and toilet optimum distance of 25 cm.

Tips for placing a suspended bidet
Recommendations are suspended bidet


First prepare for workwrenches, screwdrivers, silicone sealant, an adjustable wrench, mounting tape, drill or punch. first stage of the installation will be suspended bidet training niche. in the wall at the selected location creates a recess corresponding to the size of the installation.By the middle of the recess is supplied pipe water supply and sanitation.Trim niche within it is not necessary, as it will be hidden under the drywall.

The next stage involves the installation of the installation.Its attached in two places on the floor and by means of two brackets to the wall.It is important to establish a support frame vertically and securely lock the fasteners, which provide manufacturers.Additional installation of concrete pouring is not recommended, as it significantly increases the strength, but will cause problems if you need repair and dismantling of the structure.

Making sure that the fastening installation tight, we connect its outlet to drain, and then screwed into the studs. We should be careful and choose the 2 threaded holes that fit your bowl, as the installation has a 4-hole, suitable for 2 standard size cups.Studs should hedge using locknuts, and then you can sew up a niche plasterboard.

Installing a suspended bidet
Installation of suspended bidet

stoned bathroom wall, the cup is attached to the installation and connect the device to the water supply.It is important to carefully, because the mixer hoses will be located hidden and potential shortcomings need to carry out the dismantling of the bowl.The connection to the sewer is used a special tube that has a rubber seal.Pick the length of this tube properly, as too long will give you difficulty when connecting the bidet to the wall, and too short can cause leakage.

Consolidating bowl, consider these points:

  • It is important that between the bowl and the wall was a strip of silicone or rubber.It will be the buffer that protects the lining of the bathtub destruction and reduces the load on the studs.
  • If gasket is not included bidet, put on the cup base around the perimeter of a conventional silicone tube.Proceed with the installation of the bowl after it dries.
  • tightening the nuts, try to find a middle ground.Tighten them with excessive force can cause sagging tiles and plasterboard.If the nuts are tightened slightly, your bidet will hang.
Installing a suspended bidet
Suspended bidet and its installation