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August 12, 2017 18:08

Bench bench with his hands : is it possible?

all starts with planning

before work necessary to make the layout workbench with placements on it all the necessary elements.First of all it is necessary to consider the placement of the clutches.If you are right handed, they are installed on the left if the left-handed, on the opposite side.In addition, the planned placement of several wedges that will assist in the processing of workpieces.

If you frequently use the jigsaw, you can consider placing boards for sawing.It should advocate the edge of the bench 20 centimeters, which will comfortably carry sawing plywood.For such a table using a board length of 250 millimeters and a width of 120 millimeters.On one of the faces of the wedge-shaped notch is sawed.At its widest point the distance must be 50 mm.It is a hole with a diameter of one centimeter in the corner of the cutout.Mounted on a board with screws or is removable, and the clamp is connected.

Note!The same principle applies to the manufacture and stops for boards.

Remaking table under a workbench

If you have come to the conclusion that without a workbench can not do, you need to decide from which to do it.You can use the timber and make it "from scratch", and can be taken as a basis for any desk or part thereof and modernize.The latter option is a very convenient, but you need to understand that not all so easy to alter the normal workplace.For example, the kitchen table very quickly loosened and requires many alterations.

recommendation!To make the bench bench with his hands without much effort, it is best to use the desk, and it is desirable from the array.

best option is considered to be a table with Cabinet.If he countertop is not very strong, it can be replaced by more reliable.To do this, use Planed bars with a section of 30x60 mm and a length of half a meter.For countertops will need about 30 bars.All bars and oshkurivayutsya glued to a board.

After drying, the adhesive shield again and trimmed for safety batten.Then put on the table top and the table base is secured areas.Naturally, this is not the bench, but only a blank.Next to the discretion to make additional tool boxes, is preparing a place for mounting the grip and the thrust bar is mounted for planing wood blanks.

Bench bench with their hands "from scratch»

If there are no tables that can be used as a basis, the bench can be made "from scratch".Human Growth in average 180 centimeters, so the bench height should be about 95 centimeters.However, in matters of the table height to better focus on its growth.Basis countertop is as follows:

  • As a material used for legs bars section 10x10 centimeters;
  • Between themselves, they connected to the cross members in two tiers;
  • The first tier is at a height of ten centimeters above the floor;
  • The second tier is attached to the tops of the feet Done.

countertops can be done in the same manner as described above.In addition, you can build drawers.To do this under the top cross bars assembled runners are the same as used in the computer tables for pullout boards.These boxes can be stored nails, drills, screws and so on.For greater stability of the structure it is necessary to strengthen cross-slopes.

Note! Worktop must be attached so that its edges were 10 centimeters for the possibility of fixing the grip.