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Entrance Hall

August 12, 2017 18:05

Carpet in hallway

Entrance mats often spoiled than any other home decor items, therefore they must have a good strength to be functional and comfortable as possible when cleaning.Not to be mistaken with the purchase, detailed answers to the following question: how to choose a rug in the hallway?


  1. nappy mat
  2. rubber mat in the hall
  3. rugs in the hallway on a rubber-based
  4. Photo rugs in the hallway

First you need to distinguish between types of rugs and their benefits.This will allow you to choose the only correct and the best option for the home.

nappy mat

nappy mat - perfectly complements the atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the apartment.Its fleecy part of the delay on itself dust, moisture and dirt brought by the guest from the street.The length of the pile can be selected individually, but experts recommend taking rugs in the hallway with a low pile, arguing that they are easier to clean.The main disadvantages of the rug: it should always dry and clean, as well as in contact with clay and sticky mud it is very difficult to clean.

rubber mat in the hall

Rubber - a practical option.It has excellent wear resistance and excellent anti sliding effect, and is also a very versatile and undemanding in care.Rubber is not afraid of moisture and dampness, therefore, such a carpet in the hallway last longer than nappy.It is worth it inexpensive and quite expensive for each client.Our site presents a variety of photos (in style, color and size) for doors hallway rugs.There are also rubber mats with more bristly surface.They are perfectly washed the dirt from the soles of shoes in a few movements.

rugs in the hallway on a rubber-based

Their surface is made of rubber.It is durable and strong material, which is environmentally friendly and harmless product.This mat can be spread both within the home and outside.After all, it can withstand any temperature changes.Yet it can be washed, cleaned with special chemicals and even vacuumed.Experts do not recommend to buy mats a monotone color, since they will be very clearly visible dirt.It is better to choose color options.They will look at the background of aesthetic throughout the hall room, and will not be explicitly highlight any dirt that will allow you to clean it less often.

If you properly care for rugs (no matter what type they are), they will serve you as long as possible.At the same time, rubber mat in the hall will be more expensive than other types, but its quality and durability fully justify the expectations of the buyer.And even surpass them.

determine the type of pad, you must choose the right texture and colors, so it does not spoil the interior hallway.Currently, the most popular are floor mats with an original and humorous design.They do not just perform their duties, but also to cheer up the man who came to visit.

is also necessary to define the forms of the carpet, then start from the hall layout and personal preferences.Many recommend taking the classic rectangular mats, but the final decision is always yours.

Photo rugs in the hallway

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