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August 12, 2017 18:06

Alignment of the walls under the wallpaper

Alignment of the walls under the wallpaper

Wallpapering - the final stage of finishing the apartment, giving them an aesthetic look.

Wallpaper should be glued to the prepared surface without visible defects different, so before embarking on this stage, it is necessary to carry out the alignment of the walls under the wallpaper.

Before direct alignment, it is necessary to answer two important questions: How smooth must be the wall, and whether to maintain their verticality and correct angles.

Answers to these questions will depend, primarily, from the placement of furniture in the room.

After all, if you are planning to put in the cabinet room to the ceiling, a violation of the geometry of space will immediately become visible to the naked eye.

walls leveling technology under the wallpaper begins with step measuring the verticality of the walls and their flatness, which is held at the level of assistance and long cable lengths up to two meters.

room geometry is determined by measuring the diagonals of the premises.


As a rule, in the ideal case, they should be equal, but these ideals are rare.

In the case where the deviation is 5 - 10 mm, the work will be simple enough, than for large deviations.

Stages alignment walls under the wallpaper depends on the alignment method that can be performed using a variety of building materials.

about ways you can find below.


  • alignment method
    • Use drywall
    • Use putty
    • Using plaster
  • Prices for services

alignment method

main methods of leveling walls under wallpapering include alignmentplasterboard, plaster and plaster.

Each method has its own characteristics and is applied where appropriate.

Use drywall

alignment walls under the wallpaper plasterboard fit in if they are too rough or necessary to perform work in a short time.

This method is the most environmentally friendly and convenient to use.In addition, gypsum board has a pretty good heat and sound insulation.

On the reverse side of gypsum board applied a small amount of glue on the grid with a 30 centimeter increments.

The sheet is then adhered to the surface of the wall, aligning the level of tapping.

recommended hedging fixing plasterboard sheets in some places using percussion dowels.

Use putty

alignment walls under the wallpaper putty manufactured using two spatulas of various sizes.

first spatula should have a width of not more than 10 centimeters, it is intended for the abstraction of putty and its application to the second instrument.


second trowel size depends on the irregularities of the walls, but can not be less than 40 cm

The starting putty is applied in two layers, between which use masking grid..The grid is necessary to prevent micro-cracking of the surface.

direction layers should be mutually perpendicular, with this arrangement, the alignment is performed in all directions on the surface.

Before working surface is treated with antifungal drugs, as well as a special primer of deep penetration, able to strengthen the foundation.

When working with a spatula should be considered that the thickness of the filler layer determines the angle of inclination.

The greater the angle, the lower layer of putty applied.

This right edge of the spatula should be slightly ahead of the left edge.Sam spatula must be periodically cleaned of adhering fillers.

Using plaster

Levelling plaster made in cases where the walls are too uneven surface.

should be noted that the alignment of the plaster is quite laborious and time consuming process, as the new layer is applied only to completely dried plaster.

as plaster can be used cement-sand mortar, glinotsementny solution glinogipsovy solution and lime-plaster solution.

Before working surface of the wall is cleaned of mud, fragile sites was removed and the surface itself progruntovyvayut.

Next, using a level fixed on the edges of two vertical walls of the lighthouse.

work itself is carried out in three stages: otbryzg, applying primer, finish coat.

At otbryzga a continuous layer of plaster is applied to the liquid, filling it all the bumps, cracks and seams in the wall.

Plaster at this stage must contain at least 60% water.Then, primer is applied, this mixture was much thicker and the former solution contains only 35% water.

Each layer of leveled ground.At the last stage of the walls smooth down the surface with a thin layer of plaster (2 - 4 mm).

for durable finish coat adhesion to the base coat the latter should not be completely dry.If it was dry, the soil is moistened with water.

Prices for services

cost alignment walls under the wallpaper depends on several factors: alignment method, square footage, the wall material in the region where the service is performed.

As a rule, the price alignment walls under the wallpaper with drywall putty and slightly lower prices for the alignment with the help of plaster, and is an average of from 80 to 150 rubles per square meter.

price alignment of the walls with plaster ranges from 170 to 280 rubles per square meter.