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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mini - Bulgarian - resourceful tool for domestic use

Household and professional grinders

Most decorating and roofing works associated with the processing of the metal profile.And if the small amounts still somehow can do on metal scissors, then on an industrial scale in any way without the grinder.LBM (angle grinder) has a wide range of applications both in industry and in everyday life, and micro-Bulgarian is even used in medicine.

Conditionally devices can be divided into professional and domestic, large and small.When selecting a tool you need to know for what purpose it will be used.Household grinders have less capacity, more simple functions.You must often give her a vacation, but a tool to attract to its low price.

Professional, on the contrary, can work continuously for a long time, equipped with additional devices and features.They are made of higher quality materials, but also the price for them will be correspondingly higher.Large and small grinder differ in capacity, size, weight and conditions of work in which they can be used.

Large and small grinder version

smallest Bulgarian, as well as the biggest, characterized by the following basic parameters: engine power, spindle speed, ergonomics, weight and size.Power - the most important characteristic of this tool.It is recommended to purchase a powerful tool.

It will use cutting discs a larger diameter, that is able to cut a great depth, and will not heat up quickly.The presence of spindle speed regulator grinder will do the job safer, because the greater the cut-off wheel, the less the number of revolutions per minute is necessary and vice versa.

Mini Bulgarian really small, about the size of two or three electric toothbrushes.The set is usually all you need: various brushes, wheels, grinding wheels, etc. The main advantage is its ability to almost "jewelry" work..This is why it was created.Thus, it is possible without any inconvenience to treat small areas, especially when it is impossible to touch anything around.

primary functions, it is not much different from the large Bulgarians, except that scale, because all the required attachments is.It is very easy to operate and the position of the hand can be changed easily, because of the small weight of the tool.It is also easy to change and the position of the tool in hand to provide the necessary force or impact angle.

Large grinders must be fitted with a protective cover and an additional handle that can change your location, for ease of operation.Some models have a special gearbox, which allows you to change the position of the handle, without moving it from place to place.The Bulgarian is a small handle not have, because it conveniently fits in your hand and do not require a lot of effort when working.

Mini Bulgarian can be dangerous

required to remember and observe safety precautions when working with angle grinders, since a large Bulgarian and Bulgarian small are among the most traumatic tools.When working with it should wear protective glasses.The instructions given to the Bulgarian region of its application, the exact diameter of the circle, and the thickness to be used.

Each material requires the use of their own species disks, wrong selection of range may cause it to break and end the trauma for you.Each cutting blade has a speed limit above which would expose you to danger.It is not necessary to use larger diameter wheels, if Bulgarian is not designed for their use.

If available there is a circle, but it is unknown whether it is to the machine and is suitable for the work carried out, it is better to refrain from using it.In no event it is impossible to remove the protective cover.You should always make sure that the Bulgarian has been disconnected from the power supply when changing discs.

Wiring harness from the instrument under any circumstances should not touch the cutting wheel during operation.Proper use of the tool will extend its service life and will be safe for you.