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August 12, 2017 18:08

Fragile , but very popular glass pipe

Where are glass tubes?

There are substances that can not be trusted with metal pipes for the simple reason that in an hour the steel walls will turn into a sieve, or leaky seams between the sections.In general, a lot of liquids and gases have a very aggressive effect on the metal and the neutral to the glass.Therefore, the glass tube - the only way to create pressure or non-pressure systems for the transportation of such materials.

The glass channels sometimes lay the cables, it is especially important where the wiring loom may be damaged by rodents.

For the most part made of glass pipes are used in the chemical industry, often they can be found in the shops of various food factories.On pipes made of glass, are characterized by high sterility, flowing with milk on automated farms where mechanisms milked cows and goats.

But if this stuff is so important in the production, it does not mean that the pipe can not use it and you are in your home.Fireplaces, chimneys require quality, and as for the construction of hotbeds requires not only the brick, but also metal, along with glass, so why not use a heat-resistant chimneys from the last.

main characteristics of pipes made of glass

Glass industry produces pipes made in two ways: horizontal or vertical pulling weight.The latter option is more suitable for the production of large diameter.When the mass is almost frozen, it is cut into sections of the desired length, the edges are carefully polished, so that the ends do not present a danger for those who have to work with engineering data elements.

compositions for pipes made of glass used are different, for example, the same composition as for the window glasses , as well as borosilicate, low-alkali bezborny, molybdenum and some other slozhnokomponentnye.The elasticity of the walls of such tubes may be in the range of 45 to 80 MPa, tensile strength of the same is often reaches 80 MPa and compressive - 1200 MPa.This material is difficult to call a fragile and durability it can not be doubted, that can serve as an example and glass tiles.

section length may be from 1.5 to 3 meters, and made shorter shaped parts, such as sleeves or sleeve, tees with taps used to create glass branched channels network.The diameters given standards is 40, 50, 80, 100 and 150 millimeters.As is often the case the connection sections of different diameters, for such cases made the transitions, such as 40/50 or 100/150, in other words, next to each other diameters.

Pipes made of glass - instructions for use

If you choose to use in the house pipes made of glass industry, you need to know that to keep this fragile material in the open air, even for a short time it is not recommended.The fact that many components of material begin to leave the structure under the influence of moisture and carbon dioxide, which is saturated atmosphere. If suddenly the glass seem unclear to you, you can solve this problem with the help of 8% vinegar solution or simply hot water.

to connect the individual sections into one system, you will need a jumper for punching, rubber-ring gasket for sealing flanges and special pliers for working with them.Brackets must be prepared beforehand, which will be attached to a pipe made of glass, and then collected on the spot portion of two sections through Squeegee flanges and on each of which occupies 2 or 3 of the sealing gasket.

Pulling clamp flange, its connection to the wrench is tightened until the ring does not block the slightly T-shaped gasket.The flanges should be placed from each other at a distance of 4 to 6 millimeters.