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August 12, 2017 18:06

Remodelling a bathroom : modern design options and bathrooms ( 24 photos )

Example bathroom remodeling
  • Options
  • Features of work
  • How to remove the separation wall?
  • Construction of the wall or septum
  • modern approach to design
  • Practical advice

now repair the bathroom often performed with carrying out redevelopment, because the dimensions of the available space is often not satisfied with the owner.Many standard bathrooms are much smaller than that required for the family, which leads to the idea to extend the room, making the WC by connecting bathroom and toilet.And someone on the contrary, I want to share a bathroom, which was originally combined.Also often think about remodeling when a new property when you want to decorate it to your liking.

Redevelopment in the bathroom


Since redevelopment often seeking to add a space, then this partition between the toilet and the bathroom are demolished.

Before redevelopment - a bathroom and separate toilet

Variants of furniture and fixtures primarily depend on the area of ​​the resulting space.

After redevelopment - room suite

Often, while the toilet is rotated in the direction of the bath, the toilet door close up the former and in the space between it and the toilet set the washing machine.

Option redevelopment

further increase the area of ​​the bathroom corridor capable of joining the site. It takes more funds and effort, because it is necessary not only to carry the walls, but also to alter the floor, adding waterproofing it.The corridor can be reduced in part by adding to the room the bathroom a place for washing machine, but at the same time leaving a little space corridor.You can also completely give square meters corridor bathroom, making the entrance to the kitchen from another room.

Option remodeling a small bathroom

Do not forget to attach the bathroom to the living room or kitchen can not be.Such options redevelopment banned, so you do not get them permission, and for self-fulfillment without permission may get administrative punishment.

Features of work

Since work on the redevelopment are rather complicated, because there is always a risk of accident, therefore, be most careful and follow all of the technologies and standards.

Redevelopment in the bathroom

Before the demolition of the walls is important to know if they are carriers, such as to dismantle the walls will not work.The maximum that can be done for convenience organizations bathroom space - to move the doorway, but to strengthen the bearing wall. As for the issue of the necessary documentation even for redevelopment permitted options will take some time, begin to engage in the papers long before the repair.

Option redevelopment in the bathroom

When combined suite, pay attention to the competent floor repairs to buildings at the junction of the thresholds is not formed and the height differences. especially important to perform high-quality waterproofing the floor.Also think carefully ventilation of the new premises.

Remember that the use of air as a useful niche in the area of ​​bathrooms prohibited and threatened with a fine.

Bathroom without walls

Think about the separation of the functionality of some areas.Perhaps in the design is to make a special partition.

Proper bathroom remodeling

If necessary, install new pipes, choose a tube made of metal or polypropylene.And be sure to provide access to all the taps and connections in the case of repair.

Remodelling a bathroom

How to remove the separation wall?

combining premises, you get more space and therefore more opportunities to translate design ideas.Implement the selected style in this room will be more convenient for placing and finishing options greatly increase.However, the facilities using the combined bathroom is smaller, especially if the occupants of the apartment a lot.

To get rid of the wall, or you can call the professionals to handle on their own.

Demolition of wall
Demolition of the walls with his own hands


  1. Clean indoor things that can prevent and put right tools next to the wall.
  2. Start with the top of the wall to keep it collapsed during dismantling.
  3. Perform a few holes near the corner (you can use the hammer), grinder and then make cuts between the holes.
  4. Then hammer knock out the cut part of the wall, to continue work on this principle.

Break the wall in small sections and immediately collect the resulting construction debris.When you will take down the wall, cut off the grinder extra pieces sticking out on the edges.If dismantling led to the formation of cavities, you will be able to eliminate them in the finishing room.

Do not forget to use goggles, gloves and a respirator, because during this work formed a lot of sharp elements and dust.

Construction of the wall or septum

presence of the wall in the bathroom adds capabilities for design, because the part of the bathroom wall or mirror can be installed lockers, and from the toilet - heater or shelves.

is now rarely erect a wall in the bathroom of bricks.This partition wall is full, but less profitable due to the complexity of construction work.

you need to buy the materials, tools, all bring to the bathroom, and then perform the laying on marking, checking its level or plumb.

wythe depending on the desired thickness and strength to make a brick or half.After that, the clutch would have to be plastered, and then finish.

The partition in the bathroom

more popular now and is a simplified version of the erection of walls of water-resistant drywall.Her outs called lower strength, lack of heat insulation and sound, but these deficiencies can be remedied.Installation of plasterboard walls provide installation of galvanized metal frame profiles.This framework allows you to make the desired wall thickness.For better sound insulation and thermal insulation inside the frame put the necessary materials.Also in the frame can be concealed communication.

plasterboard partitions

modern approach to design

To facilitate the selection of bathroom design and layout of the interior elements is to try to work with the programs for design. change the future of the bathroom virtually, you can easily find the best solution.

redevelopment project

If there is a desire, a bathroom and a toilet can be connected not in a simple bathroom, and transform into a real system for hygiene and health treatments.In this room, you can install a toilet, a rectangular bath, washing machine, laundry basket, countertop with two sinks and locker underneath, adding all with stylish furniture, a rug and a large mirror.

Stylish redevelopment

lovers of romantic style and functionality may select this option: put near the entrance to the toilet and washing machine, placed in the far corner of the oversized shower with lots of nice extra features, and in the corner in front of her- a corner bath and sink.Through hanging cabinets and shelves in the bathroom so plenty of room for any details.

in romantic style

Another similar option: setting next to the entrance of the washing machine and sink, in a far corner - hanging toilet with cabinet underneath the detergent, and the other - a small shower andsitz baths.

Design a small bathroom

Practical advice

  • Hurry in and redevelopment should not be. Please enjoy a legal decision, as well as health issues.Without this step, you can not touch when remodeling the bathroom other room.Even with the most reliable waterproofing uncoordinated changes can interfere with neighbors living below.So get down to work only after obtaining her permission.
  • Sometimes measuring square centimeters in the apartment with the idea to add them to the bathroom ends up deciding that nothing really do not need, and you can do a simple change of "stuffing" of the bathroom.By changing the location of the plumbing or replacing it with a more fuel-efficient models, and you change the room beyond recognition, and get more free space.For example, you can install instead of long baths sit-model, and the washing machine choose dryers.A good solution would be and shower with mirrored walls.
  • If the family is large, and every morning in the bathroom need to wash just a few people, it is reasonable to install two sinks, avoiding the formation of this queue. Conveniently, if the sink will be suspended, while beneath them in the locker can store the desired detail and toiletries.
  • Many people want to add a bathroom bidet, but a more economical option would be the shower toilet, because it takes up less space.And since such universal plumbing can be hung, it can be installed underneath a small cupboard for bottles and brushes.
  • If you want to combine a bathroom with a toilet, but to leave a wall between them for very shy households, stop for a version of the low walls (1.5 meters) of glass or other material. In such a partition can be hung not heavy shelves, which can hold flowers or decorative elements.
Remodelling in a small room
Changing the location of plumbing
Bathroom with two sinks
Remodelling a bathroom with bidet
Bathroom with a partition

Projects bathrooms you can see in another article.Learn the basic steps of the design, which will help to avoid mistakes.