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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair of microwave ovens with their own hands ( video)


  • 1 design microwave
  • 2 search breakage
  • 3 Dismantling microwave own
  • 4 destruction of the cap on the magnetron
  • 5 Repair of microwave faults yourself
    • 5.1 Video repair microwave

often break when the microwave is necessary to contact a specialized master.It's not the most simple device, so repair is quite complex.But actually microwave elementary design and includes only a few basic elements.If the pre-acquainted with frequent breakdowns, then repair the microwave yourself is not difficult.

design microwave

Though microwave design contains a lot of elements, most of them does not play a functional role.To repair this device need to know only the basic elements of the scheme to ensure its operation.Among them:

  • Magnetron
  • Transformer high voltage fuse
  • Rectifier diode
  • capacitor
  • control unit
microwave circuit

Location elements in the microwave

distinguish them easily, because the design is not outwardly different high complexity.Magnetron is always set in the middle, aiming to block heating food.The transformer is located under it, representing a massive box with protruding coil.Capacitors, diodes and fuses to the right of it, and the control unit is often placed near the input panel.

When the device voltage of 220 V is supplied to the transformer.Going through the primary and secondary windings, the output of the element is already in current of 2 kV.Further negative half wave goes to the diode, and the positive charges the capacitor, which again leads to a twofold increase in voltage.Then begins the generation of microwaves by the magnetron.The power control unit controls the magnetron.

Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to these elements in case of breakage.They suffer the greatest load, so there is often a problem in them.

When disassembling a microwave oven, always unplug it from the mains.

breakage search

failure Search in a microwave oven is based on the "symptoms."This allows you to gradually eliminate the possible causes and find true.So, if the oven is not switched on, you should check the following points:

  • integrity cord
  • position of the door and its system of closure
  • Status mains fuse and thermostat

In the first case, the situation is elementary - no power due to damagepower cord.A similar situation happens when the socket is damaged or overloaded.In this case, it suffices to replace this item with the microwave all right.

Next is to check the work and the position of the door.The fact that the work of the microwave oven with the door open is dangerous to others.Therefore designed to operate only when it is fully closed.If the latch on the door broke, locking system or the inspection unit, the protection system will not run the unit.

last moments also concern protective furnace systems.The fuse prevents damage to the device due to surges in the network, and thermostat provides a complete shutdown of the system when the door is open.Both can be damaged, replace them is quite simple.

also worth checking the mains voltage and the number of devices connected to the outlet.Microwave is very demanding on the food, so his slight variations can interfere with the device.

Dismantling microwave own

If the above reasons have not been confirmed, it is necessary to disassemble the device for troubleshooting. Before that be sure to turn off the oven from the network, and wait a couple of minutes.



What to look when searching for breakdowns?There are a few basic elements, often coming from the system:

  • Fuses
  • capacitor
  • Diode
  • Transformer
  • Magnetron

Photo capacitor microwave

These elements are directly involved in the operation of the device and mentioned earlier.First you need to check the fuses.Their damage can be seen immediately, because the combustion of the conductor inside destroyed.If this does not happen, it is necessary to search further.

To further test must take the meter, because seemingly find damage to the rest of the details are extremely difficult.To check the capacitor to switch the device in ohmmeter mode, and then connect to the details.If there is no resistance, the item to be replaced.

The high-voltage diode

high voltage diode

high voltage diode check tester impossible.It is recommended to replace it with the failure of other parts, because often hit and falls on it.Its verification can be done a little bit different way - by connecting to the network on the way to the light bulb.If the lamp lights up weakly or flashes, the item is serviceable.If it is brightly lit or does not turn on, the diode must be replaced.

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further held transformer test.

Photo transformer microwave

Photo transformer microwave

safety is important, because

microwave magnetron

Photo magnetron microwave

this element is able to hold a charge for a long time.To discharge the serviceable transformer will take several minutes, and when failure to discharge the resistor - much longer.It is necessary to discharge it on the body or does not touch, if there is no experience with such a technique.

Next is checked transformer windings.It is necessary to remove the terminals and turn the device to verify the findings ohmmeter.First, check the primary winding, for which the rate varies from 2 to 4.5 ohms.For outside the secondary winding 140 and are 350 ohms.Also worth checking filament winding by connecting terminals leading to the magnetron to the multimeter.The rate here ranges from 3.5 to 8 ohms.

All previous tests fail, the problem may be in the magnetron.

To check the magnetron is enough to connect the tester to its power terminals.Tester switches to the ohmmeter mode.If the resistance is equal to 2-3 ohms, it means damage or injury.The same situation, if the infinity is listed on the tester.In both cases, the device must be replaced.

These elements - the most frequent perpetrators of damage the microwave oven.Often, however, the output device of the system is linked to other malfunctions such as problems with the electronic control unit, timer and other electronic components.Here the simple checks do not help by the meter, need assistance of a qualified master.Although much easier to simply replace the item, if you are confident in its failure.

destruction of the cap on the magnetron

frequent failure cases associated with the destruction of the cap on the magnetron.Slim aluminum body simply can not withstand loads and destroyed under the influence of microwaves.This problem often occurs in older devices, which are more than a few years.Obvious symptoms in this case, is the noise and sparks during operation.kalpak microwave

To check enough to remove the transformer, because the cap is located towards the food chamber.If the cap is broken, then there are 2 options:

  • Replacement cap
  • Flip cap

first option priority order is sufficient to replace or pay for the repair of the magnetron.The second option is considered to be a temporary alternative, allowing to extend the life of the device indefinitely.Suffice it to scroll cap 180 degrees around the axis, because the load is applied only to one half.

microwave repair faults yourself

Repair of microwave ovens is a feasible task for the novice electrician.If the problem lies in the failure of one of the constituent elements of the furnace, the most simple and correct decision - to be replaced.The point is that most of the parts of the device can not be repaired, but only the new complete replacement.This applies particularly to fuses, diodes and capacitors - the main reason failure of the device.

Replacing parts is carried out in several steps:

  1. Microwave disconnected from the network.
  2. transformer discharge occurs (5 minutes).
  3. from defective part terminals are disconnected, it is removed.
  4. Connects serviceable item at the same place.

When replacing parts must take into account two important factors.The first of them - a schema.It is important to remember that every detail has its own characteristics, tailored for the performance of all electrical circuits.If, after replacement of this nuance is not taken into account, it leads to new failure.This applies particularly to the transformer and capacitor.

The second important factor - the connection details.You need to connect the replacement correctly, keeping the former location of the terminal.If you connect the device in the reverse order, this may damage it, and also some other parts in the system.

This will restore your microwave in most cases.If the failure is related to the electronic part of the device, you should turn to professionals.It will provide high-quality repair and extend the device work in the long term.

Video Repair microwave