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August 12, 2017 18:07

Curtain Design for the kitchen : types and selection of subtlety

main curtain function is to give the aesthetics and comfort of the interior design.And when it comes to the kitchen, they have yet to stimulate the appetite and help to set the mood.Curtains for the kitchen is recommended to choose warm shades.And those who are not afraid of bold design experiments that can pick up the bright colors.In addition to the aesthetic function of the curtains and perform practical tasks.They muffle the bright sunlight and thereby regulate lighting in kitchens, prevent the penetration of the street variety of insects and allow you to restrict air circulation.Consider all the details of the selection of curtains for the kitchen in this article.


  • Varieties of products
  • Selection Criteria
  • Curtains to the kitchen with his hands
    • Curtains Venetian-style
    • sewing method of the Roman model
    • Curtain with eyelets
  • Terms care
  • Conclusion

Varieties of products

Curtains are divided into types according to several criteria.According to the configuration are


  • lifting;
  • sliding model.

products of the first type are made on the basis of light fabric - silk or cotton.For sliding models used velvet and taffeta, as they have to keep the image.

also curtains for the kitchen are divided into types on the design style:

  1. Classic models consist of two vertical panels - light curtain and heavy curtain fabrics.In some cases, the data are supplemented by curtain lambrequins.
  2. Roman blinds are the type of lifting.During lifting of the tissue folds are formed, which are superimposed on one another.These models remotely resemble shutters.They are quite comfortable, so Roman blinds in the kitchen is often used.
  3. French models are made mostly of silk.From the other products they are distinguished by multiple lacing.Due to the presence of cords by pulling a curtain can be collected at the top of the cornice.
  4. Austrian blinds have the same operating principle as the French model.However, their difference is that the fabric is smoothed during lowering.The cords pass through a special ring or loop back side cloth.When lifting the curtain fabric is collected in the form of festoons.
  5. Round model.These curtains are relatively recent, but already managed to gain popularity due to its practicality.For their accommodation requires very little space, so it's a good option for those who are looking for curtains for a small kitchen.In the process of folding, they take the form of a roll.If desired, roll-type curtains can be applied to a still image that will make the design more original dishes.
  6. Japanese curtains are separate panel finished cloth.It runs on a hard and dense material.These models are suitable for succinctly decorated rooms.They are equipped with a rope mechanism by which the rise.These models allow to release the window opening completely.


selection criteria

The choice should be made taking into account the following criteria:

  • ceiling heights;
  • windows settings;
  • color wall decoration;
  • location of the premises with respect to the cardinal points;
  • personal preferences of the owners.

To make the right choice you need to be guided in the names and properties of tissues.The most in demand today for the production of curtains is silk, linen and cotton material, which is combined with the synthetics.Also used reps, velvet, wool.According to the texture of fabric are divided into:

  • brilliant;
  • matte;
  • smooth;
  • textural variety.

And they can have a padded image or application.

Recently increased the popularity of fabrics made from natural materials without synthetic additions.This trend came from Western European countries, where the environmental theme for today is quite relevant.At the same time, and the consumer are synthetic fabrics such as polyester and rayon in combination with flax and cotton.For them it is very easy to maintain, so these fabrics do not lose their popularity.

can also highlight the chameleon cloth Among the new trends.Their advantage is the ability to change color.To do this, look at the product data from different points of the room.The textile industry also offers an interesting option as a material with aluminum threads.
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Key aspects of the selection of products:

  1. choosing options of curtains for the kitchen, it should start from the overall style of the room.
  2. is also necessary to pay attention to the practicality of the material.
  3. Keep in mind that every day in the kitchen cooking process is carried out.Consequently, curtains and soot will deposit fat.We should choose durable material that can withstand repeated washing and do not fade.Today, the market can find curtains that are able to repel dirt.
  4. The selection process should take into account and footage of the room.Design of curtains for a small kitchen should not include large images, use them to visually reduce the already small room.In this case, the best choice would be curtains with horizontal stripes, they will visually expand the space.
  5. For right choice is important the size of the window opening and the presence of the balcony door.For small windows it is recommended to choose lightweight materials, asthis will enable to visually increase its height.Curtains to the kitchen with the balcony door should not be massive and dense, otherwise they will interfere with the free opening and closing of doors.Textiles for the balcony door must be chosen from a fabric that can not be deformed by a sharp temperature drop.Do not choose a model with long piece of cloth, a draft may drop them on the stove.
  6. The kitchen is recommended to hang curtains made from natural materials, they are less susceptible to fire than synthetic fabrics.On sale you can find articles, impregnated with a special compound that prevents ignition cloth.
  7. Curtain Design for the kitchen should be designed taking into account the total of color.Warm shades will create a feeling of warmth and cool colors give the room rigor and restraint.
  8. should be guided and interior space.If the kitchen furniture made of natural wood, curtains should be selected also from natural materials.For premises, drawn up in English and Victorian style, the best option will be the heavy curtains of costly fabrics.Light products are used for light-colored country style or minimalist.

