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August 12, 2017 18:06

What you need to know about the design of curtains for the hall - choose style, color , fabric

Curtains, most often, the final and key element in the design of the room.You can trust their choice of a professional decorator, and you can show your taste and to take into account the wishes of the family and the requirements for "window dress" and to develop their own design curtains.

in magazines and on websites thousands of models of curtains, but before you start to choose from them or come up with something of their own, you need to answer a few questions.

  • Will the curtains additional purpose beyond the living room decorations?Should they hide from prying eyes or to protect the room from the bright sun?
  • What is the ceiling height, the size of the windows and the room as a whole?
  • What style of sustained interior of the hall?
  • Should curtain material chosen under an existing carpet or other textiles?

2 - curtains


First of all, you must understand, will be built in what style curtains.For classical and neo-classical interiors fit the simple cut of curtains, quite voluminous with large folds.They usually do not serve the accent in the room, so the range is better to choose a quiet, in the tone of upholstered furniture, walls.There will be appropriate pelmets restrained forms and wide grabs.

The richly decorated rooms of the curtains, too, can be made of heavy fabric with embroidery, sequins, fringe.Suit brocade, taffeta, silk, velvet fabric with a complex pattern.The cut will approach complex fantasy.For example, the fabric cloth can be arranged in several layers.Fringe, flounces, frills can be used in various combinations.

curtains 1

In modern interiors can experiment with the shape and color of curtains.For example, the flag may be asymmetric - one has, the other is wider, made of different fabrics or different color.One half can be made of several layers, you can experiment with lining, making it a contrasting or close to the main color.At the height of fashion - living curtains of the plurality of filaments are not bonded bottom and curtains made of beads of different shapes and colors.

minimalist and restrained interiors are usually limited blinds or curtains Japanese.For interiors of hi-tech suit straight curtains of hard tissues, plain or geometric patterns.Attach them to the metal eyelets, additionally, you can use magnets grabs, interesting metal decoration.

curtains 3

fabric and color

from the sun and prying eyes hide curtain of dense material.Most often dense fabric curtains combine with fine tulle, it is now more favored smooth organza.You can do without it, hanging or Roman blinds on the window.Windows, go to the dark side, you can put a light, flowing fabrics.Fabrics with a metallic sheen attract more attention, curtains of them sew a simple cut.

Light curtains increase room dark - reduce and visually approximate the wall on which hang.color curtains should be in harmony with the room decor and other supported textile or decorative elements.For example, neutral beige interior revive a bright light green or orange shades, complemented by cushions from the same cloth and a vase of the same color.

curtains - 4


smaller room, the easier form and must be restrained curtains.Highlight to them can be given at the expense of interesting detail - pendants, grabs, as well as fabrics with unusual, but not large, pattern.In rooms with low ceiling pelmets visually conceal the height will still be more.Sophisticated design swags, with several tiers, ties, tassels and other elements look good only in the rooms above 2.5 meters.For low ceilings, you can recommend the curtains of a thin material, a little gathering on the floor.

curtains 6

details and combinations

With decorative elements - brushes, hangers, clips, brooches, picked up - you can update the usual curtains and give them personality.The border of a contrasting color or material companion - a modern and trendy version.You can pick up the lining in a contrasting color or curtains to make two-way and turn them depending on the season and mood.

Curtains - the fastest and most inexpensive way to change the look of the room.If you can not decide on the design, posheyte or order several sets and change them from time to time.