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August 12, 2017 18:05

Lighting suburban area

Even the most interesting pastime in the country can not be compared with the parties and friendly night gatherings in the open air in the daytime.Therefore worthy lighting suburban area, as in the photo, it is a cherished dream for many.However, the cost of commercially available lighting suburban high, and their assembly into a single system is not cheap.Therefore, country life lovers are trying to organize the lighting suburban area with their own hands.Below, you can find tips to help you in this difficult case.


  1. The main types of street lighting
  2. Planning
  3. lighting system Photos lighting suburban area
  4. Video Backlight suburban area

The main types of street lighting

In the past, lightingthe country was reduced to a few light bulbs.Today it is clear that a well-created compositions can perform not only a practical function.The aesthetic component of these projects is important.Today, the following types of lighting used:

  • lights, spotlights;
  • LED lights;
  • garlands;
  • candles;

Lanterns - Classic street lighting.Today they can be both electric and solar-powered.The first option requires cabling from home to supply current.To this end generally use PVC pipe, including corrugated.laying depth should be more than 45 cm.

Lamps working on solar batteries more convenient.They simply put wherever necessary.If needs change, so the lantern simply move to another location.Their main drawback - the high cost.After all, for a sufficient level of illumination required a lot of flashlights, and each is worth a lot.

impervious to moisture LED Strip - the most fashionable version of street lighting at their summer cottage.She decorate stairs, garden furniture, elements of the facade of the buildings.LED lighting has several advantages:

  • low power consumption;
  • easy maintenance;
  • brightness;
  • durability;
  • reliability.

Garlands can be bought in any store.If it is necessary to highlight the enclosed space, such as a gazebo, you can use the usual New Year's garland, which everyone has.Particularly relevant are decorations during the holidays.Any event will be memorable if illuminate the suburban area in this way.Of course, the light bulb plafonchikah Christmas theme will be out of place in the summer, so you can make the frame for the lights with their hands from glass cups.

You can do it even easier: the whole skein of Christmas garland dipped in a clear glass container.Put the resulting table lamp can be anywhere, as long as enough cord length to the outlet.

Candle is not suitable for everyday use.However, in exceptional cases, when you create a romantic atmosphere without it simply can not do.When lighting suburban area candle may go out from the blow of the wind.Therefore it is better to prepare special lights for them.You can use the shopping option, you can make them yourself.Often candles put in jars.To avoid long afterwards cleansing of the bottom of the wax, it is necessary to put in the bank the sand, and then light a candle.

Planning lighting system

to supply light to the adjacent territory to the house is not enough simply to decide which lights will be used.It is necessary to draw up a scheme of lighting suburban area.Work on the scheme include the identification of those in need in the artificial light zones, the determination of the place of connection to the network.This can be a simple socket.It is better to set your machine for outdoor appliances.You should also decide where they will be located switches.

first draw a plan of the land.This will require the graph paper.You can simply a copied it from the data sheet.Typically use a scale of 1: 1 meter 100. Therefore, the land will be presented on paper 1 cm.Then, a lighting point: labeling them as A1, A2, etc.This so-called situational scheme.It will be the basis of an electrical circuit.Place of installation switches are designated as B1, B2, etc.The scheme can include other electrical appliances that will be involved in the area, for example, a call on the door or motion sensor.

Everyone decides for himself how to make the lighting at their summer cottage.Selection of a particular embodiment depends on the number of means.Which is scheduled to spend.But in any case when a lot of light at night sparkle with new colors and heal the mysterious life.

Photo lighting suburban area

Video Backlight suburban area