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August 12, 2017 18:06

Paint the walls with latex paint

Paint the walls with latex paint

The attractive exterior aesthetic mind, reliability and ease of application - wide popularity began to take painting walls with latex paint.

However workflow requires special attention and approach.Latex paint on the quality almost as good as an oil.

However, it is more demanded by the market due to its low cost and wide variety, can be one of the following types:

  • Mineral (with the presence of cement or lime);
  • Silicate (a mixture of silicone resin, liquid glass and an aqueous solution);
  • Silicon (silicone resin contained in the composition);
  • Acrylic (the most common type, which included acrylic resin contained).

options applying latex paint

Today, nothing limits the design of the walls painted with latex paint, which can be translated into reality in one of two ways:

  • independently;
  • Use the services of professional artists.

For those who do not like to take risks, you can use ready-made projects, advance after watching the result with friends or in the photos on the web.

For those who want to come up with something individual, is to dream up your own.


Regardless of the surface area and the type of the selected composition, painting walls with latex paint technology will be the same.

At the preparatory stage it is necessary to vacate the premises, and plaster irregularities.Surfaces must be clean, so before you start painting the walls are washed and thoroughly dried.

recommended to apply at least three layers, the first of which is a primer.At the same time the paint should fall gradually.

bands should be parallel to each other.Start movement of the window recommended to the opposite end.

, do not work with one hand to maximize the quality of the painted surface.

easiest done painting the walls with latex paint spray gun.


The market sell special, mobile devices, different performance and a wide area of ​​capture.

If you have to work with hand tools, it is recommended to be purchased with a wide brush (about 100-125 mm) and roll (a pile of at least 1.6 cm).

In the first case - the paint is applied by short, alternating horizontal and vertical movements up and down.

work will go much faster with a roller, however, have to be applied to the layer more.When this tool is found on the surface in different directions with uniform pressing.


Dilute the paint should be water until until it begins to resemble the consistency of milk.

In this state, it will be easily absorbed, do not form streaks.When using color, you should wait until the foam settles.

Especially carefully carry out painting works in the corners.The first 4-5 cm is recommended to be applied by brush, not to touch the surface perpendicular to the wall.

near windows and doorways sites handled in a similar way.

Instead of the standard wallpaper are increasingly being done textured painted walls with latex paint.

result has more to do with the decorative plastering, rather than with the classic painting.

Among the advantages of the method can be distinguished:

  • huge number of forms;
  • huge number of invoices;
  • huge amounts of shades.

To organize textured painting the walls, it is necessary first of all to do surface preparation.

There is no need to bring the walls to perfectly smooth state.However, a large number of various irregularities have plaster.

on drying solution will take at least a day.

Externally, the wall should get rough, and perhaps not the most pleasant to look at.Everything will change after application of the ink composition.

This structure provides several advantages, such as naturalness, absence of glare.


for application to the wall will need to prepare two structural paint, mixed together.It recommended paint them with a conventional bead in two or three layers.

Nothing stands still, and decorative painting of walls with water-based paint is not limited to the creation of textured rough surface.Many

themselves come up with options for the interior or turn to professional designers.


services for those who do not want to dirty his own hands, is to entrust the job of building a house painter that will make all the key.

proposed market price of painting the walls with latex paint in 2 layers starting at $ 3.per square, and it is acceptable for many who want to make repairs and transform the room.

However, in this case - the cost of painting the walls with latex paint will be not the only expenditure item in the budget.

Additional services wizard will cost (per square):

  • priming compositions - from 0.6 in.f .;
  • single-layer coating - 4 y.f .;
  • Reinforcement and painting suction - 7 y.. E

engaged in repair by yourself or hire a specialist - a purely personal decision.

But we must remember that mistakes have to be corrected, and this will entail additional costs, waste of time and nerves.