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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installing the toilet with their hands Video

Installing a toilet bowl with his hands video, photo Video Repair apartments with their own hands - Installation videos toilet.

When installing the toilet with their own hands, will need the following tools: adjustable wrench, electric drill with drill bits for concrete, thread seal - tape "fum", screwdriver with nozzles, a core, a hammer, a corrugated pipe for connection to a sewage system, silicone sealant.At the end of the instructions, watch the video how to install the toilet yourself.

floor must be smooth (screed or tile).If the new toilet has the same mount as the old, it is possible to install it on the old place.At the same time the old anchors necessary to drill and install in their place new ones.But if the hole wider than the new anchors have to drill new holes.If the old toilet was concreted, and after dismantling the left hole in the floor, it is best to make a tie.Screed dries from 1 to 3 days (depending on the components).You have to wait for it acquired the ability to securely hold the dowels.

The floor layout should be done under the toilet seat and under bracket.To drill not walk on the tiles can make a core small chips in the drilling field, then get drilled a neat hole.The resulting holes hammered dowels.Plugs should sit tight, it affects the stability of the toilet.Mounting bolts screwed to the floor.Assembled toilet installed and fastened.The bolts should be tightened alternately and evenly.

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Gofra - flexible tube with a plurality of membranes, due to which it is securely fastened to the entrance to the sewer and toilet to the funnel.Gofra necessary in order to be able to vary the location of the toilet, and the angle of its connection.Flare toilet better fluff sealant, and then put on the corrugation.The sewer hole flute is inserted all the way.

to connect the cold water, you can use a copper pipe or a flexible hose made of metal.If the cold water pipe has an internal thread, the coupler is required.The adapter is placed with the use of hemp.The tube or hose is attached to the cold water supply.Then you need to open the tap and pour a little water, so the tube will come out all the garbage.After closing the valve, the second end of the hose (tube) is connected to a tank.Mandatory condition when being installed toilet with his hands on the video - no contact with the ceramic screws and other metal fasteners.Therefore it is necessary to use rubber or plastic gaskets.

All connecting, run water, test for leaks in the connections.The water from the tank to be drained several times to make sure that there are no leaks in the sewer connections.An hour later, inspect all connections again.

Installing the toilet video

Especially for site repair of the apartment on their own.