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August 12, 2017 18:08

Furnaces for a bath with a heat exchanger - two functions in one heater


system Choosing a heating furnace with a heat exchanger, it is necessary to decide what kind of suit you optimally.The most simple form of such a system is a coil.It is a tube, rolled into a ring and placed in the tank.Input and output are ejected, and the coil is ready.It is best to use legkognuschiesya pipe, for example, copper or metal-plastic.

for stoves often used a different type of heat exchanger.In such a system of pipes connected to the top coil and bottom rectangular container.Burning fuel heats the lower container and the pipe, and those in turn transfer heat to the upper tank.The heated water under pressure flows through tubes in the right room.The stove with a heat exchanger - a system of "two in one", which is not only perfectly fulfills its function, but also saves money.

Note!The heat exchanger can be used both as a heater and a cooler, depending on the need.

Furnaces for a bath with a heat exchanger -

installation Deciding which system will be used, you can proceed to the brickwork of the furnace.Set it on a foundation, which must be filled to 40 centimeters deep.The height above ground level determined on the basis of the level of the floor in the bath and the furnace level.The stove is mounted on the foundation and draped around the brick with clay mortar.Next is tiling.Gluing tiles must be at termosostav.

most common design: in the furnace department installed a heat exchanger for hot water.In advance make a hole in the wooden house bath furnace output.After that, the hole is laid with red bricks, which is placed on a clay solution.The system delivers the heated water to radiators connected or separate water tank via pipes that are wrapped insulation.The chimney is mounted in the hole in the roof.This hole must be closed metal sheet, making cut-out for the pipe.All joints are sealed.

Note!For pipes are best applied foam insulation.

exchanger Manufacturing

Next, consider how to make the direct heat exchanger.For its production need to use metal thickness of 2-5 mm.A heat exchanger for ovens with their hands is the same as described above: the upper cylindrical container, the bottom - is rectangular, and they are connected by pipes.The dimensions of the furnace tube diameter and can make any, depending on the size of the room. Note! necessary to all joint seams furnace do with minimal gaps.

All finished parts for construction welding, first grab, and just making sure that all the calculations are made correctly, you can finally collect system.After completing the entire assembly, check the strength of the heat exchanger.Here's how:

  • brewing down tube;
  • system is filled with water up to the top;
  • outlet is connected to the tank;
  • controlling the pressure gauge, fill the compressed air system.

qualitative performance of the joints will not leak.If such a place will be shown, then the system water is drained and re-welded leak locations.It is desirable that the length of pipe was as short as possible.