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August 12, 2017 18:07

6 reasons why a strong frost refrigerator

One of the most common failures of refrigerating chambers - lowering the temperature to the state that the food is frozen, and the top and bottom.As a rule, such a malfunction cope without some experience it is impossible, but sometimes the cause of damage to the banal and restore normal operation can be on their own.Then we will tell readers site itself Electricians, what to do if severe frosts refrigerator products in the refrigerator!

very simple reason strong frosts considered switching the thermostat to a lower temperature level.This happens very rarely, but it happens sometimes.If you do not know why the refrigerator freezes too much food, first check this point.The optimum value at which the regulator must be installed - 2-3.5.If you have a new refrigerator cools, set the dial mode temperature within + 4 / + 6 ° C.

Temperature Regulator photos

By the way, in the newer models of equipment have superzamorozki button.Check back to see if it is enabled.Perhaps the reason for the strong frosts in the fact that someone had accidentally turned on the regime!

second failure, due to which the freezer can freeze food more than you need - damage to the seal on the door.A clear sign of gum damage is the formation of ice in the freezer and a small puddle of water, which is not yet frozen.In the cooling chamber at this time is much snow is frozen on the rear wall, because of what and frozen food.Replace the rubber band on their own or just restore, should not make you work, which confirms the video tutorial below!

How to replace a sealing gum?
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third failure - clogged drain holes boxes for fruit and vegetables.Drainage needs to dripping from the walls of the condensate from the cooling chamber.If the holes are clogged, water will remain in the tray of vegetables and freeze, thereby greatly freezing foods in the refrigerator.Clean the drain hole is not difficult, just need to unfreeze the camera and pour in warm water area of ​​blockage (perform syringe).

If you have too freezes new refrigerator with the function No Frost, recommend watch this video:

Properly cleaning the drainage system
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now move on to more complicated breakdowns, which are unlikely you will be able to repair himself.If the suggestions above do not help you, then, the problems in the technical part and for the repair will have to call the master!

If the refrigerator is very strong frost and will not turn off at the same time, most likely from the system evaporated refrigerant - Freon, due to which there is a decrease in temperature in the chambers.The reason for the leak of Freon - the appearance of cracks in the cooling system, or blood clots.Specialists will be able to quickly find a crack, solder them and fill the required amount of refrigerant to work (or to clear blood clots).On the other reasons why the refrigerator is working and does not turn off, you can read the corresponding article.

also likely culprit that the freezer has become much snow is frozen at the rear, can be a failed thermostat.This circuit element breaks or as a result of mechanical damage or contact with moisture contacts.Try to find the thermostat, visually inspect it and if you know how - ping tester.If the thermostat does not work, simply replace it and the problem is solved severe frosts.
How to replace the thermostat?

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Please note that the thermostats are installed in refrigerators with an electromechanical control (older).The new models are equipped with an air sensor that you want to find, check and replace if necessary!

Well, the last, the sixth reason why the lower chamber is bitter cold, and the top is not frost - Valve sticking, which just contributes to switch cooling modes of different compartments.Broken valve need to find and replace the desktop.

Switching Valve photos

That's all the fault causes.We hope that now you know what to do if severe frosts refrigerator and why this can happen!Please note that these recommendations are suitable for all engineering firms, from Atlanta and finishing Samsung and Liebherr!

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