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August 12, 2017 18:08

What are the requirements in the design of air ducts

Ensuring efficient operation of the ventilation system

However, the thrust does not depend only on the temperature difference at the inlet and outlet of the ventilation system.Of great importance are the structural features of ventkanala:

  1. first feature - sectional area ventkanala.According to regulations permitted cross-section of at least 160 cm2.Moreover, one side of the channel should be 10 cm or more.If the calculation is not taken into account the thickness of the walls of the tube, the tube is required having 14h14sm section to provide a minimum thrust.
  2. second feature - the height of the tube, which is selected based on the value of the channel section.For example, the cross section 14x14 height should be three meters or more, and for 14h27 sectional approach piping length of two meters.

Particular attention should be paid to the passage of a ventilation pipe through the roof construction.To host pipe junction to the roof met all standards, it is better to use specialized roof penetrations, is now produced in sufficient stock.With their help, you can easily mount the tight abutment surface and the channel with full sealing.

What are the requirements in the design of air ducts

before any construction work is done by its calculation and verification of compliance with building codes.Ventilation systems - complex and serious process, so it should do a professional.

In addition, you should think about ventilation, which also has an impact on the functioning of the entire ventilation system.Because if not fresh air will be organized in the premises, any ventilation system will not work effectively, and thrust will be weak.Sometimes help comes regular airing, but to say that it can not be an effective way.With the popularity of plastic windows had problems with the influx of fresh air, so is very relevant supply fan, recessed into a wall or window construction.

Influence length ventkanala

in some areas is not sufficient to equip only one vent, so in such cases, resort to the installation of parallel lines.Therefore, the length of the channels and their compliance plays an important role.The unequal length of the pipeline can lead to different thrust them and as a result to rollover the direction of air masses.To avoid this you need to make the channels of the same length.If this is not possible, then with the greatest traction channel is equipped with a special device that regulates cravings.It is also possible to use different diameters of pipes.However, these methods are applied in extreme cases, it is necessary to adhere to equal lengths as possible.

What are the requirements in the design of air ducts

How does the temperature of the traction

Effect of temperature on the ends of the pipeline can not be overemphasized.The greater the temperature difference, the better traction.But it so happens that during installation all is sustained by norms - and the length of the match and the cross-section of the right, but the thrust is minimal.To fix this trouble should insulate ventkanal.Thermal insulation will reduce heat loss and regulate temperature changes.

What are the requirements in the design of air ducts

resistance Decrease ventkanala

in their homes often ventilation do with his own hands made of brick.In this case, the resistance of the device will be greater than that of the ventilation polymers or metal.Therefore, when laying bricks should be clearly perform abutting brick chimney to the roof, or any deviation can badly affect the draft.The inside of the need to make perfectly flat without any protrusions, joints fill with a solution and remove excess in order to avoid clogging.

What are the requirements in the design of air ducts

best option to reduce the resistance ventkanala - is to use ready-made stainless design or polymeric materials.Their surface is perfectly flat, and this is what you need for good traction.