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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vick toilet tank with a corner : the price and size of the corner toilets , especially

toilet cistern with a corner
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Many owners of small toiletsor bathrooms with bathtub understand that, for convenience and to create the space necessary to select compact objects.Toilet bowl with angled tank help increase the space and will give the interior originality premises.

toilet cistern with a corner and his scheme


  • The main advantage of a corner toilet is compact this subject.It takes only one of the corners of the room and thus provides a place for installation of sinks, bidets or the washing machine.
  • The original design of the toilet is a great complement modern interior.
  • visor bowl corner toilet in great demand due to the economical consumption of water and odor retention.
  • Belleville bowl prevents splashing water at the sink.
toilet cistern with a corner in the bathroom
Design bathroom with a corner toilet and cistern


toilet tank with a corner has virtually no drawbacks.The only drawback of Belleville have toilets, because the shape of the water remains on the shelf and eventually forms plaque.This problem can be easily solved if the toilet after each use to clean the shelf with the help of Yorshik.

white toilet with an angular tank


Toilets of this type are designed for outdoor installation, so take into account three indicators - height, width and depth.The average height of a corner toilet is 75 to 85 cm. The standard depth has similar dimensions to the height ranges from 70 to 75 cm. Bowl width of the toilet is much less height and depth and reaches 40 to 45 cm.

bathroom in cool colors
toilet tank circuit with a corner

very important factor when choosing a toilet is its weight.For some reason, many believe that the corner toilet thanks to the small size weighs little.But this opinion is erroneous.Of course, the triangular shape helps to save space, but it does not apply to mass.Models of this type have a toilet standard weight, which varies from 35 to 50 kg.Sometimes it occurs with a corner toilet tank, which weighs 60 kg.

bathroom with a toilet tank with a corner


toilet tank with a corner has a lot of modifications, as his design prevents this, but still buyers can choose this plumbing product, guided by several parameters.

All models of this type of toilet seats are divided into two groups: with and without seats.The first group is correspondingly expensive.When choosing a toilet seat with the best solution (because of hygiene and durability) is a duroplastic seat lifter.

corner toilet with lid
toilet cistern with a corner in the interior of the bathroom

Toilets with angled tank may have different liner for communications.You can buy a model with a classic bottom connection or look for products with a side connection.This type of toilet is only installed in a corner, so the lower eyeliner will be more convenient.

space saving with a toilet tank with a corner

Tips for Choosing

When choosing a toilet tank with a corner should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • high quality product;
  • presence of diverse devices connect to water and sanitation;
  • affordable price of the product;
  • manufacturer's reputation.
parameters of the toilet tank with a corner
bathroom with a toilet tank with a corner

The main advantage of a corner toilet is compact, so in front of his choice be sure to measure the space of a bathroom, in advance to think about the best form of communication connection and installation of the product.The toilet should be selected depending on the placement of communications in the bathroom: the sanitary device in water supply input can be at the bottom, right or left.

Hatria in the interior of the toilet bowl

Buyers always choose well-known manufacturers of toilets that are popular.It is worth remembering that the toilet seat is purchased for long-term use, so do not skimp on it.

toilet cistern with a corner bath in Orange
corner toilet with the lid open
compact toilet cistern with a corner

best producers, prices and models

Today, many manufacturers offer on the Russian market high-quality, stylish and practical bowls with angular tank.

Among the European manufacturers of sanitary ware is to provide Jacob Delafon (France), Geberit (Switzerland), Hatria (Italy), Grohe and Duravit (Germany).They specialize in the manufacture and ukorochёnnyh elongated models.Among the great demand presented assortment are models with electronic drain lifter and, although they are more expensive.

German toilet tank with a corner
practical toilet with a corner tank

most expensive brand of toilet is an American company Ideal Standard and the Swiss manufacturer Laufen.They are made of sanitary products in classic and avant-garde style.

toilet tank with angled Ideal Standard

originality famous toilets from Japanese companies such as Toto and Sumato.They are focused on electronics, equipped with heated water bowls, music and so on. D. Accordingly, their products and is more expensive, so buy them far less often.

toilet tank with an angular Toto

Due to the different colors and shapes with a corner toilet tank every customer can create a unique interior design.

mainly manufacturers use to produce toilet white earthenware.Of course, white sanitary ware is harmoniously combined with light colors, but if the interior is dominated by dark colors, white can create disharmony, although skilled designers, this technique will help to create a game of contrasts.

toilet cistern with a corner of white faience
White toilet in a bathroom corner with dark walls

Designers are advised to start with a choice of toilet repair, and then build on its color when choosing a bath or sink.Many manufacturers offer a stylish colored toilets that give the interior a unique space.For example, Italian brand Style Lux, the Russian company "Kirov ceramics" and "Oskolskaya ceramics" and some Chinese manufacturers specialized in the manufacture of colored toilet seats, but among the range of models of toilets with an angular tank is very small.To create an interior in the style of hi-tech or tech suit polished steel bowls, which offers a well-known Swedish brand Ifo.

corner toilet "Kirov ceramics "
toilet tank with an angular Style Lux
унитаз с угловым бачком "Оскольская керамика"

Prices Corner toilets are very different.They depend on the brand, material, color and shape.Basically, the toilet tank with a corner can be purchased from 6 thousand to 30 thousand rubles.For example, a corner toilet from the French brand Jacob Delafon will cost 22 thousand rubles, because the company uses only high quality materials.A German manufacturer of Ideal Standart offers to buy a similar model for 30 thousand rubles.Budget option is a toilet cistern with a corner from Vitra.Total of 10 thousand rubles, you can buy the product of high quality earthenware and with beautiful design.

budget option with a corner toilet cistern
steel bowl with an angular tank

installation and assembling

Typically, all communications in the bathrooms and toilets are located on the center of the wall, so installation corner toilet has some difficulties.

mounting corner toilet

necessary to mask all the pipes to create an attractive interior.You must first make a decorative box, which can be hidden under the tile in the wall or under the floor.

corner toilet with hidden pipes
corner toilet in high-tech style

To connect the drains need to use additional rings, as well as is impossible to do without special skills.It is better to be invited for the job of an experienced plumber.The specialist will help in the selection of the optimal model of the corner is the toilet for your bathroom, taking into account all the nuances of the installation.

corner high-tech toilet
corner toilet in bathroom interior


Toilets with angled tank has already appreciated by many people who have found both positive and negative points.The main advantage of the corner model is space saving and neat appearance.Many additional features like expensive models (built-in bidet, lift the lid lifter and so on. D.).

corner toilet and corner sink in the small bathroom
corner toilet with a seat lifter

Some users complain about the monotony of colors.Should make every effort to find the original color corner toilet.Do not hang the cabinet over the toilet because of the inconvenience of opening and hindered access to the sink.The best option will be mounted triangular shelves.Installation of a corner toilet is not recommended to do most, better call a specialist.

triangular corner shelf above the toilet