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Curtains to the kitchen with his hands

Curtains can be made independently.Initially should identify the desired amount of material.To do this, measure the distance from the eaves to the lower level of the curtains.Its length can reach up to window sill, if you need a short curtains in the kitchen.There is another option, you should rely on your taste and decoration.To this indicator should add 9 cm, then the material need tuck into upper and lower parts.The result, which will be equal to the required length.To determine the width should know the length of the cornice, multiply the resulting figure by 1.5 and add 4 cm. Then you need to make a pattern, where there are many options.Consider the way to sew curtains on the basis of the most common pattern - a rectangle.

Curtains Venetian-style

For tailoring required:

  • natural fabric;
  • satin ribbon;
  • material for the bands between festoons.

The manufacturing process involves the following steps:

  1. satin cut out the strip, the length of which corresponds to the width of the window, and she fabric width is 13 cm
  2. addition need some bands to distinguish festoons..For their formation material to collect in the longitudinal direction of the retreating distance of 80 cm. This can be done using a needle and strong thread.
  3. Both sides satin stripes are folded by 1.5 cm and press out.
  4. Then they need to put in place, where the upholstery thread chipped material by means of pins and sew it.
  5. The result is a curtain with stripes arranged vertically.In places where they sew the end of the tape.Subsequently, one can form the bows.
  6. strip, which is cut in accordance with the window settings, you need to tuck 1 cm from both sides, tack to the curtain at the top and stitch, first at the edges, and then retreated to 5 cm.


method of tailoring the Roman model

to work needed:

  • fabric of two types: for lining and curtains;
  • pencil;
  • protractor;
  • adhesive tape;
  • rings;
  • rail and pins;
  • cord of nylon material.

workflow is as follows:

  1. Work begins with the preparation of the main patterns and lamination.Using chalk and protractor on the fabric should be noted kulisok placement, the width of which shall be equal to 6 cm, and the distance between them - 25 cm.
  2. On the reverse side is sewn braid.Roman blind type should have at the bottom of the weighting agent.To his form, you need to tuck the bottom edge twice 5 cm and stitch.
  3. Next to the upper edge of the adhesive tape is sewn on it will be loops.
  4. In kuliske need to place pins.A wooden plank is inserted into the lower kuliske then zastrachivayutsya holes.
  5. Similarly, should be treated with an upper threshold.Blind it is put by means of Velcro and eyes.
  6. Then you need to pull back from the edge of 10 cm and sew to kuliske 2 plastic ring, through which passes a cord.
  7. to the frame of the window you want to attach hooks, which will be worn curtain.


Curtain with eyelets

To sew a model you need to prepare:

  • fabric;
  • lyuversnuyu tape:
  • eyelets;
  • material for finishing the cuff.

Sewing products takes place in a sequence of actions:

  1. First, we should carve out the material.In this process is necessary to provide deep folds.The width of the cuff should be 25 cm at its center with the help of chalk draw a line, to which is then glued lyuversnaya tape.To this must be ironed cuff throughout.
  2. then it should do the same procedure on the seam allowance on both sides.
  3. After the product should be scribbling and turn face.
  4. The cuff is embedded and blind stitched by again.
  5. To it is necessary to attach the grommets.To do this through a chalk mark the place where these elements will be then cut holes.
  6. To install grommets must be the bottom of the shirt to put under the fabric, and then cover the top and snap.
  7. Work on this is over.Thinking design of curtains for the kitchen, a photo can be found on special websites.

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Terms care

  1. on clean curtains, you can use a vacuum cleaner.Vacuums them often recommended to prevent accumulation of dust.For this purpose, and it is desirable to ventilate the curtains.
  2. Also they can give to the dry cleaners or wash yourself.But it should comply with the instructions for the type of tissue from which the blinds are made.
  3. If they tend to shrink, before washing items need to be soaked.You can provide this time at the stage of sewing and leave allowances, to later release them and adjust the size of the blinds.
  4. After washing the curtains need to rinse well.In the opposite case, the tissue will remain a small amount of detergent, which in combination with the sun's rays will help to burn the product.
  5. If machine washing is carried out, it is recommended to choose the delicate cycle.When ironing the curtains should be slightly moistened.
  6. Fabrics made from natural materials should be pre-steamed.With proper care blinds can last for 10-15 years.

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Curtains in the kitchen room have two functions: decorative and practical.They favorably complement the interior, protected from the bright sunlight and cold air.To harmonize with the product in the room, their design must comply with the overall style of cuisine.Today there is a wide choice, but you can sew their own strength.If you have items such as curtains, kitchen curtains will look Bole comfortable.

Skins kitchen curtains are shown in the video: