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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to decorate the arch with decorative stone

What you need to finish the arch

To get started on the design of the door arch in a house or apartment, you will need a list of some materials and tools:

  1. Pencil.
  2. Building level.
  3. roller, spatula and tongs.
  4. Mortar and primer.
  5. hacksaw and a knife.
  6. sandpaper.
  7. Putty for joints.
  8. Stone.

How to decorate the arch: common ways.We make arch wallpaper

method is the most popular in our country because of the affordable price and ease of operation.They can easily be joined together with the decorative details gypsum based.Pokleit may not be an expert, however, special attention should be paid to dense types of wallpaper, as there is a kind of specificity of their painting.Wallpaper in the construction market is full with respect to color, texture, relief, they will decorate any design.

Finishing arches conventional wallpaper

Disadvantages include short term use, inability to complete the restoration and exposure to moisture (even those species that waterproof).

Wallpaper glue follows the same principle:

  1. Breeding glue on the attached instructions to the packaging.It is important that there are no lumps, so you need to carefully knead.
  2. first strip should be glued to the wall around the arch.A follow-up so that they partially covered the opening with indented 4 cm.
  3. Indent wallpaper, remaining above the channel, cut by 2 cm and folded over into a ditch, and adhered to the surface.Re-perform the same action on the other side of the arch.

Sticking wallpaper near the arch

  1. Finally glue arch arc, you must first cut out the appropriate segment of the desired width of the wallpaper.When pasting rub the fabric with a dry cloth to the air exhaust out of the wallpaper.

utilized for decoration arches decorative plaster Decorative plaster

gaining popularity among designers and decorators, because it allows you to create a completely different purpose reliefs and textures.

The original way to design the arch - decorative plaster

The undeniable advantages include the coating is its affordable price and excellent quality, as well as the ease and simplicity of use in the repair.No need to hire a professional to perform the finishing robots.

downside coating is called the impossibility of restoration, because it really is virtually impossible to alter the original form.The difference will be visible layers.As well as covering the difficulty is his fear of water, and it is impossible to clean.

A masterpiece of decorative plaster

How to plaster?

  1. order not stood out and were not visible joints opening and drywall, the first to be plastered arched arc.
  2. Wall putty needed only if there are any irregularities before applying the plaster.
  3. Apply sealer primer is necessary after treatment, which will provide adhesion properties for plastering.Sponge or float in the fresh coating layer is patterned and texture.

The process of working with decorative plaster

Finishing arches decorative stone: Stone steps

used for aesthetic design of the interior, however, its protective function is also at a high level.Apparently so this cover has become so popular lately.Stone is a stable material and is most often used in the vicinity of the other materials and monolithic.

Step 1: Select stone and preparing to finish

you must choose the narrow stone layers, as they are much easier to be glued to the frame in curved areas.For surface preparation is necessary to make some incisions and primed with a standard primer and paint roller.

next need to make cement mortar, which is determined by the kind of the selected stone, but often contains classic components: glue, sand, lime, cement.

Interesting design of a wild rock in a primitive style

Step 2: Coating the walls relating to the arch

wall with arch and partly laid stone that looked organically whole composition as a whole.The first stones should be laid directly on the bottom of the junction of walls and arches.Try to lay out the whole lining, aligning it under the building level.The next series is placed facing and at the junction, but must act for him a little bit on the size of the thickness of a single stone.Sami tile glue butt.

Master stones wild stone wall

Step 3: trim finishing elements

The part finish that is on the curve, applied to the site of attachment, obmeryaetsya pencil projecting portion and is cut along the arc.For trouble-free cutting is using a knife to make incisions and cut, and then a pair of pliers to recapture the remains marked.Any irregularities are eliminated sandpaper.In the inner side of the arch all finishing works are similar, but the stone is placed overlapping.

How can I cut decorative stone

Step 4: Processing of seams between the tiles

special solution is used to fill the joints.It can be purchased at any hardware store, and its use is as follows.A small amount of the mixture is applied to a rubber spatula and carefully placed into the joint between the stones, but without them the onslaught.After drying them additional correction is required.

Application for joints correction solution
to paragraphs of decorative stone finish is to make a video statement, because it is one of the most difficult ways to arch trim.

vyshenapisannoe Summing up, it is necessary to wish you success and inspiration in your repair!