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August 12, 2017 18:05

BBQ bricks with their hands

Country cottage is a great place to forget about all the problems of city life, but do not forget that before the rest, the house must be prepared for this equip it.One of the best options for relaxing with friends or family is a barbecue, because it is not just a delicious food but also a good time together with loved ones.


  1. Drawings
  2. Foundation
  3. Masonry
  4. Brazier
  5. Video instruction

most by the best way to do at a barbecue - it is to build it out of brick, asis:

  • is nice (you'll learn how to build a brick barbecue with their own hands and be able to observe their work, as well as enjoy its completion).
  • Inexpensive
  • Fundamentally

On our website is a step by step guide on how to create a barbecue made of bricks with their hands, which will help you not only to understand the topic, but also will create a barbeque with practically no skills and knowledge inart.


Before the start of the main construction should develop its plan (scheme) to avoid gaps and inaccuracies during operation.Universal scheme does not exist, since your stove barbecue private lesson and that you have to solve the problem with his scheme, appearance, etc.

correctly calculate all the proportions and do not forget to add to the construction site plan for firewood and charcoal.Grill should be at a height of 65-70 cm. The stove must be 10 cm below the grill.When

brick barbecue drawings are ready, proceed to the preparatory work, that is, the creation of the foundation.


for building a barbecue ideal inexpensive and simple enough solid foundation.On-site construction of the future need to dig a trench depth of about 40 cm. Then the bottom poured a mixture of gravel and crushed stone, then bottom watered and compacted.

Set reinforcing rods, making the frame.Now we have to make the formwork, then pour all the concrete.

Then you must wait until the foundation has hardened, and then proceed to the creation of the furnace itself barbecue.


For oven use fireclay bricks.It is inexpensive, but quite sturdy and fireproof.Facing brick should be chosen based on their strength.Having prepared all the necessary materials (cement, sand and red clay), proceed to the construction work.Before creating a clay solution must be filled with water and leave it for a few days, so it's better to do even before the creation of the foundation.

Now tier for tier create oven barbecue.Also on our website you can view videos and photos of creating a barbecue made of bricks with their hands.This will help to avoid mistakes during the construction.

start from the pedestal.Correctly calculate its size and height.Do not make it more than 70 cm. Please note that during the self-construction of the barbecue brick, brick poryadovkoy thus is no different.

After completion of the first series, the second you need to start with a half brick and move the beginning of each one on a half-brick (ie solid brick - half - back piece - half again).If you have any difficulty with this, we recommend that you see an article about how to lay bricks.


Now make the oven.Use fireclay bricks, while aware that the furnace should be about 3 bricks 6 in depth and length.On the ground floors install reinforcement bars.

Now go to the construction of the pipe.Correctly calculate the entire structure of the oven before the creation of the barbecue, the scheme will help to avoid unnecessary problems with the building.Nothing complicated this stage is no different, just install the bricks tier for tier.Note: In order to improve the thrust necessary to make the so-called chimney tooth on the rear side of the oven.

Finally, take care of the visual part of the barbecue, make the necessary changes, clean the bricks from the solution.Some paint applied to the brick to emphasize seams solution.This is done to improve the appearance of the barbecue, but the work is already completed and the oven made of brick barbecue is fully ready for use.Now you can enjoy the long-awaited vacation.

Video instruction

For clarity, we recommend to watch the video below of building a barbecue made of bricks with their hands.