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August 12, 2017 18:05

Repair of apartments from the ground up

Today I would like to consider the main stages of repair of an apartment from scratch .Imagine that you were entering into their own apartment in which, unfortunately, is nothing other than just the bare walls.Where to start repair of the apartment?Let's face it.


  1. Stages repair flats from scratch
  2. sequence of repair of apartments from scratch
  3. Video to begin repairing the apartment from scratch

Stages repair flats from scratch

  • you first need to imagine that you would like to see in this room, and then mentally divide your apartment on the so-called functional zone;
  • after the draw on the scale required floor plan and cut quality furniture silhouettes.As soon as will be ready the first workpiece, you can place furniture silhouettes on his plan;
  • after envisage power point ;
  • at the beginning of the repair you should undertake such work as repairing windows, and alignment of walls, installation of plasterboard walls, insulation of floors and their further relining, carrying all the wiring, welding works.All steps should be performed only sequentially.Take your time and carefully thought of everything;
  • after the installation of all electrical outlets already planned, toilets and radiators, you can proceed directly to installation of door and window frames .Do not forget that the door is not necessary to hang.Because this is done after the flooring floor covering;
  • now it's time to start plaster walls .If the walls are very curved and very sloppy, then you have to make so-called majachnuju plaster.Otherwise, you can just make majachnuju plaster in the most problematic areas.Sometimes even so, that the walls seem to be quite normal, but still plaster, putty and a good primer must be made mandatory.If you have de sills and windows, it is possible at this stage to plaster and slopes.

sequence of repair of apartments from scratch

You must remember that sequence of repair of an apartment from scratch - this is exactly what you need to be sure to comply.As for all the finishing work, then only we should start with the ceiling, because the assembly and painting of the ceiling can harm the walls and your floor;

  • after the ceiling can plank flooring and already start to finish walls with wallpaper.Wallpaper choose in advance, so you do not have to waste time;
  • after anchoring skirting and architraves .Do not forget at the same time that can be carried out immediately telephone and other wires;
  • Remember that work perfectly with each site requires precision and utmost accuracy, as well as the skill and patience.You must understand that if they themselves doubt their abilities, then it is better not to risk immediately and hire good people to carry out the work.Moreover, that is a serious matter.
  • the latest stage will situation .That is, you have to hang neatly doors, shelves, cornices, chandeliers, as well as arranged the furniture.Only then you can be congratulated on the successful completion of the first stage and huge.

Now you know that, why should begin by implementing modern renovated apartment from scratch .

Video to begin repairing the apartment from scratch