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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the electric meter ?Their variety and characteristics

How to choose the electric meter?Their variety and characteristics

To buy a good electric meter is necessary to know their classification and characteristics that are most appropriate for your apartment, house or villa.If you can not boast of knowledge in the field of electrics, be sure to contact the company and sales, where you will advise and answer all questions.
sure, look for the calibration interval of electricity.This is one of the most important parameters.In fact, MPI - this is the period of time during which the manufacturer guarantees the operation of the unit (the data are given in years).On average, visible range of four to sixteen.


types of modern electricity meters, their characteristics and parameters

And so, to make the right choices, answer a few questions:

  1. induction or electronic meters?In
    induction energy meter accuracy class designation is rarely above 2.But they are reliable and can last more than 15 years.With regard to electric electricity, the situation is quite different.Their performance far superior to induction, but they cost more and fail more quickly.
  2. single-phase or three-phase meter?
    To answer this question, look at the previous count.If the score is given 220-230 V - buy a single phase when 220-380 / 230-400 - phase.
  3. maximum current meter?
    If the current run-breaker ranges up to forty amperes, select the device to sixty amperes;if more - up to 100 A.
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  5. the electricity tariff?
    In Russia, you can pay bills for two tariffs from 8 am to 11 pm and from 11 pm to 8 am (lower cost).To get acquainted with the tariffs, call or go to the electricity supply company.
  6. Are there additional features?
    As for additional functions, these include:
    • screen, which displays the current, supply voltage and frequency at the moment;
    • opportunity to take readings in the absence of light (when there is no electricity in the house, but you can see the meter readings);
    • lights;
    • other functions.
  7. method of fastening the counter?
    this question depends on where it will be located your energy meter - a conventional switchboard (mount on 3 screws) or DIN-rail mounting (body R or P).