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August 12, 2017 18:08

Rating polypropylene pipes

Polymer pipes made in Germany

leading supplier of products included in the rating of polypropylene pipes are pipes and other items produced in Germany.They are famous for their high quality and technical characteristics.

Pipes Wefatherm

Pipelines are used for the construction of water supply and heating systems.Also available connectors and fittings, valves, and, in fact, the company's specialization - polypropylene pipes, reinforcing aluminum foil.

Pros articles Vefaterm:

  1. inner surface of the pipeline has a minimum surface roughness, reducing the pressure loss in
  2. system A wide range of fittings and accessories ensures universality of parts for mounting systems and the possibility of combining with products of other brands

compound product comes withdiffusion bonding technology that provides reliability, ease of implementation and high integrity components.

Pipes Wefatherm

pipes Aquatherm

company, considered a manufacturer leader, is a rating of polypropylene pipes due to the use of products for plumbing, heating, floor insulation, fire-fighting networks and air conditioning systems.

Pipes Aquatherm

Depending on the destination, the pipelines are divided into several types:

  1. Fusioterm - thanks to its versatility and technical specifications used for hot and cold water, for the construction of heating and cooling networks, air conditioning, pneumatic systems, etc.Also important advantage is the ability to move various fluids, including chemicals (& gt; 300)
  2. Faser - fiberglass-reinforced pipe diameters from 50 to 250 mm, are used for hot water supply.They can withstand high temperatures and pressures.
  3. Stabi - polypropylene pipes, reinforcing layer of aluminum with holes and is mainly used for heating networks.Their peculiarity is to work at very high temperatures - 130 degrees.
  4. Climatherm - products, used mainly for air-conditioning of premises, having diameters, which range 20-630 mm and reinforced with fiberglass.
  5. Climatherm OT - similar in construction to the previous ones, have a diameter of from 20 to 250 mm and used for air conditioning and heating with prevention of air from entering the system.

Pipes Aquatherm

Company Banninger

Because of its quality, versatility (use pipes for heating networks, "warm floor", the water supply and industrial tr-rows) and reliability (German inspection and certification system) productsBanninger enjoyed enormous popularity in the market and almost tops the list of polypropylene pipes.Pipelines

series PN-20 or PN-16, used primarily in the water supply, are made of innovative polymeric crystalline material having improved performance.A feature of such a polymer is a high density and flexibility, the ability to withstand temperatures up to 95 degrees and the pressure to 20 bar.So

pipelines Banninger type Stabia is widely used - they have a lot of layers consisting of a composite material.They have an external aluminum coating that allows them to not only have excellent performance characteristics, but also reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion.

Banninger Faser crystalline polymer composed of reinforced glass fiber layer.They have low thermal expansion, high strength, and are able to operate at high temperature and pressure.

Due to the reinforcement structure may avoid errors when connecting these products associated with the absence of the need for stripping edge, and significantly save time adhesions.

pipe used in air conditioning systems, are Banninger Climate.They consist of several layers of composite material, and reinforced with fiberglass layer.

Company Banninger

products brand Rehau

most developed and popular in the domestic market, this company is considered as the product of its manufacture are used for the construction of not only internal but also external communications.They are characterized by high quality, versatility and ease of installation that ensures the independence of the quality of the construction of networks of the human factor.

pipes Rehau, with high adaptability, the installation should be combined: on different sites and it is more expedient to use reinforced piping and embroidered polymer, characteristic for this manufacturer.

Products brand Rehau

The choice of manufacturers making up the rating of polypropylene pipes, depending on the required specifications, communication destination, reliability and pipe material, as well as its cost.