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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mobile air-conditioning : the benefits , the working principle , the choice of

For a comfortable accommodation we get used very quickly.This applies not only comfort in the house - use of air conditioning is now as necessary as the use of other home appliances for the home.Now we can not imagine a modern office or shopping center without air conditioning.A similar cooling systems and air-conditioning even 10 years ago were considered a luxury.Today, such air conditioning systems rarely anyone can surprise.When you can not install the embedded wall cooling system, there is a good alternative - mobile air conditioning.


Portable air conditioners - is the ability to cool the air, where you can not install a stand-alone unit.For example, when the room is mounted tensioning web or impossible to install the air conditioner on the wall.In addition, you can set the air conditioner in the rented premises, temporary shopping sites or if the room is classified as "historical value."

main advantages of mobile air conditioners are the maneuverability and the complete absence of the installation work.A portable air conditioner can take with you on vacation and set in the room, providing thus an optimal temperature in the room.The price of mobile air conditioners in two times lower than the cost of modern wall-mounted systems.

Mobile air conditioners.What to look for when choosing

floor -mobile

to choose a worthy floor-standing air conditioner, let's turn our attention to the features.Firstly, the power devices to serve the entire area of ​​the room.Secondly, most of us need more than one function - cooling.Mobile air conditioner can also be used for space heating.Some models can be equipped with additional functions - filters (ozonation air mode) and humidity control level.

consider a number of characteristics:

  1. When choosing outdoor air conditioning should pay attention to its power.It is believed that 1 kW can serve about 10 m2.If we carefully study the instructions of mobile air conditioning, it can be concluded that the producer himself points limit its use.Need be guided not only power, but also on the floor area and volume.
  2. power consumption.It is also an important parameter, since power consumption is directly related to the efficiency of air conditioning and the load on the power grid.According to standards, the power consumption is three times less than the cooling capacity.It should be noted that some models of floor conditioner may differ from this standard and be more economical.
  3. noise.Surely you do not like where your peace will break the terrible "growl" conditioner.Such a "noisy" inconvenient to use the unit in the bedroom and children's room, because to get used to such sounds impossible.Pay attention to the parameters of outdoor air conditioning: the noise level is measured in decibels.
  4. additional mode - heating.When the air conditioner is equipped with this additional function, it allows the use of equipment not only in the warmer months, but in the offseason to create a comfortable environment.
  5. inverter motor.The presence of such an engine helps to reduce the load on the power supply, since the room temperature will be regulated not abruptly, but gradually.This greatly increases the life of the air conditioner.
  6. Advanced Settings.These include ventilation and dehumidification of air without heating and cooling.You can also buy a mobile air conditioner with the option remove dust, odor control, saturating the air with useful substances.The ability to adjust the fan speed to reduce noise levels during daytime sleep, or when working at night.Thanks to this extra features such as automatic switching on and off the mobile air conditioner, you can set the time and go about their business.In addition, this option is very useful when a person is at work, and on arrival home comes in a chilled room.

Mobile air conditioning Electrolux:


Mobile air conditioners - the principle of

consider air conditioning unit:

  1. unit.This is part of the element, which is installed in the room.It looks like a big box, preferably made of plastic.
  2. ODU.Some models are independent split-systems are equipped with such a device, which is located on the street.This significantly reduces the noise level in the - 500h455
  3. Magistral or pipe (corrugated duct).This is an indispensable element of outdoor mobile air conditioners, which serves to discharge the exhaust air.The second purpose of freon highways - to combine both blocks (inner to outer).

Mobile conditioner Ballu:


Mobile air conditioner without air

Air conditioning without air - this is one of the convenient appliances for air conditioning and humidification.The undeniable advantage of outdoor air conditioning is an absolute mobility - the device can be installed in any room, and not to be associated with the preparation of the premises and time-consuming work on the installation.In addition, the mobile unit is not to be connected to the hose and duct.This machine works on the principle of evaporation of liquid.



  • compactness and ability to set the air conditioner in a small room;
  • cools the room does not exceed 25 m2;
  • minimal risk "catch" colds during slow mode of evaporation and temperature decreases;
  • not used chemical liquids - freon, freon.Is cooled by the evaporation of the liquid;
  • easily manage the device - switches and buttons are located directly on the body.Some models are equipped with remote control panel;
  • opportunity to choose the right model with a number of options: air ionization, the rapid decline of the temperature and the fan mode operation;
  • do not need to make installation and connected to the air conditioning duct systems;
  • minimum power consumption;
  • noise level in the normal range (similar to the fan).

Among the shortcomings of mobile air conditioners is to provide that the unit operates without fresh air intake.

Browse popular types

As among the variety of models is difficult to select only one model of mobile air conditioner, consider the popular types:

  1. Classic version of a floor air conditioner.All of its structural elements are in one place - inside the "box".For the removal of the warm air should be output corrugated outside.For ease of transport rollers are equipped with air conditioning.In addition, some models are equipped with remote control and even defense system, which will define the problem and time off the air conditioner.The advantages are quick installation (within an hour), high mobility, condensate collection in a special container.Such devices can be installed in any building.Among the drawbacks note: high cost, bulkiness and high noise levels.

Mobile air conditioning Timberk:


  1. Mobile split-system.Popular mobile air conditioning, consisting of two parts - internal and external.The peculiarity lies in the fact that the installation can run very fast.A suitable place for installation - a balcony, on which is located a block.On the plus side note: no corrugated pipe (replaced by highway), easy to move, quick installation and low noise level.By cons include the inability to position the two units away from each other, because the highway is not long enough.You also need to constantly to maintain air conditioning, and in a timely manner to clean the tank for collecting condensate.
  2. Window air conditioners.With a huge stretch can be attributed to the category of such conditioners mobile.Their main advantage - the speed of the installation, since it is not necessary to lay an additional communication.In addition, air conditioning is also easy to dismantle.Among the shortcomings noted decrease of illumination and viewing in the room, the need for more reliable and careful mounting and poor aesthetics and a high noise level.


As a self-install mobile air conditioning

If you have purchased a mobile air conditioner without the air, then its installation you do not need special skills and knowledge.The main thing you need to do - to study in detail the enclosed instructions and choose the location where the device is located.Then you need to pour the water into the hole, turn the mobile air conditioner in the wall socket and select the desired mode.


When installing models with ducting is detailed to choose a place to host it.Output duct can through the window, the balcony door, or vent.A simple and affordable option - to hold the pipe through the window slightly open window or a little, but then the room will go hot air and talk about the room cooling efficiency can be only 80%.