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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pent roof with his hands

Pent roof is often used in the construction of private houses, gazebos, saunas and outbuildings as the most simple, cheap and easily being built roof construction.Construction of a pent roof with his hands does not require special skills and powers to any novice builder.Construction of pent roof does not require the use of heavy construction equipment, and high material costs.

A sample of creating a pent roof house

Sample creating pent roof house

The advantages include pent roofs:

  • Simple design and low weight;
  • Economy, a small amount of building materials for the implementation of the roof;
  • possibility of constructing a roof with an angle of inclination of 3 to 45 degrees;
  • high ability to withstand snow and wind load, depending on the incline angle;
  • for pent roof fits most roofing materials, which allows to realize any design solutions;
  • possible to arrange the site for recreation or sunbathing on the pent roof.

Pent roof has disadvantages:

  • Under the pent roof is not possible to arrange a full attic or loft;
  • In areas with strong winds requires the full insulation pent roof and the leeward wall;

At high snow load on the pent roof with a slight slope you must promptly remove snow, however, this shortcoming is easily solved by the right choice of roofing.

pent roof design

Pent roof usually consists of a truss system, lathing, insulation, roofing and exterior cladding and gable walls.Depending on the type of building pent roof truss system can be of three types:

  • sliding, used primarily in log houses.This design eliminates deformation shrinkage log, reaching 15% for new homes.Sliding truss system rigidly attached to the upper wall mauerlat.On the bottom wall of the rafters rely on special devices on which they slide during shrinkage of the framework.pent roof mount
  • Naslonnye rafters are usually used in brick or block houses, do not give a large shrinkage.They are based on the lower end of the floor beams and the top of the support it provides high wall or desk, which also rests on the joists.Additional rigidity give rafters construction struts or additional racks.

    The technology of creating slanted rafters

    technology creation sloping rafters

  • Hanging rafters - the most difficult in the implementation of pent roof structure, in which each farm is collected separately on the ground, and then mounted on the wall.Walls for this kind of a pent roof should be the same height, and used it in stone, and in wooden houses.

    Hanging rafters

    Hanging rafters

addition, Shed roofs can be divided into ventilated and unventilated.Unventilated roofs usually have an angle of no more than 5 degrees and require high-quality insulation, hydro, and vapor barriers.The ventilated roof may be of any angle, their feature is the presence of free space between the roof and ceiling and vents on both sides of the roof or on the pediments.The air gap allows to improve the removal of water vapor from the heater, extend the life of the structure.

angle of pent roof is directly linked with the used roofing.For the soft roof or roll materials used slope angle up to 10 degrees, at an inclination of 10 to 20 degrees are commonly used profiled with longitudinal profile and the wave height of 30 mm, slate and ondulin can be put at an inclination of the roof of 20 degrees, and metal roofing - from25 degrees.When calculating the roof is necessary to consider this relationship and make choices in accordance with the purpose, and the selected roof covering.

technology implementation pent roof

  1. The first step is the installation of roof construction mauerlat and ceiling beams and rafters.Their design depends on the type of roof system.Rafters are made of dry pine boards 50 mm thick.Prior to the construction of roof system must access all the wooden elements of the antiseptic and fire protection.
  2. to the rafters of the sliding wall type perform different heights so as to provide a selected angle of inclination of the roof.Floor beams crashing into the upper wall of the bottom timber and log into the appropriate timber wall opposite to mauerlat installation.On the wall mounted mauerlat - supporting bar.By its wooden walls are fixed with metal clips.In mauerlat choose grooves under the rafters, the upper mauerlat rafters are fixed rigidly, with staples or screws and parts.The lower mauerlat rafters are fixed with a special fixture that provides sliding the rafters at usadke.Shag trusses depends on the design load and is typically 60-120 cm.

    rafter mounting technology with metal clips

    fastening technology rafters with metal clips

  3. Rafters naslonnogo typeUnlike moving, and rigidly attached to the upper and the lower edge of the roof.joists are placed in ready-made nests in the walls, treating them with waterproofing.The lower part is fixed on the rafters or joists to mauerlat with metal lining, forming a rigid mount.Above naslonnye rafters rely on the rack or in the upper wall mauerlat.To make the design more sustainable use struts and intermediate racks mounted on the joists.They are fixed on the metal brackets or corners.Sequence of installation of the rafters as follows: first set extreme rafters, among them pull the string tight and align them remaining rafters with a pitch equal to the spacing between the joists.

    Fastening the rafters naslonnogo type

    Mount rafters naslonnogo type

  4. hanging rafter system type is collected on an equal platform.Please collect a farm, raise it and put on the roof, if necessary, customize and use as a template for other farms.Install them on the wall waterproofing material processed, the selected step rafters.

    Rafter system hanging type

    Rafter system hanging type

  5. When the device is necessary to ensure the rafters on both sides overhangs sufficient to protect the walls from rain.At impossibility of their devices to the rafters attach additional boards - "mare".
  6. When the device is necessary to ensure the rafters on both sides overhangs sufficient to protect the walls from rain.At impossibility of their devices to the rafters attach additional boards - "mare".

    Battens on the roof

    Crate roof

  7. unventilated roof must be warm, otherwise it will be formed on the condensate.For device insulation "cake" from the bottom hem to the rafters Unedged board, on which is laid insulation film.The film is placed across the rafters, without tension, the film strip is placed with overlap, with sizing joints with duct tape.On top of the film put slabs of fibrous or foam insulation, waterproofing layer of the film and crate type selected.

    Thermal insulation of roofs

    Warming roofs

  8. crates stacked on top of the chosen roof covering for appropriate technology, fix eaves and wind braces, drains, perform trim pediments and walls.From the roof of smooth materials such as corrugated board, possible snow avalanche descent during the thaw, so they further establish the snow stop.

    Crates stacked on top of the roof covering

    crates stacked on top of the roof covering

Construction of pent roof, for all its merits, it is not always possible.With a large amount of rain, accompanied by wind and high snow load is better to choose a different type of roof gable or hip.

Video - mount roof system for pent roof