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August 12, 2017 18:05

The calculation for kitchen hoods


Kitchen Bathroom Toilet

Length (cm):

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Nowadays, probably impossible to imagine modern equipped according to the rules of the latest trends of technological progress cuisine that does not have good-quality, powerful, functional and productive extraction.It is said that the old models were very far from such a description, and the sound of them came in adjacent rooms through the walls.But given the rapid development of technology, now we can not say that the drawing offered by manufacturers, were not a few steps above.But how to install exhaust quality, its efficiency and usefulness?It is rare to be 100% confident in the integrity of the manufacturer.Calculation of exhaust for the kitchen - the best solution!

correctly calculate - it is not difficult, but important.Just having all the data in hand, you can be confident in the stable operation and maximum efficiency of the device.With a good stretch in your kitchen will never stagnate smell and vapors;as you free yourself from such unpleasant activities like washing up the walls of fatty plaque.The room will always be fresh air, cleanliness.In addition, you have a great save on detergents, cosmetic repairs, the replacement of rapid wear hoods.

How to calculate the drawing power?

Speaking of classic (universal) formula for calculating the drawing power, it is worth remembering that this is not the only option, but the easiest, and most importantly - it works.For the calculation you need to measure the height of the kitchen area and then multiply all the data and multiply the result by a factor of 10-12 (the amount of incoming air in the new premises for an hour).If we consider the norms SES, the air renewal per hour should occur about 12 times.

If you want to calculate the extraction efficiency, if the duct is already hammered and cleaning is planned, it is necessary to multiply the resulting number by another two.Buying a new hood, it is desirable to choose the model, the productivity of which is slightly greater than the resulting number.


Calculation extraction efforts made in cubic meters per hour.Air mass that can be processed extract, ranged 160-1000 m3.

Calculation Formulas hoods for the kitchen:

1) electric hob:

Q = (X x Y x Z) x 15 + 15% = m3 / h,

2) gas hob:

Q = (x x Y x Z) x 20 + 15% = m3 / h ,


    • x - length of the kitchen;
    • Y - kitchen width;
    • Z - ceiling height;
    • 15% - taking into account the ventilation shaft resistance.

Example calculation drawing power for the kitchen to the size at X = 3 m, Y = 4 m, Z = 3 m, and a gas cooker:

Q = (3 x 4 x 3) x 20 + 15% = 720 + 015 * 720 = 828 m3 / h

For even easier, use this calculator for calculating drawing power.