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August 12, 2017 18:07

Technology insulation attic floors

Methods of laying insulation overlap

Each construction technology should be based on security rules.Laying insulation slabs - is no exception.

Required overlapping condition - strength.High-quality mount can withstand heavy loads and do not cave in under the canopy.Loft has its own properties, one of them - the degree of deflection.It ranges from 1 to 200 span construction.Accordingly, on 1 square meter can account for up to 100 kilograms.

stacking principle

Attic space is often built of wood.It is important to observe the rules of fire safety and to minimize the level of inflammation.Houses made of different materials have their limits of fire resistance:

  • Concrete structures, design of reinforced concrete have a fire resistance of 1 hour;
  • ceilings made of wood decorated with stucco - 3 hours;
  • ceilings of wood without the level of protection - 5 minutes.

scheme of arrangement of insulation overlap

A common option is to overlap beam type.It is easy to install and repair.It is often used in the construction of houses made of wood.Used beams of iron and wood.

Wooden beams made ​​of wood

wood have properties:

  • Low price;
  • easy to process;
  • presence of high heat-resistance.

process of warming:

  1. insulation material is placed in the gaps beams

    The material is firmly fixed between the beams

  2. In the case of short beams they extend intentionally
  3. before flooring insulation is put protective film vapor barrier
  4. Vapor fit method that allows to delay the air as it moves fromThe room is in the attic space

layer vapor barrier

Selecting overlapping material

Which building material is worth buying?There are types of insulation:

  1. Mineral wool.It is also called basalt.Its basis - mining components.It has low cost and is of good quality.Produced in rolls or sheets and is useful in stacking.Flooring wool you can make your own, using protective clothing from irritating effects.Before you can use is to lay a vapor barrier layer.

    Laying mineral wool

  2. Environmental wool.Contents - cellulose fibers and scattered.It does not cause allergic reactions in the stacker.Produced in the form of Meshkov.Has the kind of bulk material is poured between joists.Ecowool fireproof.Among the buyers, it is open to criticism because of its high price.

    Glass wool for insulation

  3. Glass wool.Not much different from the mineral wool.Its advantage - low cost.
  4. foam.The equipment is easy to freely cut into required lengths.His method of flooring has a high fixation (without any air gaps).Any gaps are eliminated with foam.It tends to cause allergic reactions.

    Using foam

  5. Backfill.Have environmentally friendly.Composition - wood shavings and dry sheets.It does not fire resistance.

    The mound of sawdust to overlap

selected material for covering the attic is necessary to lay not a single layer.stacking principle - "pie" of two layers of insulation with a displacement of half a length + vapor barrier.Multi-layer insulation technology adds strength and securely retain the warmth of the room.

The finished design is insulated ceiling

more about attic insulation wood look on the video in the next tab.