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August 12, 2017 18:05

Decorative mill garden with his own hands

This article will help you to bring a touch of originality in your landscape design suburban area.Here you will learn about how to make a decorative windmill with your hands.Step by step instructions will allow you to calculate its time and finances, and soon the windmill will show off in your garden!


  1. frame
  2. lower part of the structure
  3. Base
  4. Lookout
  5. Upper Mill
  6. internal mechanism
  7. core
  8. blades
  9. final stage
  10. Videos manufacture decorative mill with his own hands


1. Let's start with the construction of the mill frame.To do this, you will need 6 of the same boards, which will need to take the form of an elongated trapezoid, as shown in the figure.It is important that the side edges of the boards are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.Thus, at the junction of the tapered trench is formed, which subsequently is filled with glue.

2. Next, using construction tape (adhesive tape), you must connect all six elements together: the bond must be on the side where the board tightly connected to each other without forming a moat.Note Scotch should have a good layer of strong adhesive to hold fast to a tree.

3. To decorative windmill his arms was not only beautiful, but also to withstand the impact of bad weather, turning the connected tape on the other side of the board, all five joints fill the building with the help of glue gun, for example.

4. Then, fasten the first and last board first construction adhesive inside, then outside the tape.Hexagonal blank frame ready.

5. After connecting all the joints, glue residue will come out, so when the glue is dry, it must be removed with a knife construction.It is also necessary to remove the tape.

6. Cut hexagonal cover the top of the mill cover, suitable in size, which will need to be installed on the inside of the adhesive.

7. Further, on the inner edge, with narrow side of the structure, draw a pistol, leaving a thin line of glue to fix it before the prepared cover.Attach it as shown on the photo.

order not to get lost in the details, in addition to the step by step instructions and pictures to draft, your attention is provided a photo of finished decorative windmills, made with his own hands.

lower part of the structure

8. For the manufacture of the lower part of the structure, you will need to cut two more of the hexagon, the appropriate size.

9. Next will need to cut one of them (bottom) of a small square of 7x7 cm, which will later be attached to the bar, which is the basis of the whole structure.In the second (top) just drill a hole in the middle through which by means of screws will be attached bar.

10. Now that the lower part of the structure resembled a kind of box, it is necessary to make the walls.For this cut 6 parts identical in shape, the sides of which must be the same as that of the frame - are cut at an angle.Use photographic materials for precision cutting.

11. By means of glue, screws, drills and attach them to the wall bases (two hexagonal blanks) and in the joints of each of the six wall elements at the time of stick tape;Use a vise if necessary.

12. The lower workpiece with a hole 7x7 enter the bar with the sides of the same size, and resting it in the upper workpiece, secure using the screw.

13. Secure the tape frame with the lower part of each of the six sides.Now we got a design reminiscent of a lantern on the leg.

14. Use a grinder to give a smooth structure.


15. Now, the base.It consists of three levels.Its lower part, consisting of 6 boards forming a hexagon (it must make in the same way as the previous wall structures) must have the capacity to already installed bar previous design.To do this, make a square box and attach it with screws exactly in the middle of the board.The board with the box should be attached to the pre-arranged hexagons.Follow the photos to the mill garden with his own hands was made correctly.

16. The middle part is the cut as a hexagonal pyramid, the sides of which are connected as well as in the manufacture of the frame of the mill - the glue and tape.

17. The upper part has a structure a bit more complicated, so making it, follow the instructions in the pictures.

18. Connect all of the construction adhesive, placing a board on top of the bucket of water, which plays the role of the press.


19. Now begins the hard work.Prepare the base on which you are temporarily attach the "viewing platform" using double-sided tape.You need to cut 30 sticks, forming a 5 hexagons.Every six bars should be shorter than the previous ones, since they have to form a "spider's web".Also, you will need to make six bars of complex shapes with holes, which are attached with adhesive to each of the corner joints 6 "web".When the glue is dry, carefully remove the more unprepared design with temporary base.

20. Now you need to cut 6 more bars a simple form and attach them with screws to the outer sides of the bars of complex shape.

21. Using glue, attach to each side of these bars "railing", consisting of three boards.

22. Turning design, install it on top of the base and secure with screws, connecting the inner sides of the bars of complex shape with a base.

Upper Mill

23. The top of the mill is made of polystyrene and is made up of the hemisphere, as well as the base plate and wooden rings.

24. Make 4 holes on the ring and the base plate for the screws.

internal mechanism

25. Now you need to make a design for the blades of the mill.

As you can see, decorative windmill to testify - not an easy project, but it is worth the effort and time.

So, you must make two flat wooden square with a hole inside, as shown in the photos, and in the right places to drill holes.

Further, following the images, you need to cut them in half.

Now for the two parts need to make base of three pieces of board (at the extreme need to drill two holes) and fasten them with glue setting in a vise.

And after the whole place to the ground.

Notice, it must also have 4 holes for the screws.

final step of manufacturing base for the internal structure of the mill is to install backup, cut at an angle to the design resembled a hill.

26. Now you can install the upper part of the squares with a hole with screws.But fasten them too tight.

27. Then you will need stainless steel rod with a thread, as well as nuts and washers.Follow the instructions to properly mount the structure like "gun."

28. Hemispheric need to make a hole through which the rod could rotate freely.But to choose the right place for it, take the support panel at each side, her wooden ring and inside the wall (the ring), set the "gun".Putting the hemisphere at the same height as the height of the base panel and the ring on the side where the rod above, mark the location of contact of the rod and the hemisphere and do it in the hole.

29. Now you need to stick to the hemisphere ring for strength rewinding the resulting "helmet" tape for a while.

30. The time has come to establish a support panel (using screws, attach it in the center of the top cover frame), "gun" in the middle and "helmet", after removing it from the tape, when the glue dries, so that the rodI went through prepared for him in the hemisphere hole.

31. Screw the support plate to the bottom of the ring - opening for this ready.


32. Now you need to do the core design with blades.To do this you need a square bar with one hand to make smooth holes 4, as shown in the photo.

Next to each of the four sides, in the middle to drill one more hole.On the other hand it is necessary to make a hole (not through) with a diameter of 3 cm.

33. Round off the corners of the workpiece.


34. Make the blades will not be difficult.Prepare yourself layout of anything, and it will cut out each arm of plywood.That they were not so thin, using the double-sided tape, connect 2-3 plywood plate.

35. Each blade is mounted on a bar with glue.

36. The finished blade is attached to the core of the screw, screws without caps, seals and retainers, which are placed inside the core.

37. When all four blades, the structure is secured to the rod and is mounted on the hub.

final stage

38. If you wish to mill for the garden, made with his own hands, was not only original, but also beautiful, can make windows and doors, attaching them with glue to the lowest tier of plywood.

39. Since the mill is made of wood, it is necessary to treat her impregnation, protects against climatic influences.The tip of the polystyrene to be treated with paint in two layers.

Now decorative windmill is ready and can be installed in the garden as an element of landscape design.

Videos manufacture decorative windmill with your hands